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When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member, my sole purpose was learning the ways to build an online business through blogging. Having read the previews about Wealthy Affiliate on the internet and from a friend from my university days who was already a member here, I knew a bit of what it was like to be inside of it as a member. I remember that fateful afternoon when I sat with this friend in the cafeteria of my office over a cup of coffee, he showed me his profile and rest of the features of Wealthy Affiliate on his laptop. Kismet, it was, because I had been looking for long to enroll myself in a training on internet marketing. I was looking for the perfect platform. Wealthy Affiliate sounded like it.

The benefits of being in an online community Online learning

It has been rightly said that taking an online course is more than just sitting in front of the computer but becoming part of the community of learners through real engagement. The concept of online learning recognises that learners are also an important source of information and knowledge in addition to the trainers and the course content.

Most of the members who join Wealthy Affiliate start out complete newbies like me, with dreams of building an online business through the training provided. I realised later that I was in the midst a huge online community with more than 800,000 members from 195 countries spanning countries all over the globe in different time zones. I was rubbing shoulders with the top internet marketers in the world who were offering insights and experiences to newcomers like me, pushing and nudging me along the way.

Getting help 24×7

The most important but difficult aspect of creating an online business is getting help and guidance whenever needed. The courses in Wealthy Affiliate are designed to suit both the beginners and experienced alike. There are no datelines to meet and the courses could be taken up and completed at one’s own pace. After all, the community has members who are full-time internet marketers as well as people who already have paying jobs and have joined the course to learn the lessons in their free time. Getting help in a timely manner is important because one could get stuck at any stage of the training. Within the Wealthy Affiliate community, one can get access to a myriad of people with all kinds of expertise at any point of time. It’s a community that never sleeps. Thousands of people are active online throughout the day in the community – in live chats, interacting in different classrooms, creating websites, watching training videos (it’s got an amazing library of training videos), getting one-on-one help.

We are active learners

In the Wealthy Affiliate community, we are not passive learners to be filled with information but instead, we are active learners. As members of this amazing learning community, we are always engaging in reciprocal learning, sharing perspectives and experiences, sharing mistakes and success stories to take the meaning of learning to an altogether different level, forever soaking in new ideas. Effective learning happens through reflection, sharing, discussions, debates, collaborative teamwork, and most importantly taking the initiative and responsibility to help fellow members by listening, questioning and thinking critically within the community. We are both the helpers and the helped. Learning is fun when you have teachers to help you every step of the way. Remember, Wealthy Affiliate is nearly a million strong community and you can rest assured that you will never be caught up in a tight situation while building up your online business.

A wide repertoire of material 

As Premium members, we have our own personal blog within Wealthy Affiliate where we keep posting about our progress, about our experiences, about the lessons and the latest trends in the industry, success stories. With such a huge number of members posting their personal blogs every day, the knowledge through the insights in these posts is simply invaluable. And with search functionality added, I can search for any topic or discussion for that extra information within these blogs. I can say that more than half of my knowledge is through these blog posts of other fellow members who recount their experiences and insights there. We also get access to a huge library of training videos for every aspect of our online business. Just type in your requirement and you can be sure of getting just the training material you had been looking for.

Building relationshipsCreate long-lasting relationships

When you are at Wealthy Affiliate, the community becomes your world and all other social media networks take the backseat. It is much more than a social media network because here every post, every question, every discussion pertains to online business and creating profit, unlike other networks where our presence is more for our leisurely pursuits of life. It even teaches us to leverage our other conventional social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. for our business. I have built up strong relationships with many of my fellow Wealthy Affiliate members outside of the community. My network of like-minded people have expanded and this has been exceptionally good for my learning and for personal enrichment as well. There are thousands of people networking within the Wealthy Affiliate community every minute and one can well imagine the amount of knowledge shared.

My insights

If I have to say what my insights are about being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, it can run into pages. But to maintain brevity, I would say only these:

  • I have seen that building strong relationships with other fellow members is critical to my learning and these relationships help me when I’m struggling with my lessons. The relationship is an important support system and my friends here within the community can totally relate to my experience.
  • The camaraderie I enjoy with other fellow members keeps me motivated and engaged.
  • The best thing about the Wealthy Affiliate community is that it makes me feel like an important member of it and this helps me learn more. I’m sure I would have learned less had I been just a passive online trainee.
  • I gain a more well-rounded and diverse knowledge through the relationships in the community.
  • Getting to know people from diverse fields, cultures, and walks of life has only enriched me personally. And we are all bound together by a common dream.

I have become a more rounded individual and I think that has been my biggest achievement here. Other than the knowledge gained, I’m now more able see things from a different perspective. I learn more when I help people and nothing compares to the feeling of immense satisfaction of having helped a fellow community member in his journey. It’s a high that cannot be expressed in words. We are all for one, one for all.

2 comments On From Inside The Wealthy Affiliate Community

  • Thanks for this overview of the WA community. I love the community as well. They have helped me whenever I ask for help, and they guide me on my continuous path to success. If it wasn’t for them grabbing me when I fall, I wouldn’t be half of the affiliate marketer that I am today.

    • Jacob, I think Wealthy Affiliate’s USP is its community. The lessons are designed nicely to accommodate both newbies and experienced marketers but it’s the wonderful community support that scores more than the rest. The knowledge shared among the members is just incredible, and I have seen people who started out as complete newbies doing really well as early as three months within the training. All because of the excellent Wealthy Affiliate community support. Thanks for dropping by.

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