Best Ways to Utilise Time When Hit by the Writer’s Block

Best Ways to Utilise Time When Hit by the Writer’s Block

It’s a dreadful situation for every blogger.

You spend hours sitting in front of your computer staring at its blank screen trying to write your next blog post and yet you cannot even write the first few lines of it.

The writer’s block comes without a warning and it can hit you hard. Try hard as you may but nothing comes out of your head.

When you’re blogging, writer’s block is inevitable.

The dry spells in your blogging have to be there.

Every person has his or her unique ways of dealing with the writer’s blog, and what works for you might not work for others.

Once I had asked the people in a bloggers’ forum what they did in the interim between two blog posts when confronted with the writer’s block.

I had told them not to spell out tips on how to overcome the writer’s block. I was simply interested in knowing how they utilised their time then.

I got some interesting replies.

Let me share some of the views here. See for yourself whether you agree with them or not.

Carry Out More Networking

Blogging is not about writing only.

When you get hit by the writer’s block, the ‘downtime’ is the best time to carry out other blog-related activities.

You can do more networking with other bloggers.

There are forums to join, and if you’re already a part of them, you can engage yourself with the chats there or may even post your own queries there. It can act as a catharsis.

There are many ideas and views exchanged in these forums and you may even get the spark for inspiration for your next blog post.

You can even form your own mastermind group with a few like-minded people.

In the online world, it takes time to build trust and relationships. Trust happens when you put yourself out there and become more visible.

Don’t take networking as a wasteful activity.

But when you’re too busy creating post after post on your blog, even if you want to, you might not have the time to network with people.

The writer’s block gives you the perfect opportunity to do that.

Tidy up the Blog by Working on its Back-end

There’s always work to be done with your blog.

Whether it’s about revamping its looks or about trying to speed it up, there’s always so much to be done.

Because of your blog-writing schedule, you may find less time to actually work on the back-end of your site.

However, when you get with the writer’s block, you can utilise the downtime with trying to reorganise your site and bring improvements on it.

Whether it’s the layout, the images, the placement of ads and banners, the opt-in form design or even the colour schemes, there are so many ways to make changes.

You could work on your old posts to bring refinements – add subheads, rewrite passive verbs into active ones or break long sentences and paragraphs into shorter ones.

You can check the speed performance of your website on Google PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix or Pingdom.

Is everything okay or does your website have some serious speed issues?

When you encounter the writer’s block and you have this ‘idle’ time in between, you can always get yourself busy trying to improve your website’s load speed.

You can either get an expert to teach you the ways to do it.

You could learn about the many caching or minify plugins.

You could even outsource the speed improvement job to an expert.

There’re so many ways to bring improvements on your website.

Do Some Topic Research

There might be certain topics of which you always wanted to find out more.

When there’s an off period in between because of your writer’s block, you can always get yourself busy doing some serious research.

You could read up articles or watch videos on the topic and learn every bit you needed to know.

Conducting in-depth research is time-consuming but you get to learn a lot from it.

You could even stumble upon certain ideas and new perspectives about your niche.

Do Things That You Enjoy

Writer’s block is a sign that you have put yourself on the back burner.

And when this happens, it’s no use trying to force creativity.

The best thing is to stop blogging for a while and do things that you enjoy.

You could get out in nature or connect with old friends who could lift you up.

You could go hiking with friends.

You can take time to breathe and catch up on housework or push up your exercise regimen a notch up.

You could even watch movies.

Revisit Training Materials

Most bloggers subscribe to various training courses. Whether they are textual materials or videos, you could be having a lot of these.

Do you have many links to courses or pdf files that you haven’t even looked at in your computer?

The writer’s block gives you the best reason to revisit these courses and training videos.

You could always learn a trick or two about the technical side of blogging. Or ways to improve your content writing.

You could even try some self-improvement courses to improve your productivity.

Read Good Books

When you’re a blogger, you will find less time to read books.

But when you get hit by the writer’s block, you could use the downtime to pick up some good books to read.

There are books like Williams Zinsser’s On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction, Seth Godin’s All Marketers Tell Stories: The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works – and Why Authenticity is the Best Marketing of All or Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes – Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content.

Or if it’s your choice, you could even read some good fiction to spice things up.

Reading always helps in realigning your thoughts properly.

Write E-Books

You could use the ‘free’ time exploring opportunities for writing an e-book.

In fact, you need not even write one because there are ways to convert a few old blog post of yours into an e-book.

Your downtime could be used to design your e-book and to curate content in the best possible way.

Designing Banners With Online Tools

There are amazing tools like Canva for non-professionals for designing web banners and other graphics.

Whether they are your featured images or Pinterest pins, there’s so much you could do with Canva and when you’re having a writer’s block, this is the best time to revamp the graphics.


There are positives about the writer’s block if you know how to utilise the time efficiently.

The writer’s block is just an indicator that you need to take a break from your blogging schedule.

Blogging at PranitsenseOnce you have it, you need to stop forcing yourself to write altogether. Don’t worry, your subconscious will do it for you.

Instead, move out of the place you generally use for writing.

Go for a walk, meet up old friends, read blogs of other people in your niche, revamp your old blog posts, clean up your room, exercise, listen to the music, revisit old training materials, read good books, learn new skills or work on the back-end of your website to bring good changes.

The writer’s block isn’t as bad as you make it out to be.

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  • Hello Sukumar, writer’s block can be so annoying and unpredictable, because no one knows when it usually come. The points listed on how bloggers utilize their time when hit by writer’s block are interesting.  The point about reading good books is so true. I have a friend who is a freelance writer, anytime she is hit by writer’s block, she takes succor in reading novels. I must say she doesn’t often read books on writing well, but she often enjoys herself reading interesting novels.

    I love the idea of designing banners with online tools, especially using Canva.

    • Thanks for visiting my site, Gracen. Writer’s block is annoying but we should make sure to utilise the ‘free’ time in better ways. Cheers!

  • Before I became a blogger, I usually had serious writer’s block and usually, I would just keep away from my writing tools, I never really thought of using any of these methods. Apart from the socializing, I just would beat up myself. And I can imagine that a blogger who needs to put out quality content for their readers., these blocks can be frustrating,so this article on the best ways to utilise time when hit with it would be very well apprevisted. I especially like the aspect of training and/or networking on other blogs. I would be applying these things as I continue on this journey.

    • Having a writer’s block should not worry us a lot. We can always utilise the interim period before our next post by tidying up our website. We have the opportunity to network better. Thanks for reading my article. All the best for your blogging journey! To success!

  • Thanks for writing this article on the best way to utilize time when hit by write block. I must commend you for taking the time to write this article from the experience you have over the years on blogging. Am still a beginner in blogging and am improving day by day. I find this article so helpful because it happens to me most time and all I do is sit down and think and think which is not the best thing to do according to what you write in the article. Thanks  onces again 

  • Dear Sukumar,

    Being a full-time blogger and relying on organic traffic (I need to produce more quality content) this post means a lot to me.

    To be honest I do often come across this situation and I got helpful insights from your post. You not only discussed the problem but you have provided with the helpful solution as well.

    Indeed networking will be more productive thing to do on those occasions. Network = Net Worth!

    Commenting, replying to my emails, doing keyword research are the things I normally do. Going forward I will implement what I learned from your post. Reading books is also another thing I need to work on, I do have a lot of books but not reading those regularly.

    I am book marking your post for future reference.


    • Thanks for reading my post, Paul. Network = Net Worth indeed! Having a writer’s block is not as bad as we make it out to be. In fact, I find myself busier during these downtimes. Recently, I was having serious speed issues on my website and despite trying everything, there was not much improvement there. In the end, I outsourced the work to an expert who did a great job with it. My page speed’s improved a lot. The blocks give us the opportunity to reassess our journey a lot better.

  • I have no idea that there is a term for when I am stuck writing my blog, I will use writer’s block from now on. It is inevitable like you said, my last post, I had the content, headlines and everything ready to go but it took me 3 days to write it. It is so hard to write even on the topic that you are passionate about. Thanks for sharing the tips, I have done some of your suggestions myself already. My usual go-to is to research more on my niche or just go outside and walk around. I even go to the gym sometimes, makes me sweat and think clearly. However, I haven’t done networking or back office, thanks for sharing the tips. I will check out all the books that you mentioned as well, hopefully they will help with my writing skills.


    • People usually talk about the writer’s block as a bad thing. But as a blogger, you must have realised that no matter what you do, you will encounter these blocks from time to time. And it’s no used getting flustered over with it. There are many useful things one could do in the downtime. Thanks for visiting my site.

  • Wow! This is great piece of information and it’s nice to meet you Sukumar. I cannot help but agree with every point you have analysed here as regards how one can utilise time when hit by the writer’s block. As you have rightly said, I think it is best time for one to take a break and engage in other refreshing activities that you have carefully highlighted in your article. Thanks for sharing this rich piece, sir.

  • Nice and detailed article.

    Am a blogger and have been battling with this for almost three days and now I think following the instructions on how to use my time wisely when hit by the writers block will be a great relief and I will also share this with a friend that has the same issue…thanking for bringing me to this light..

    • As a blogger, I know how frustrating is it when I get hit by the writer’s blog. But I realised later that one could use this ‘free’ time doing many other things on my blog. The little break from our blogging schedule is a good time to bring more improvements to my site. In our hurry to create blog posts, there are so many things that get dropped from our priority list. Having a writer’s block gives the perfect reason to slow down things a bit and reassess our journey 🙂

  • Sukumar Thingom,

    After reading your article I have finally figured it out what should bloggers do when they have their writers block. Well I am a beginner blogger. I have wrote some blogs. And all of a sudden I had a writer’s block last week and completely messed up. I don’t simply know what should I do now. I am now just sitting in front of my laptop and doing nothing. You have said carry out more networking, doing things that we really enjoy, reading good books, writing ebooks, design banners can make myself comfortable and stress-free while I am having a writer’s block.

    Thanks for your wise advice. Encouragement like this can make a difference to anyone’s life. From the perspective, you are like a magician.

     Take my cordial thanks for sharing this important article and helping us know Mr.Magician. 

    • Thank you, Badhan for your kind words and for reading my post. As I said in my post, having a writer’s block does not mean the end of the world. No matter how creative you are, you are bound to encounter it. But instead of getting frustrated and trying to force out creativity (which will not be helpful anyway), there are so many important things that one could do while waiting for the inspiration for the next blog post comes. I usually tidy up my blog and see if there are areas where I could improve myself – checking for typos, grammatical bloopers, the images or the page speed. It’s the best time to engage myself better on social media.

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