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Create Great Visual Content With SiteContent Images At Wealthy Affiliate

It is said that it takes about 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website when a new visitor lands on your page to decide whether to leave or explore further. In this crucial fraction of a second, users decide whether they like your website or not, leaving not much time for you to make a lasting impression. The first impression of a website, it seems, depends on certain factors like colours, structure, symmetry, spacing, font, the text load, and more. However, in general, it is also seen that a website with less visual complexity and with a design that is more representative of the niche it is on are more appealing to the audience.

The better the first impression, the longer the visitors stay 

A good first impression leads to a longer duration of stay for a new visitor. So, what are the things that a user looks in a website to form an impression? Remember, this impression is going to lead to another crucial element. The trust. The sections in a website that entices a user to stay are:

  • The website’s theme colour. This is the first thing that strikes a visitor in a site. Colour gives a feel of the site.
  • The header image or the logo. A striking header image (or video) can create that crucial first impression. Of course, some themes do not allow for the header image, but in that case, the header title catches the attention.
  • The menu placement. Users also inspect intently how the navigation menu is placed.
  • The written content. Not the narration of the content as such but the font type used and its overall readability.
  • Content to advertisement ratio. People seem to trust a site with not too many advertisements. Too many ads on a page seem distracting and minimises the trust.

When a visitor stays longer, content takes over

When we say content, it also includes the visual elements in the form of images within the content that are relevant to it. A content with blurred, low-resolution images creates a bad impression and trust of the site takes a beating. Like it or not, a beautiful high-resolution image can captivate a visitor before the rest of the content takes over. An image should be relevant to the content and is copyright-free. Copyright infringement penalties are scary and as beginners who have just set out on an exciting online business journey, we do not want to be caught up in some unnecessary legal hassle, do we?

Difficulty of finding beautiful images

As beginners, we do not want to invest much in buying stock photos, which can easily cut a hole in our pocket. There are many websites that have beautiful, high-resolution royalty-free images that we can use on our websites. However, looking for images we want on a particular topic means we have to search for them on various websites that have royalty-free photos. Not only is this time-consuming but can be highly frustrating as the search do not always yield the exact image that we are looking for. This is where the SiteContent images in the Wealthy Affiliate platform come in as a pleasant surprise.

SiteContent Images at Wealthy Affiliate 

SiteContent is already an amazing writing platform within which we can create, manage, organise and publish our content. It has an integrated spelling and grammar checker to help you write more efficiently without any errors. It even has a plagiarism checker to assess the authenticity of the content by comparing it with over 8 billion pages online. The latest feature added is the more than 1,000,000 beautiful and fully-optimised images that are available within the platform to help us create content with stunning high-resolution images. The over one million images are from different niches that we can choose and insert in our content in any way we like. Isn’t this wonderful?

SiteContent images are royalty-free

All the images in SiteContent are completely free and Creative Commons Zero (CC0). CC0 means we have the freedom to use these images in any way we want on our website without any attribution. We now can make our content visually attractive and to leverage it when we publish them through SiteContent. This is another bonus of being a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate. The photos are from leading image repositories like Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash and are of high quality. These are fully optimised images which means using them on your website isn’t going to affect your site speed.

Ease of formatting images within SiteContent

The SiteContent platform allows us to use the images in different ways giving us various insert options:

  • Direct insert. There are more than a million images in the database that we can search within the platform and insert them directly anywhere in our content. Once saved, the image is automatically uploaded to the media library of our WordPress site. No need to download the images first before we could insert them.
  • Drag and drop feature. You can also upload images manually from your computer through the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Cropper for beautiful image crops. The inbuilt copper allows sleek designs with different crop designs.

Visually attractive designs for a lasting impression

A picture is worth a thousand words. Ensure that your website is visually appealing with great functionality. The combination can be the basis for trust building and an amazing user experience. Remember, we do not create a website for our own leisure or as a hobby but for people to have a wonderful user experience there; to see all the wonderful stuff happening that we all have been aiming through our website.

2 comments On Create Great Visual Content With SiteContent Images At Wealthy Affiliate

  • They always say never judge a book by it’s cover but if the image captures your attention this is a potent way of getting initially noticed, same outcome for a website post in my view, using powerful imagery presents so much more than words can ever describe.

    I currently have a niche website that is hugely dependant on images. On account of my affiliate marketing business I have the authority to use the sale-site’s images to which I am an affiliate member, so rights of use don’t over concern my situation.

    How you accomplish getting your images ranked in the ‘Search Engines Image Results’ is where I’m currently struggling. Is there some kind of tag the Search Engines required you to fill in?
    If I can crack this method, I’m sure I’ll attract more visitors.
    Thanks for your time and publication,

    • Dear Simon, people are visual by nature and the images in the content does a lot to halt a visitor and create the intrigue needed. And these images are not merely for decorative purposes. Used correctly by filling in all the image attributes in the “attachment” details – Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description goes a long way in getting them indexed in search engines. And if the image is wrapped in a link, the alt text should describe the target of the link. While visitors do not see the alt text, search engines do. But why only alt text, the description as the rest are equally important too.

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