Blogging in Wealthy Affiliate

Blogging in Wealthy Affiliate – 10 Reasons Why I Simply Love it

Of the many privileges of being a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate, the Personal Blog in the member’s dashboard area is one of my personal favourites.

I really don’t know how the owners of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) came up with this brilliant idea. I think the Personal Blog at Wealthy Affiliate is a pure stroke of genius.

When I signed up for WA’s Premium Membership (the Free Starter Membership is banned in my country, India), I thought the Personal Blog was kept for posting status updates like we do in Facebook or to make announcements of our progress.

I thought that was cool.

We are encouraged to follow other fellow members and to welcome the new members, and thereby expand our network of friends within the community. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people in the WA community and this makes the learning all the more exciting.

I came to understand later that the Personal Blog was one way to make our presence felt within the WA community and to build up our own brand identity.

What exactly is the Personal Blog at Wealthy Affiliate?

When you sign up for the Premium Membership, you are asked to create a profile of yourself where you fill out your personal details, upload your profile photo, and choose a username that you will be using as your identity.

In the member’s dashboard area are the tabs and links for training (Online Entrepreneur Certification, Affiliate Bootcamp, training videos, and classrooms), the websites’ login area, the WA Live Chat area, the Live Classes area (live Webinars and their recordings), the Jaaxy keyword tool (free for Premium members), and the Help or Support area.

Besides these features, the Premium members have dedicated areas in the dashboard for Personal Blog and Questions.

The Personal Blog is the designated space in WA allotted to Premium members to write posts.

The posts can be anything – an announcement, a random topic on Internet marketing, a success story or a rant. Any member can post them on their Blog for others in the community to read. Every Premium member uses this blogging system to share a variety of information.

When someone we “follow” in WA blogs, we are instantly notified of it through our email. The notification can be turned off but it is one way to be alerted of new posts from members in our network and to be engaged on the posts if they are of interest to us.

The new posts, irrespective of whether the writer is in our network or not, are shown and ranked in order of their freshness and popularity in the WA dashboard area.

We can comment, like or share the blog post just like we do on Facebook and other social media sites. Everyone has their own reasons to like the WA blogging system. It’s hard to conceive that a WA member would hate it.

I love the Personal Blog at Wealthy Affiliate. In many ways, it provides the fodder for my energy, inquisitiveness, blog ideas, inspiration and it is the very reason why I’m still at Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me share with you some of my reasons why I’m so much in love with the blogging system at WA.

#1: Practice the Blogging Craft

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was a complete newbie and I did not know anything about blogging or making money online. In the Online Entrepreneur Certification, I learned that our content creates our success and that we need to create a good body of content in order to attract Internet traffic.

In other words, I needed to write a lot. Or learn to write a lot.

When I started my training at WA and created my business blog, it was not easy to write engaging posts.

I was not confident, and my awkwardness showed in my writings. They were forced, stiff and lifeless.

With too many new things to learn – WordPress, keywords research, SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, blog designing and a bit of coding here and there – I felt slightly overwhelmed.

In such a situation, my Blog at WA came as a blessing to me.

There’s a world of difference when you write for your close circle of friends and family and when you write for a faceless Internet audience.

I’m more at ease when I know the people who’ll be reading what I write.

This is exactly what I feel when I blog in WA.

Here, I’m blogging for my friends in my community.

I don’t get nervous here. I’m more natural and honest and that comes through in my writings.

The comments I get on my WA posts from my friends in the community are heart-warming and encouraging.

In many ways, my Blog at WA is a practice ground for learning my craft.

It allows me to put to test my creative ideas.

I can write freely without having to worry about sales, leads, keywords, SEO, Google rankings, and acceptance by the audience.

#2: Learning to Engage with the Audience

With hundreds of people in WA following me, the posts that I create on my WA Blog get lots of engagements through comments and likes. Ideas are exchanged, opinions are expressed and discussions are generated.

Sometimes a post strikes a chord and generates many ideas through the many comments from the WA members.

There are times when people disagree with what I write in a particular post. Here, views are exchanged from both sides, and there’s always something to learn from them.

In many ways, my Blog at WA is the litmus test for my ability to engage with my audience. I mostly write in the first person in my posts in WA, and it’s a good feeling when I’m able to initiate a healthy discussion on a particular topic.

I sometimes deliberately post a controversial topic on my Blog to goad my followers into expressing their stand on the issue.

I have used my Bog at WA for learning how to engage with my readers.

#3: Writing for WA Blog Sharpens the Writing Skills

I have been blogging regularly in WA. When I create blog posts in WA, it enhances my writing ability.

It sharpens my ability to create valuable content for my business website. Compared to my business blog, like I said before, writing for my WA Blog is easier. But that does not mean I can write anything rubbish there and expect my friends in WA to like them.

In time, when my network within the WA grows, my audience size increases. I’m aware of my audience’s expectations and hence, when I write for my WA friends, I try to impart value in what I write. I always, almost consciously, try to leave a take-home message in all my blog posts.

Blogging in WA is also a great way to inculcate the writing habit. I have been consistently blogging in WA apart from my business blog and I have seen that my writing has improved considerably.

#4: Seeking Inspiration

There are many successful Internet marketers in Wealthy Affiliate who write highly motivational posts on their blog. So, you see, whenever I feel low and demotivated to carry on, I dig in WA for these inspirational posts to lift me up.

The successful members have some common traits. Their posts highlight how they struggled in the beginning and how they overcame their inadequacies to come to the position they are in. It’s always a pleasure to read their stories.

In telling their success stories, some members share their hacks and techniques for attracting traffic and making sales. Their posts provide nuggets of information that I try applying on my own site. I have learned some of the best SEO techniques from the blog posts of my fellow members here in WA.

#5: Getting Ideas for Blog Posts

Like everybody else, being struck by the writer’s block is very much a part of my blogging journey. And especially, when you’re a beginner, getting ideas for the next blog post is always a challenge. When the dry spells happen, it also becomes easy to get distracted.

There have been many times when I sit down in front of my computer to write a post on my website, the words simply don’t come out and I struggle to write even the first sentence.

For hours, I sit in front of my computer staring the blank screen looking for that one speck of idea for me to latch on and from where I can build up my content. And even if the idea comes, expanding it into a full-length article isn’t always easy. Sounds familiar?

Well, when I get stuck for ideas, what I do is write a short post (say, 600 words) on my WA blog. The idea is to kick-start a debate or to whip up reactions by way of comments from my fellow members at WA.

Most of the time my friends at WA do not disappoint and they chip in with their own views and counter views on the subject. Among the views expressed will be gems that could well form the basis for the post I was intending to write.

See? I have all the resources for my posts here in WA itself.

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#6: Helps Networking with Like-Minded People

My Blog at WA has allowed me to exchange ideas and views with other members. My blog posts here provide me with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the WA community.

I have connected with these members outside of WA too and we follow each other on other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Now, I have built up a good network of WA friends on Facebook and some of them have become very good friends too.

When you’re in the online business, it’s always good that you have a good network of like-minded people. These people will most readily like and share your posts in their own social media circles. They are a great way of boosting your website traffic.

They sometimes even refer potential clients to you.

Any new business opportunity or buzz is shared immediately.

I have seen people in WA teaming up for good business projects.

When you’re in a big community like Wealthy Affiliate, it puts you in a good vantage position for network business like MLMs too.

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#7: Shareable as Affiliate Links

The best thing about the WA blog posts is that they are shareable as affiliate links.

So, you see, when I share my WA blog posts on my social media channels, they are my potential business too. They are all affiliate links!

Not only my posts, but all the blog posts and training by my fellow WA members are all my affiliate links. Meaning, when I share ANY WA blog post, they are my affiliate links only.

#8: Ranks Well in Search Engines

When we post anything in WA, it gets indexed fast because Wealthy Affiliate is an authority site in the eyes of Google.

That is why most of our posts in WA rank well in Google under various keywords. And the ranking happens quickly within minutes of posting!

I have seen many of my WA blog posts ranking high in search pages of Google and other search engines.

If one inspects the pages thrown up on Google under various search terms related to affiliate marketing and online business, it will be seen that many of the top positions are occupied by WA posts.

And when you consider the fact that all these posts are my own affiliate links, you can imagine the business potential for me. This means whenever a person signs up to WA through this post of mine, I get the affiliate credit for it.

#9: Helps build up a Good Brand Identity

The WA Blog is a great way to build up a personal brand within the community.

If the community members perceive you as a helpful person, it brings a positive image to your persona. It helps in widening your network of followers.

Being able to write good posts that engage a lot of people in WA enhances your personal brand within the community.

Sharing good training posts and useful information makes people trust you. You get a good fan following.

When I write good articles in WA, I’m able to build up my own brand identity that I can leverage better for my business. The people who are in my WA network indirectly help in driving traffic to my business blog when they follow me on my social media channels and share my content in their own social media circles.

#10: With Good SEO, It Can Make Money

Usually, most members are not too concerned with the SEO of their posts in WA.

I have not been too keen either on looking for good keywords for my posts on my WA Blog. I write what I like and the keywords research part is reserved for posts on my business website.

However, some members suggest we do proper keywords research for each post that we write in WA. The reason is our WA posts get ranked high in search engines most of the time and if one does a good keywords research for various common search terms, one can actually leverage the WA Personal Blog for an enhanced and positive personal brand.

When people stumble upon our WA posts in search pages and when they actually liked what we wrote, chances are that they would search for us on the Internet and possibly land up on our website too.

So, when I say with good SEO, one could make money with WA Blog, I not only meant the referral credits we get when people sign up on WA through our WA blog posts but I also meant the consequential positive brand image I’m able to build up.

The WA Personal Blog is an Asset

Personally, my Blog space in Wealthy Affiliate is one of the better reasons for being its Premium Member. I have learned so much from it.

I’m sure my training in the online business would have been longer and the journey more circuitous had it not been for this amazing blogging system at Wealthy Affiliate.

It is an integral part of my learning and my own journey in affiliate marketing.

So, whenever I say good things about the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I always make it a point to elaborate more on its blogging system.

Knowledge is shared and perpetuated through it.

It is my online asset now.

If you want me to elaborate more on any aspect of the blogging system at Wealthy Affiliate that I have said here, please drop in a comment here. I’ll be more than happy to connect with you.

16 comments On Blogging in Wealthy Affiliate – 10 Reasons Why I Simply Love it

  • I’m a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate as well and everything you say strikes me in a good way. 

    I have been so preoccupied with getting things going that I haven’t made entries in my WA blog in a long while. Sometimes keeping up with follows and such is a full time job, but a ‘job’ I love.

    I can’ think of any other place I’d rather be and you have reminded me to get to my WA blog.

    • One cannot think of the personal blog feature at WA as a distraction. I mean, it’s all up to you whether you want to write frequently or sparsely. But it’s a great way to connect with friends and to build up a reputation (a personal brand) within the community. There’s so much information shared through these blogs. And like I said, unlike our business blog, we are more free and natural when we write on our WA blog. One thing that I have always been aiming for is to write more freely and naturally on my business blog in the same way I do on my WA blog. Thanks for dropping by, Stew.

  • I just love WA and the program they have. The blog feature they have at WA is great because it gives you the opportunity to share your experience and progress with everyone in the community. In addition, it’s always great to read others blog and witness their achievements so far. It’s just amazing! Also the network at WA allows you to build relationships with like-minded people who have goals and dreams. I personally have a wonderful network of entrepreneurs at WA who can call me for help and I too can do the same. Great post man.

    • It’s nice that you feel the same way I do about Wealthy Affiliate’s personal blog feature. In fact, for people who have been on this platform for long, this privilege is one thing that keeps them active within the community. It’s not only a way to connect with like-minded people but is an outlet to vent out our feelings and rants not suitable for our business blog. It keeps the creative juices flowing. It’s addictive in a healthy way. Thanks for your input.

  • I completely agree with what you said here. I’m an internet marketer myself and it is also through Wealthy Affiliate that I found out about making money online. As you said, I had zero knowledge as well. And that’s what I love the most about WA. It teaches you everything from the ground up. 

    Blogging in the platform is a very important tool. I was scared of blogging at first and when I finally created my own website, I found it hard to write things. That’s when I started writing in WA blogs. I just felt like writing there was safe and I could make mistakes. Little did I know, writing in WA gave me a ton of confidence writing in my website. 

    Besides the fact that it could give your rankings in search engines, it is also a great practicing tool! Plus you get great feedbacks from members! It’s a win win! Appreciate you sharing this with us!

    • Nice knowing that you acknowledge the benefits of blogging in WA. It’s such a great feature and is an integral part of my online business journey. The blog feature is WA’s biggest USP, I would like to believe.Thanks for reading my post.

  • Such an informative site, I appreciate the detail you go into to explain everything. I understand the need for quality content and you, my friend, are definitely putting it here. Thank you for the info and the very neat site. Keep up the good work.

    Being a premium Member within WA myself, I can sight good content more easily than when I had first started. I especially appreciate the clean and neat look of the site.

    Blessings ~ Frank

    • Thanks for the comment and the kind words, Frank. I just had to write this post on the benefits of blogging in WA. When I say blogging in WA, I also mean to include the benefits of following other members’ posts. For me, the personal blog at WA is such an integral part of my online journey. I have learned so much from this feature alone.

  • This is some great advice!

    I’m a Wealthy Affiliate user and community member myself, but I’ve very much under-used the WA blog. I have very little time to spare, so I tend to pour most of my time and effort into promoting my own blog. But the opportunity to promote Wealthy Affiliate through their own blog is brilliant!

    I’ll need to try implementing this more into my schedule. Thanks for the tips! 

    • Our priority should be our own business blog. All our energy and focus should be on it. But there are many benefits of blogging in WA that you cannot ignore. You can leverage your posts (or other people’s posts) there for your own business. It’s okay if  you have been under-utilising the WA blog feature. I just needed to highlight the benefits too that mostly go unnoticed. Thanks for visiting my site.

  • Great post! 

    All I can say is that as a newbie to online marketing with a host of offline problems and challenges threatening to undermine my efforts, I would have never continued as long as I have nor made the progress with my site without Wealthy Affiliate’s personal blog feature. It’s a source of support, solace, ideas and encouragement. WA in itself is INSPIRED. I’ve never met the founders, but I feel like I have, just through the incredible program and structure they have put in place with vision, values and, may I say, love. 

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Norman, have you noticed that when you write on your WA blog, you’re more natural. It’s as if you can have that somewhat elusive sounding writing ‘voice’ there. Other than all the benefits of reading people’s blogs for knowledge or inspirational reasons, you have the benefit to actually hone your writing skills there. Thanks for dropping by.

  • This is was very eye opening!  I am too a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member and I never had taken the initiative to write on the personal blog in WA. I, like you did before, thought that was just for members to vent, post random things about their experience in WA. I had no idea it could be found on the search engines..this is a game changer for me. Thanks so much for making me aware of this. Much success!

    • Our posts in WA get indexed fast and if you could employ good keyword like you do on your business site, they rank well even for popular keywords. Your posts get found on page 1 of Google even. So, that’s pretty neat considering people can sign up on WA through those posts and when they do that they are your referrals. Thanks for commenting, Andrea. Much success!

  • Blogging in wealthy affiliate is very easy and simple especially with sitecontent feature. I think that success is guaranteed but time is crucial. What do you think how many posts per month is enough to achieve good results in google? I am blogging 2 times per week is it enough?

    • Our priority should always be our business blog and that’s where our main focus should be. However, having said that there’re just too many benefits in the personal blog feature in WA which I have detailed in my post. I have never been too bothered with the blogging frequency in WA; I post when I feel like. Otherwise, I enjoy being an audience to the many blog posts from other members. If you’re blogging twice a week (I presume you’re talking about your WA blog), that’s pretty good. But like I said, there’s no need to think too much on its frequency. Thanks for dropping by.

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