Google AdSense Auto Ads for Your Blog

Google AdSense Auto Ads for an Amazing Blogging Experience

Of the many products from Google, AdSense remains one of the most popular among bloggers. Many consider it the best way to monetise a blog, and when it comes to effectiveness, ease of use and, the overall user experience, there’s none that compares to Google AdSense. AdSense allows a blogger to show contextual advertisements on a blog whereby the ads are rendered according to the content. This means, if the content is on electronic devices, the ads that are likely to show up are electronic goods from different merchants. AdSense also uses the cookie method and ads are thrown up based on the user’s search history and preferences. You earn money when people click these ads on your blog. As simple as that.

Google AdSense Auto adsHowever, despite its obvious utility, using AdSense has its own hassles in that you have to decide where and what type of ad to put in your content every time you write a blog post. What if you could simply add a code only once which would automatically create ads on all your pages? What if that single code generates different types of ads as per the requirement automatically? Well, you can. Yes, you heard it right. You can automate your ads now to optimise them and give a good user experience to your visitors.

Google Auto ads

As part of Google’s endeavour to further improve on the already amazing AdSense, it launched AdSense Auto ads on 21st February 2018. This innovation from the AdSense team is all set to revolutionise the way you have been using AdSense ads on your blog as it automates all processes and allows you to focus only on content creation. You are going to be leaving everything to Google to make placement of ads on your behalf by using only a single code for the entire site, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your writing only. Yes, you need not place codes at different locations at different pages as Google Auto ads will be using machine learning to decide which type of ads to place on which location of your blog all without you having to do anything. Just place one piece of code only once to all your pages and watch how Google takes it from there.

Advantages of using Auto ads

Some advantages of Auto ads include:

  • Potential to increase revenue – Auto ads are smart and will identify any available space to place new ads there. You do not have to do anything. This means the potential to earn good revenue increases.
  • Good user experience – Auto ads show ads only when they are likely to perform better. This results in a good user experience.
  • Easy to use – Auto ads simplify everything and all you do is place a code once and for all and the ads are generated in all pages across the site.

Setting up Auto ads

To set up Auto ads, go through the following steps:

1. Sign in to your AdSense account.Sign in to Google AdSense account

2. Click My ads in the left navigation panel.My Ads in Google AdSense

3. Click Auto adsClick Auto ads in Google AdSense

4. Select “Choose your global settings” page, and select the ad types you want to show on your website. It’s easy.Global settings in AdSense Auto ads

5. Just switch the toggles on or off as required.Changing global settings in Google Auto ads

6. If you want AdSense to automatically add new ad types to be available (to your global settings) as soon as they are available, select “Automatically get new formats”.Automatically get new formats in Google Auto ads

7. Save.

8. Click set “Set up Auto ads”.

9. Click “Copy Code Snippet” to copy the code.Copy code snippet in Google Auto ads

10. Paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags of your website.HTML code for Google AdSense Auto ads

11. Save your settings.

12. Your Auto Ads are on.

There are two ad groups in your global settings – (i) In-page ads (ii) Overlay ads. For the moment, the Overlay ads work only in mobiles.


What if you already have Google ads running on your site?

If you already have Google ads running on your site, there’s no need to remove them when you add Auto ads. Auto ads will override all other existing ads. So, whether you have ads running already or have a brand new website, the Auto ads will work perfectly fine on both. When you place the Auto ads code on your site, all your page level ads or overlay ads (Anchor or Vignette ads) are automatically migrated over to Auto ads.

About Advanced URL settings

There might come a time when you want to remove ads completely or show only a few ad types on specific pages. You can control this through the Advanced URL feature of Auto ads allows you to have different ad settings on different URLs (pages) of your site. You do this by creating URL groups and when you do that you can choose what you want to show on that specific page or pages. Remember, the Advanced URL settings will override your global settings on that particular page. For instance, if you do not wish to have In-article ads or Anchor ads on your homepage, you can create a URL group through the Advanced URL setting.

Ad units or Auto ads?

  • Auto ads are completely automatic and Google chooses the most effective ad placements for your ads. On the other hand, Ad units are manual and you have full control over the placement of the ads. You can select the ads of your choice from a range of ad types and sizes and place them exactly where you want them to appear on your pages.
  • In Auto ads, Google chooses ads that are likely to perform well (and provide good user experience). In Ad units, you are free to choose the ads of your choice or their placement.
  • In Auto ads, once you place the code, you need not worry about your ads as they will be fully optimised to suit your content. But when you choose Ad units, there are rules about ad placements and you have to comply with the AdSense policies.
  • Ad formats like Anchor or Vignettes are available in Auto ads whereas these ad types are not available when you opt for Ad units.


Learn blogging at PranitsenseDespite the availability of many alternatives, Google AdSense remains the most popular tool for monetising blogs. With Auto ads, Google has taken the whole concept of advertisement and user experience a step further by these smart ads. As a blogger, it gives you the complete freedom to concentrate only on the most important thing at hand – that of creating valuable content for your audience. Leave the hassle of placing your ads on Google. With Auto ads, Google employs machine learning to make ad placement and monetisation decisions for you. It saves you time. And as a blogger, you know how crucial the element of time is for your business. Try Auto ads today for an amazing blogging experience.

30 comments On Google AdSense Auto Ads for an Amazing Blogging Experience

  • Thank you very much, these are some very helpful tips and points about using auto Adsense. I like the comparison between using units or auto. But as you said as a creator, auto ads prove to be more beneficial as you can have more time to build up your content.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to read my article. At the moment, there are mixed responses from blog owners. While some say it’s wonderful, there are some who say the auto ads generates more ads on pages than necessary. It’s early days. Auto ads will only improve in time. Personally, I feel it’s amazing. One can customise their ad preferences by changing the global settings or the advanced URL settings. Things are so easy.

  • Google Adsense auto ads certainly does sound like a simple and time effective way to place ads on a website, with only one piece of code required in the header. If only everything was this easy! Seems likes a great way to monetise a site without the hassle of choosing ads and manually placing them. Thanks

    • Hello Melissa,

      It is simple indeed. Only a code to put in the head section and you are done. Ads will run on the entire site in all pages. You have the choice to customise your ad type according to your preference in the global settings. Google does everything for you – from choosing the location of the ad placement to the relevance of the ad to your content. And if you want certain pages to be excluded (home page, About page, etc.), you can easily do so through the advanced URL settings. Just try. You’ll love it.

  • These are great tips. I have adsense on my blog, but it doesn’t take up the whole side bar. Some ads are big and others are small. Do you know if auto ads corrects this? I would love to have the whole sidebar consistently filled with an advertisement. It kind of looks weird when the ads aren’t the right size.
    Have you noticed an increase in revenue from adsense from using auto ads? The adsense ads that I currently have sometimes are relevant to my content and sometimes aren’t.

    • Auto ads will override all your previous AdSense ads. This also means the ads coming in inappropriate sizes and locations in your old pages are done away with, and the ads generated by Auto ads will not have incorrect sizes. They are relevant to your content too. Just try it. I have noticed an increase in the clicks after I employed Auto ads on my site. Thanks for reading my post.

  • Thanks for you article, some great tips here. I am relatively new to blogging and while I did add Google adsense to my site, I really haven’t seen any revenue yet. I know that it’s probably because I don’t have enough traffic yet, but do you know at what traffic level (number of visitors) I could expect to see some results from adsense?

    • The click-through rate for a blog with 500-1000 visitors daily would be around 5 clicks per day. However, it depends on the site too. I think for a beginner, Auto ads would be a good way to start earning revenue early. Moreover, it’s a good confidence-boosting factor when you see those small amounts of money trickling everyday rather than having none at all. For beginners, it’s certainly easier than making sales through affiliate links. Thanks for reading my article.

  • This sounds like a very nice feature google is rolling out this year with google ads. I can’t wait to seem some comparisons of people using regular google ads to the auto ads.

    Have you personally had any success with google ads?

    Also about how much traffic a month would you say you need before you should even try using google ads?

    • It’s still early days and there’s a mixed response with some people saying that many ads (more than necessary) are shown on the pages with Auto ads. But the thing is you can very much control what type of ads you want to show and what pages you want to exclude from showing the ads. For instance, there are people having reservations about having ads on the About page. With so many customisation options available, I’m all for Auto ads and I’m sure it’ll only improve with time. In my case, I have seen that after implementing Auto ads, my revenue from AdSense has increased. You need not wait for the traffic to pick up before implementing Google ads. In fact, I would recommend using Google ads from early on. It’s a great morale-boosting thing when you see money starting to flow in from your site even though it might be in very small amounts. Thanks for taking the time out to read my article.

  • Hi Sukumar
    Thanks for sharing this post. I had very limited experience of Google Ads before reading your post and now I know so much more about the mechanics of how it works. I didn’t realize that you can set it to autopilot. I need to look at this and see if it’s more effective that the standard ads I’m using.


    • Google ads (or auto ads) are good for beginners when the website is approved for ads. It’s so much better to earn small bits of amount than not earning anything. The best thing about Google Auto ads is that once you put the code (for one time only), you need not do anything more. Just see all those amazing ads coming in different places on all your pages. Don’t want ads on a specific page (About page or any such)? It’s easy. Just tweak the settings in Advanced URL settings there. Thanks for visiting my site. Good luck to you!

  • I haven’t used Adsense yet. I’m just afraid that people won’t likey site if there are ads on there. Plus I wouldn’t know where to put them. I’ll have to do more research on it. Maybe you could write where the ads should be to get the best traffic. That would be great! I would love to read it. Maybe I need more content before I start putting google ads on my site. I’ll have to think about it. 

    • Auto ads, as the name suggest, automates your process. Google decides everything for you. Some people don’t like the fact that. But that’s automation for you. Saving you time in deciding what ad and where to put them. It’s only a single code to work on the entire site. You can opt out any time you want and your site remains intact 🙂 Thanks for reading my post.

  • You have taught me something new today. I have Adsense on all my sites and I love it because you make money on autopilot without having to sell a thing. There are however many complaints about Adsense, and I hear of people being banned, but I have been a member for about eight years and no problems yet, touch wood.

    This is the first I have heard of Auto Ads. I have always just used a plugin to get the ads to show up on all my posts.  The click throughs are good at the moment, so I am scared to mess with something that is working.  Maybe I will try it on my new recipe site to test the waters first.

    • Try it, Michel. It’s only a single. It won’t leave you site in a mess when you opt out of it. Simple remove that code, that’s all. Thanks for visiting my site.

  • I will say, that Google has it nailed down as far as looks go. Their ads are not nearly as intrusive as others. I can’t stand the ads that take up half the screen with click bait, as if they’re anything real. You know the ones, a series of pictures that you didn’t come to the site to see.

    Auto Ads sounds interesting. I’d like to see how they’ve worked it into a theme. Maybe I’ll give it a shot!

    Thanks for the post!


    • Try it, Brian. Remember, you’ll be using only a single code for the entire site. Removing the ads is easy. Just remove the code. There’s no harm in trying and seeing how it works for yourself. Best wishes!

  • This review is exactly what I have been wanting to research.  Thank you for making the work a bit easier.  For my site, I have been toying with the idea of using Adsense but still on the fence.  Some of the content that is written about is on the edge of what they will allow.  I don’t promote the bad stuff (their idea of bad stuff), just mention it by providing information about it.

    This automated version of Adsense makes a lot of sense and should catch on quite quickly.  And as you mentioned, the rest of us can focus on what’s important and make the blogging experience even better.

    Maybe I’ll finally give it a try.

    • Do give it a try, Joseph. You can always opt out if you don’t like. It’s only a single code. Thanks for visiting my site.

  • Hey Sukumar!

    Wow! This is some awesome information!  I have been using adsense for a long time, but never made much money with it.  A few bucks here and there.  Do you think that if I use this “new” feature that my conversions would climb? I am a little hesitant on giving Google the choice of where to put the ads.  Did you try this and have you had any success with it?

    I am willing to give it a try, but I don’t want my audience to be bombarded by Ads all over.


    • A site with too many ads never look good. There have been complaints from bloggers about how Google Auto ads messes up everything with ads showing up at odd places and pretty much everywhere. But they have improved a lot and Auto ads do improve the click-through rates. Moreover, it’s very flexible and you can choose which ads to show and also de-select specific pages from these ads. Just give it a try. After all, it’s only a single. Remove it if you don’t like the ads. Best wishes!

  • I absolutely appreciate this topic of ads as an upcoming blogger,I like the idea of auto ad’s so I don’t have to spend a of of time figuring out when and where to put them on my blog ,I also like the fact that I can increase my earnings. I also appreciate that I will still have the freedom should I not like the auto ads to upgrade to advance URL to have my control back.the article has been very helpful .

    • Google Auto ads make things very easy for you. It’s highly flexible too. And remember, you have to the code only once! Thanks for reading my post.

  • Hi Sukumar,

    I rarely post comments on the internet, but I couldn’t go without thanking you for this amazing post which contains a lot of helpful information. As a newbie in this field, I find your tips to be quite helpful and easy to follow! I never used AdSense. I mean I tried, but I couldn’t place the ads where I wanted and I just gave up after the 2nd try (I thought to myself “What a waste of time!”). However, after reading all this, I can gladly say that I learned a lot and will definitely give Google AdSense another shot! In addition, I must also say that with this article you saved a lot of my time. I would’ve struggled a lot without those pictures in your article.


    • Thanks for dropping by, Nick. Auto ads are convenient and time-saving. You just have to put a single code and the ads are all over your site. You can choose the type of ad to show. And since it’s only a single code, you can opt out of the ads by just removing the code. You also have the flexibility to de-select particular pages from these ads. For instance, I don’t want the ads to show on my About or the Legal pages (disclaimer, privacy policy). I can do all that with the same code!

  • Thanks for the info. I know that having ads on a blog is one of the main ways to monetize. I like the fact that auto ads applies the ads automatically instead of one by one. I would like to know what kind of ads are being displayed every page of the site, even though the ads will be optimized.  You never know what they could be advertising.

    • The ads are mostly relevant to your site or content. With auto ads, you don’t have to worry about which ad and where to put. The process is automated. You also have the freedom to select which type of ads you want to show on your site. The best thing it’s on a single code that you have to put for the ads to work on the whole site!

  • Hey Sukumar,

    Thanks for your diligent work on this theme. I don’t know much about Google AdSense, I’m learning now because I want to use it. This means so much to me because I know now that I can use auto ads and save time. I really love that you put main explanation with pictures and navigated all of us who still didn’t use this throughout the whole process. Before conclusion, you put great advices in that comparison between ads and one can get the whole picture of auto ads – that they are money and time savers, easy to use and will get you better results.

    This post also showed me that it is worth to follow updates continuously, because it improves your business. Maybe I should have known earlier about auto ads, but it is never to late to learn something new.

    Thank you 

    • You should have Google AdSense. The money that comes through the clicks are too meager but when you’re a beginner, even those small amounts mean a lot to spur you on. Auto ads saves you time because you’re no more looking for which type of ad and where in your content you’ll be putting them. Google automates everything for you. There have been complaints from people in the beginning these ads show up at wrong places but from my own experience, I have noticed that there’s a lot of improvement there. Try Auto ads. If not for anything but just to have a feel of it. Best wishes! 

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