Choosing The Perfect Niche

Choosing The Perfect Niche

When we set out to start a blog of our own, the first thing that confronts us is finding the perfect niche. This would not have been a problem at all if we were to write our blog only as a hobby. But most of us are into blogging to make money, to earn our living, pay the bills, pay for our children’s needs, look after our families. If we do a small research of our own and delve around the success rate of online business on the internet, it shows a grim picture: 90 % of all internet business start-ups fail in the first four months. There can be many reasons why such a high failure rate is there and out of the many factors contributing to it, one important factor is choosing the wrong niche for the blog. This can prove fatal for your online business dream because one is going to invest an insane amount of time in writing, putting in efforts to refine the writings, all in the wrong niche. How bitter the experience would be if the realisation comes many months down the line that they have been only wasting their time (and money).

Time and money

Picking up the perfect niche or area of interest isn’t easy for there is an accepted truth of blogging: a niche may be something we truly love but there might not be much profit there. Sure, it’s more fun to write about something we are passionate about and it may be extremely fulfilling too. But if the niche we choose isn’t going to bring in money and feed the family, we should make our call as early as possible when to abandon it before investing another one year into it. They say success in blogging doesn’t happen overnight but one needs to be on the lookout for those unmistakable signs that we had made an erroneous decision on the niche.

On the other hand, there are some niches that are more suitable for profit making. And if we pick up such a niche for our blog looking at its profitability factor only and without taking into account our love for it, it might not be long before the blog ideas run out and everything starts going downhill. The motivation goes for a toss and it all starts falling apart.

We are in it for the long haul

Most internet businesses take a long time to move from its state of inertia and before the organic visitors start landing on our site. The niche that we have decided to start our blog on will keep us glued to the computer for the next 5-10 years of our lives and hence, we cannot be making any mistake about the niche. It has to be perfect for us. We should be looking inward and ask ourselves if we could keep our reservoir of ideas and passion flowing for the next five years or more. Will be having the drive to keep on chipping away on the topic for such a long time. Think properly. Make an informed decision instead of going ahead blindly. Searching for “how to start writing blogs” on the internet throws up results that outline the blog-map mostly in similar ways. The first advice we get is: “Find a niche that you truly love and passionate about.”

Should the niche be something we are passionate about? 

Passion is an important factor for success in blogging. There are reasons that come in favour of passion:

  • When the passion is there for the niche, we are likely to keep the interest flame burning for long.
  • We are less likely to lose our focus in the future.
  • We are more honest in our writing and it shows on the blog where readers feel it too.
  • We are able to communicate to our audience more effectively and connect with them more easily.
  • We are less likely to run out of ideas.
  • We are less likely to abandon the blog in the future.

While picking up a niche only because of its profitability factor, we are more likely to reach the dead-end soon. There is more likelihood of the interest and ideas running out because we do not have the requisite knowledge to put up regular blog posts. Without any knowledge, we are more likely to ham everything up which would be evident to the audience.

We are in it for the money

See, most of us do not start blogs only because we are fond of writing and we have a hobby that we expect everybody to like just like we do. We need to be brutally honest here – we are in it for the only. While having a passion is fine but we also have to consider whether there’s any profit in the niche that we plan to pick up. Someone said,”Profit isn’t in passion, it’s in popularity.” Well, this is certainly debatable but we need to let the fact sink in too that while we can make money in any niche that we choose, there are niches that are a lot easier than others to build an audience and make money. Our goal is to start a profitable business and not a hobby where we work hundreds of hours in a year without making a cent.

What are my strengths?

What will be your USP that you think will give an edge over many others in the competition? Can you make an easy connection with your audience through your writing? Are you a good communicator with an eye for detail? If you have the passion and there is a profit to be made in the niche that you have selected, then it’s a great combo and there’s no reason you cannot be successful. If your interest, expertise, and strengths all sync together, then you can certainly go for the kill in blogging.

Be clear about all the options

Choosing a niche needs a good, long thought and we need to steer clear away from any hasty decision. Many a time, a blogger starts a blog and realise many months later that the blog doesn’t suit him at all or there is not much profit in the niche. Make a note of all the things you are passionate about and see if they are profitable at all. Do a proper homework to have a clear overview. Ask yourself the questions:

  • “Can I write 150-200 blog posts in a year in the niche?”
  • “Can I continue doing it for another 4-5 years?”
  • “Can I write convincing product reviews from time to time?”

Another truth that hits hard most new bloggers is that one needs to continuously churn out blog posts so that some sort of authority is gained. And these posts cannot be 500-worded writings only but one has to intersperse 2000-plus worded posts from time to time. See, we need to spread our net wider to catch the traffic.

Create valuable content

Always remember, most people search the internet for one reason: to seek for a solution to a problem. The problem can be anything – finding a type of music, finding answers to canine care or an answer to a question. It could be anything. Do you think your blog can provide those solutions? Can you create content that you think will be of value to a good number of people? This is the reason why a blog cannot be writings on our musings and ramblings on random, unrelated topics. A niche blog has to continuously deliver a solution to problems. A niche blog is directed to a target audience. We cannot let ourselves thin out on a variety of unrelated areas.

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2 comments On Choosing The Perfect Niche

  • Choosing the perfect niche of your own interest is very important. I myself has experienced that how you can go forward and build your contents with the wrong interest or wrong niche. I have to send all the posts, pages to trash and how frustrated and waste of time. It becomes worst when you are building with your own domain name. I have to restart everything from scratch what a painful to me. I am definitely agree with it.

    • In my case, I had to create an altogether different website by abandoning the previous one. My first site in a niche that I truly love but I didn’t know when I created it, I would be finding it difficult to add posts regularly. Further, when I first started out, I didn’t know that you had to keep on adding new posts (like 2-3 posts a week) so that your site gets ranked high consistently in the search engines. There are niches that are too niche that profitability comes into question. So, for one who’s a beginner, instead of latching on to a niche that he thinks is nice, there are many things that he has to consider. Especially, the profitability of the niche and the ability to add new posts regularly.

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