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Are Good Writers More Successful in Internet Marketing?

I have always heard people saying that in order to be successful in internet marketing, one need not be a good writer. The argument is that even if the writing is crisp and stylish, if one cannot get the message through (which in internet marketing is making the audience engaged), if one cannot communicate the idea properly, everything is lost in the maze of beautiful vocabulary and humdrum prose. So, does the contention that good writers aren’t necessarily effective communicators hold water? Well, I beg to differ. I think the ability to write creatively is something that will make the content stand out among the many blogs in the same niche.

Writers and creative writers

Well, there are writers and there are creative writers. Even though creative writing is mostly an innate skill, it can be honed with proper training. Writing is a necessary skill for those who are in online marketing and if one can write in a conversational manner, one can persuade the reader to take the call-to-action in the content and click away to the desired destination. Good writing can easily captivate an audience much better than ordinary writing. I for one would definitely want a write-up to keep me mesmerised so much so that I’m taken along the whole content making me click to wherever I’m being asked to.

Can one have effective communication with bad writing?

If the written words are put at the minimum and a more pictorial communication is attempted, then perhaps, the bad writing could be ignored and a person can escape scrutiny from those who are sticklers for correct grammar. A picture says a thousand words and when good pictures are placed within the content, the narrative could be more effective and can easily offset the weak written words. Otherwise, bad writing – incorrect grammar, misplaced punctuations, spelling mistakes – all could easily be a major put-off for many people. No proper communication is possible with weak writing and even if the message attempted is strong, bad writings are usually equated with bad quality. It is almost impossible to cut through the highly competitive world of internet marketing with bad writing. That’s the truth.

Good communicators and internet marketing

To be successful in internet marketing, you need to be articulate and have the ability to express yourself better. You might not be a great writer, but if you can articulate your thoughts well, you can position yourself better for success in internet marketing. If you know how to write economically and clearly in a pleasing manner, the people will enjoy your reading and that can work to your advantage. You need not be a good copywriter to have great success in internet marketing but it will be an advantage if you can distinguish a good from a bad writing. So, when you outsource your content of your blog to other copywriters, you need to have the ability to tell whether the advertisement or promotion written by the copywriter for you is any good.

Hiring copywriters are costly and hence, it is a bonus if you are good a copywriter. If you can write your own blogs, then there is no extra expenditure to be incurred for payment of consultation fees to copywriters.

Does writing creatively translate into good business?

Although the ability to write creatively is a bonus in internet marketing, it is in no way a guarantee for success in online business. People might be good at the creative part of writing but might not pay attention to the business side of things. To be successful in online business, the business side has to be assimilated well and one needs to know the expected returns and have the ability to be realistic.

Good writers versus bad writers

The difference is not so much the writing skill as the perseverance. Good writers do not give up easily while bad writers quit. The good writers usually spend more time in perfecting their craft in the writing they produce. They keep on editing the content until they feel right. These people pay attention to how their writing sounds and are not afraid to experiment. These people their own judge and critics.

Bad writers do not spend time to perfect their writing and usually, the first draft becomes their final copy. They presume that people will accept their point of view readily and spends little or no time to edit their writings. They do not bother to see how their writing connects with people.

The success mantra?

You might be a good writer but you should take care to see that your writing is relevant to the topic on which it is being written. Avoid superfluous language and try to make your content concise and easy going that connects nicely with the intended audience. Take your time to edit the writing and see to it that you bring out the best in you. Be attentive to how people respond to your content. Remember, you are not writing for your own leisure. There’s a business side to the whole thing. It all starts with your humility and your ability to take criticisms to make changes to those already written. Never settle for “good enough”.

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