Don’t Fret – It Will Take a Long Time to Make Money Online

Don’t Fret – It Will Take a Long Time to Make Money Online

How long will it take to make money by blogging?

Why blogging only? You could be asking the same question for other make-money-online methods like affiliate marketing, dropshipping, print-on-demand (POD), freelancing, etc.

In most cases, it takes more than a year.

A few lucky ones achieve success within six months.

But it all depends on what you mean by success. If it’s a one-off event where you make a random sale of a product on your blog, yes, it can definitely happen early.

For many, success is a long-term idea and something that happens consistently. We consider an activity as being a success when there’s an observable growth trend in terms of the revenue generated.

But online success is not only about making money. Success, here is the sum total of the income, people’s trust in your brand, your authority, brand visibility and a lot more.

You do not expect all these to click together within a short time, do you?

Any online venture for making money requires many skills that are honed over a period of time.

These skills accumulate over time. The best thing being in an online business is that you’re learning every moment of the day.

You’re also bound to make mistakes. And lot many at that. But these make also help you to make your overall knowledge solid.

Your venture – be it blogging, affiliate marketing or dropshipping – will forever be a work in progress. That is what makes an online business so awesome.

At no point in your journey will you feel that you have achieved everything that needed to achieve or that you have learned everything about online marketing.

The online space is in a constant state of flux.

Change is happening everywhere – the Internet technology, people’s buying behaviour, the way people make searches on the Internet, the way they engage themselves on social media and the search engine algorithm.

Meaning, what was relevant three years ago may not be so today.

In the online space, success is all about how quickly you can adapt to these changes.

So, coming back to the earlier question of how long it takes to make money online, I would say there’s no definite answer.

The Website Evolves Over Time

If you’re a blogger, a dropshipper or an affiliate marketer, you’ll surely be having a website of your own.

You may not actually have a website to make money by print-on-demand (POD) business but having it certainly lends an impression of authority.

Website creation and hosting it is a skill in itself with its own unique learning curve.

WordPress is the most popular platform for bloggers and affiliate marketers because of its user-friendliness.

So, if you’re into the online business, you will have to learn some serious WordPress skills.

And it’s also true that your website is going to evolve over time.

Whether it’s the change in the theme, the layout, the colour schemes, the menu placement or the banner, your website will keep on changing both in terms of its looks and the volume of content on it.

If you’re a beginner, it takes some time to finally settle on a design that you’re satisfied with.

What does a constantly-evolving website have anything to do with a delayed online success?

Well, in a strict sense, it doesn’t. It’s just the mindset.

It only means you’re still in the early stages of your journey and yet to graduate from your beginner self.

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No Two Persons Have the Same Productivity

No two persons will have similar life situations.

Despite having the same zeal, the time they could dedicate on their business will not be the same.

If you’re someone who’s with a fulltime 9-5 job or with certain physical limitations, you will take a longer time than others who’re working fulltime on their business.

There’s also the difference in the pace of learning. Some are fast learners while some tend to take things slowly by choice.

The difference is reflected in your business will grow.

No two bloggers will have the same productivity in content creation.

Ditto for affiliate marketers.

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Different Niches Have Different Periods of Latency

Depending on what your chosen niche is, the growth graph of your business will be different from someone in another niche.

Some niches are more competitive than others and hence much more difficult to rank on good keywords.

This also means a steep climb for beginners.

Again, a niche may be very popular but the potential for business may not be great.

Every niche has its own period of latency before it can mature.

If you’re in a niche that’s crowded, vying for visibility will not be easy.

This is the reason why the selection of niche can make or break your business.

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Content Writing Skills Need Time to Develop

Content writing is not limited to blogging alone.

It encompasses the whole spectrum of online writing that includes ad copies, web campaigns, and product or service promotions.

The difference between it and ordinary writing is that content writing is designed with the SEO perspective.

It is the creation of SEO-friendly pages that are easily visible in online searches.

The ad copies, as such, need not be SEO-friendly as they are mostly promoted through social media platforms like Facebook.

But they have to be crafted diligently keeping in mind your target audience and by highlighting the solution you intend to provide.

Content writing is a skill that is honed over a period of time.

Practice makes things perfect and you will need to write often, and many times with a schedule in place.

You may be a good writer but for you to be able to create good online content, you will need to have a firm understanding of the topic that you’re writing about and the audience you are targeting.

Content writing is mostly a personal communication with your audience. And that takes skill.

It Takes Time to Identify Your Target Audience

You may think you have a clear idea of the niche of your business.

You may be passionate about it too.

But identifying your target audience may not be as easy as it may seem.

In fact, most beginners falter there. Say, for instance, I may be an audiophile and passionate about sounds and music systems.

However, if I target the ‘music systems’ niche (or sub-niche), it may not be a good fit for me.


I may be qualified to write on various topics on it but do I have a clear idea of the end consumers of my work?

Who will be the consumers of my work?

Are they those people who are looking to buy good audio systems for home use – the home stereo systems – and hence, looking for good product reviews and articles?

Are they musicians or studio owners looking for high-end systems?

Or are they college-going students looking to buy fancy stuff like good headphones, Bluetooth speakers or car stereos?

So, you see, there are many groups of people falling under the niche of music systems.

Now, your job is to identify a specific group or groups who will be your audience.

As beginners, it may not be easy to narrow down on a specific niche.

It does take time to finally arrive at a clear idea of your exact target audience.

The Email List Takes Time to Build Up

From the early stages, the importance of an email list should be understood properly.

One should try to build up the email list from early on.

However, as a beginner, it is never going to be easy for you to gain the trust of the people immediately so that they opt into your list.

For making people subscribe to your blog, you obviously need to have a good body of work on your blog.

You will need to provide good value in your blog posts.

Without the value, there’s not going to be a list.

So, it is only after producing good quality content consistently over a period of time and after promoting your brand vigorously that people would willing agree to sing up to your list.

People will not hesitate to become your subscribers if they have good trust in your brand.

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Social Media Marketing Skills are Learned Over Time

There are various social media platforms and all of them may not be suited to your business.

But there’ll surely be one or two social media channels that you need to master.

If you’re in the online business world, you will have to use social media to promote yourself and for getting traffic. There are no ways about it.

Each social media channel has its own distinct characteristics.

You will need to identify those that not only will be most comfortable with you but also suited to your activity.

For instance, you may be more familiar with Facebook and active there.

But using Facebook (or for that matter, any social media channel) for business is a different ball game altogether.

The skill to have better engagement with the people and to make them into leads for your business will take time to master.

And if you’re promoting or selling a product via social media, you will need to create good ad copies, which is a skill in itself.

Also, it takes a lot of experimentation and experience to follow up your promotional activity with laser-targeting of your desired audience.

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It Takes Time to Identify the Best Traffic Sources

As a beginner, you may be tempted to try out the various social media channels for getting traffic to your site. And that’s perfectly alright too.

But you should understand that instead of thinning out yourself over many channels, it’s always better to focus on only a few platforms.

That way you’re more in control of the things and also a lot easier to learn the traffic strategies.

You need to give yourself some time to see which platforms are doing best in terms of getting traffic and referrals.

This needs to be studied over a period of time.

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Give Yourself Time to Gain Control of Your Business

When you’re in the online business – be it anything – it’s always going to take time to see the results.

Business comes from the traffic that you learn to drive to your site.

The traffic is the result of so many factors, and not all of them are in your control initially.

It’s not difficult to learn the tools and the techniques involved.

But business does not happen because you’re a master in using the various tools at your disposal.

It happens only when you’re able to provide solutions to the problems faced by the people in your target audience.

It happens when you’re able to let people know that you have their problems covered.

It happens when you’re able to gain the trust of the people. And this does not happen fast.

So, you need to be constantly doing your bit everyday building up your business brick by brick.

Do not expect things to happen fast.

There’s already so much noise out there.

You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd by being unique.

Are you here for the long haul?

I’m sure you are.

If you’re just starting out or looking for a perfect platform that will teach you to build your own online business, try Wealthy Affiliate.

It has even a FREE Starter Membership to have a first-hand experience of the training provided.

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