Blogging as a Hobby

Blogging as a Hobby – Why Everyone Should Start a Blog

Not everybody who starts a blog do it for money. Or at least in the beginning, there are many people who start a blog simply as a hobby, to have a creative outlet for one’s love for writing. It’s only when one gets the hang of it and when one gains a certain degree of experience in the website-building craft (a blog is a website only), that the desire to monetise the hobby gains momentum. Yes, you already have a blog that is loved by all. So why not earn some money from it? Once you have a blog and have many followers, monetising becomes easy. In fact, it’s very easy. But keeping aside the earning money part, blogging as a hobby is such a fulfilling adventure. Whether it’s gaining popularity that you’re looking at or simply for personal satisfaction, if blogging makes you happy, then there’s no reason you should not be doing it. Blogging is perhaps the best thing you can do while you’re alive!

You have the complete creative freedom

Blogging and creative freedomWhen you’re running a blog of your own, you are your own boss. You have no creative boundaries and you can write anything and everything under the sun. You can write on any topic that you like. Whether it’s your musings on random topics, whether you’re documenting your travels, your expertise in cooking, your love for pets, your love for rock music, you name it – if you write well and if you have the ability to easily connect with people through your writings, you can create your own identity in the internet space.

You do not need specific skills

In a regular 9-5 job you’re required to possess specific skills to get hired. But not so in blogging. You do not even need extremely good writing skills for blogging. If you can express yourself clearly, if you can communicate well in a conversational style of writing, then that’s the only thing that’s required. And the blog doesn’t need to be only writings or texts. It can be an image-heavy content too.

The feeling of accomplishment is incomparable

Feeling of accomplishment with bloggingAs much as blogging provides us with outlets for our creativity, they also challenge us mentally and physically which can give us an incredible sense of accomplishment when people start liking or commenting on our blogs. The feeling is incomparable to any other activity.

You can choose your audience

You can choose the audience for your blog. Whether you want your blog to be read by everybody in general or in a particular niche, it’s all up to you.

You can discover your voice

When you’re writing for your blog, it brings out the best in you as far as your creativity is concerned. Blogs are usually on topics that are of interest to you and it allows you to grow as a writer. As you write to connect with your readers, you tend to write from the heart. You begin to develop a unique style of your own. As this passion is pursued further, in time, you discover your own voice.

You learn many new things every day

Learning new things with bloggingBlogging is an adventure in itself and for a blogger, every day is a learning experience. When you own a blog, you will be learning many new things about website-building, SEO, driving internet traffic, social media promotions. You begin to know the ins and outs of how the search engines operate and how an article gets found in a search. Even if you are writing purely out of fun with no business considerations, you will be working to make your articles search-friendly for building up your audience. Once a blogger, always a blogger they say and for someone who starts a blog, it’s mostly an activity that lasts a lifetime.

You gain deep knowledge in your niche

When you blog about a particular topic and have already built up a following, you may be inclined to do a thorough research before coming up with your next blog post. Be it in any topic – health, lifestyle, technology, sports, leisure, DIY crafts, cooking – you are bound to gain deep knowledge and keep yourself updated so that your posts are more authentic.

You get to connect with people from all over the world

Connecting with like-minded peopleWhen you blog, you get to connect with people from all over the world. When your posts begin to appear in online searches, people start commenting on your blog and begin making contact with you. Blogging helps connect with many like-minded people and communities. And if you’re blogging in a particular niche, and when your blog becomes popular, you might even be approached with brands of the products in your niche.

With your blog, there’s no dateline to meet

You can work at your own pace and that is the best thing about blogging. Even though it is advisable for a beginner to write regular posts, if you need a break, there’s nobody stopping you. You are your own editor and certainly, you are not going to put yourself under any pressure whatsoever to blog every day.

Blogging gives you the best reason to be happy

Blogging is the reason to be happyI’m almost tempted to say bloggers are the happiest people. Whether you’re blogging for hobby or for money, if it makes you happy then there’s no reason you should not be doing it. It’s not every day that we get a reason to be happy. You are happy when you see your post published and is read by your audience worldwide. You are happy when your words affect people positively or help them solve their problems.

Blogging can be started FREE

If you have the passion, you can start a blog within a few minutes. There are free platforms like Google’s own Blogger where you have the opportunity to start a blog under the subdomain. Your blog is hosted for FREE. This means if you have a Google account, you can start a blog today without paying a dime. There are other free hosting sites but Blogger is hosted by Google, come on. It is very easy to handle by beginners. You will get all the features which a starter blogger need. Remember, it is not a separate platform but is very much a part of Google’s suite of a whole lot other applications. There are not many platforms that provide domains and hosting in a package completely free.

Wealthy Affiliate StarterThe other is the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Here, as a starter member, you can have two websites and get them hosted without paying anything. Above this, you can have access to the first level of two separate training on affiliate marketing and website-building. If you want a more professional looking blog, then it’d better be on WordPress and the free websites on offer in Wealthy Affiliate are on WordPress. Isn’t this wonderful? So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and create your own beautiful blog and see it live and running within a few minutes at FREE of cost. There are no riders involved and you get to own these two websites and host them without paying anything for the rest of your life!

Blogs aren’t always for earning revenue

While it is true that you can really earn a good income through blogging (professional blogging), blogging can be purely for fun and because of your love for writing. And you need not be the best writer there is. You don’t need a blog as a means to earn money online or to gain a large following. You don’t need a blog to change anything which is already there on the internet. The change will happen to you. When you blog as a hobby, you will have many positive changes in your life. While the internet is abundant with pages telling you how you can earn a good revenue with blogging or become an expert in your business, the best recommendations are in the personal realisation that blogging changes you as a writer, and as a person. There is nothing more rewarding than having a blog to communicate your thoughts and ideas to the world.

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  • Hey. You inspired me with this entry very much. I really have enough of my work and I would like to become independent. I did not know exactly what I wanted to do to be free, but now I know. I never thought I would blog. It is amazing that you can write about something that we are passionate about and earn extra money, and that we can connect with people all over the world. This is amazing. Thanks for that.

    • Thanks for visiting my site, Michael. Starting a blog is very easy and like I said, it can be done without you having to spend a cent. If you have the enthusiasm and know how to communicate your ideas to people through writing, I think starting a blog will give you a high that cannot be compared to other “hobbies”. Making your work visible in searches involves some work but they’re not too difficult to learn. However, if you want to start a blog to earn money, that’s where a lot of hard work is involved. This is not to discourage you but to let you know that not everything is easy in a business blog. Having said that, it’s perfectly do-able and remember, all successful bloggers were all newbies once. Wishing you much success!

  • Nice job explaining the nature of Blogging. And yes all bloggers are not in it for the money all the time. As a matter of fact with my own website, It’s important to be just to be mentally active, especially at my age.

    • Thanks for reading my post, George. Yes, not bloggers are in it for money. In fact, many famous bloggers started their blogs as a hobby before turning them into business. The most important is to enjoy what you’re doing.

  • Thanks for an informative post. I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I also believe that this is the best platform for a beginner who do not want to invest much in the beginning. The free starter membership is a boon for all aspiring bloggers. Of all the hobbies, I think blogging is among the best that keeps you mentally invloved all the time. Keep sharing.

  • This is a great article, you have some good incites here. I know that a lot of people start blogging just as a hobby, because they enjoy writing. But I’m assuming that if you are doing a blog, you want people to read your work. Maybe interact with like minded people through chat. If someone was interested in doing a blog like that, where would they post it so that people could read it?

    • If you want your posts to be read by many like-minded people as you say, then your blog needs to attract many visitors. This traffic will ensure interactions with your readers. So, the crux of the matter is driving traffic which can take time and need clear-cut strategies. There are online forums like Quora where you can put links of your posts to gain some exposure. However, the links you put there have to be relevant to the topic as people usually do not leave the forum to click the links. Thanks for reading my post.

  • Great article! I have been blogging now for three months, and I love it! For me, it was foremost a channel to organize my thoughts around my selected niche, and of course I’m hoping to get some revenue at some point too. But I really like the idea of diving deeper in to the niche and being of service to others 🙂 In the near future, when people ask me what I do, I will be able to answer that I’m a professional blogger!

    • Many people start a blog simply because of their love for writing and because they are able to express well through the written language. For these people, making money through blogging is secondary although they are aware of the earning potential. Monetising a blog happens mostly later and this happens when the blogger has learned all the nitty-gritties of website building. In the beginning, the love for writing and being able to help people through their blog overrides the money-making part. Thanks for visiting my site. Here’s wishing the best for your blogging journey!

  • I agree with you. Those who enjoy writing should start a blog. It’s a creative outlet that can now be appreciated by a broader audience, thanks to the internet. And if followers increase in number, it means that readers are getting some value in the post, and some good is being done.
    This summer, my son is planning to start a website on his favourite thing right now – Naruto. He’s only 10 years old but would like to write his thoughts and graphics to his niche. I support him and will provide him the tools to develop this skill.
    Thanks for your post!

    • A blog, whether it’s to do with your business or is merely as a hobby, you need to be enjoying doing that. When one starts a blog without any business considerations, he is not weighed down by expectations and hence can concentrate merely on creating new, exciting posts (and enjoy doing that). For someone who started as a hobby blogger, I can tell you that it’s such a gratifying experience to see your work online and when people start appreciating it. This is why I say those who enjoy writing should start a blog, which anyway is so easy. I’m sure your 10-year old son would enjoy it immensely and it’s a healthy way to cultivate his interest and his creativity. To him, earning money would be the last thing in his mind. Thanks for visiting my site. And best wishes to your son!

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