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Johnny wants to start a blog. He’s desperate to start one. He has been dreaming to have a blog of his own but he’s clueless about it.

Johnny loves to write. He writes well. He sees blogging as an exciting creative outlet, and by writing on things that he is passionate about if he could earn some money, well, what can be more wonderful than that! He’s determined to learn how.

Johnny has been hearing of many stories about people earning a good income by blogging. How wonderful!

He knows there are avenues to earn money online by freelancing his writing skills – copywriting, proofreading, ghost-writing, and review-writing. But that’s not what he wants. He wants to OWN a blog. Boy, he wants to be independent.

Success at Wealthy Affiliate

It’s not that Johnny is jobless. He’s working in a reputed company and his job pays him a good salary. On the face of it, everything looks hunky-dory – good job, beautiful wife, and two lovely kids. But he’s already tired with his 9-5 grind, and he knows that he’s spending less time with his family. He hates that.

Internet marketing, online business, affiliate marketing, blogging – he’s heard them all. He’s in love with the idea of making money from home or from anywhere through his laptop. Day in, day out he’s been reading blogs and success stories, and he has been following some famous Internet marketers. They inspire him. But how do they do it?

Johnny does not have a big sum of money for investment in a business start-up. Nor can he quit his present job because he needs the money to feed his family and to finance his blogging project.

Let’s help Johnny, shall we?

Online business starts with a website

Huh! Johnny wanted to start a blog. But a website?!

Well, a blog is a website only. Or, more precisely, a blog is a part of a website. So, if Jonny’s thinking of having a blog, he’s going to learn website-building.

Johnny thinks that’s a big problem. He is no techie and knows nothing about HTML or coding.

He has no idea of WordPress and how it works.

He does not know how to register for domain names or about hosting his website. Aren’t they costly?

And even if he’s ready to spend a few dollars, how does he start? Who’s going to teach him?

Let’s tell Johnny that he need not spend a single penny to start a website of his own.

Let’s also tell him that there are online courses that teach people like him, the absolute beginners how to create a website completely FREE. Like the Wealthy Affiliate programme.

Yes, at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), when he signs up for its FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP, he gets to enrol himself for the first ten lessons of two different Internet marketing courses along with two websites that are hosted on WA’s own fast web servers absolutely free.

Let’s show Johnny how easy it is.

Help Johnny select a niche

Starting a website is easy. Oh, well, that’s fine. Everybody says so.

But what will be the topic of Johnny’s blog? Since ultimately it is going to be a business blog (he wants to earn money, doesn’t he?), choosing the right blogging niche is crucial.

A niche is a distinct segment of the market.

There are more than 3 billion Internet users online and most of them are looking for solutions to their problems.

So, a niche is a group of people that form a particular audience for a specific market. Some niche examples are – health, baby care, wellness, fitness, travel, pets, electronic gadgets, etc.

Is having a passion for a particular activity necessary for blogging?

Now, before we get to the bottom of the question let’s see if Johnny has a particular passion on which he could write good articles. He has.

Johnny love bikes. He’s one of the most knowledgeable persons around on bikes. That’s wonderful. So, he can write good articles about bikes or biking activities.

But it’s not necessary that one needs to have a passion or to be an expert in activity to start a blog.

After all, most of us have a passing interest in various activities or hobbies but none that we can actually call it a passion and where we are experts.

A niche can also be an activity that you are willing to learn about. For instance, if you are willing to learn how to make money online, THAT could be your niche. As they say, you don’t need to be an expert, you become the expert. You get what I mean?

Is blogging meant for good writers only?

Johnny’s a good writer. But even if he was an average writer, if he’s able to communicate properly through written words, he can still be a good internet marketer.

Choosing a domain name

What is a domain name? Well, a domain name is your website name. It is the address where Internet users can access your website. For example, www.johnnyblog.com is Johnny’s domain name. This domain name is unique.

Well, since Johnny’s planning to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter course, he gets to have two domain names at no extra cost and websites with these two domain names under WA’s SiteRubix platform. His website’s domain name will look something like this – www.johnnyblog.siterubix.com

Let’s help Johnny build his website. Ready?

Monetising a website

Having a website is only the foundation of Johnny’s business. He will need to make people visit his website. How? By writing good articles that people like. Simple.

But how will people find his articles? They have to appear in search pages under different search terms. They have to rank well and appear in the first page of Google or other search engine results page (SERP).

People usually wind up their search on page 1 of the search page. Or at the most, on page 2. They hardly go to page 3 or beyond.

Hence, Johnny’s target will be to get ranked on page 1 on various search terms or keywords. That’s it? Well, no. That’s only the starting point, but if he can have a good following (website traffic), he already has his potential customers there.

Next step will be to exploit this traffic to his advantage and convert them into business leads or sales. This is where Johnny needs a good training in the hands of experts and experienced online marketers.

Let’s walk him through all the lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification course offered under PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP of Wealthy Affiliate.

There are altogether 50 lessons under 5 levels. This is one of the best courses for getting started.

Premium members are also offered another course called Affiliate Bootcamp which has 70 lessons covered under 7 levels.

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Starter versus Premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate

It is up to Johnny to decide whether to go for the free starter membership or the Premium membership in WA. The following table gives the comparison between the two memberships.

The Premium membership is obviously better for Johnny’s long-term plan. But even if he’s doubtful of whether WA will suit him or not, he can well begin with the starter membership which is completely FREE to join. It’s risk-free.

As said before, he’ll be getting two beautiful WordPress websites with hosting free of cost.

He’ll also be getting the first 10 lessons in both the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp with the starter membership. Once he gets the hang of the whole thing, he can upgrade to the full Premium membership. Cool, isn’t it?

The Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course is best suited for complete newbies like Johnny. The course will take him through a gradual process of running a website for business.

This is an intelligently-crafted course that will make a newbie like Johnny have a firm grasp of all the important concepts of website-building and to monetise it in lines with his business objectives.

Let’s walk him through all the lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Level 1: This 10-lesson course will walk Johnny through the steps in creating a successful online business that generates revenue. This is a getting-started course and will be a beginner’s first step to realising one’s potential as an online business owner.

WA Certification Level 1

Level 2: The 10-lesson course will teach Johnny traffic generation techniques that will empower him to drive relevant traffic to his blog.

WA Certification Level 2

Level 3: The 10 lessons will cover everything about the various ways one could earn revenue through his or website.

WA Certification Level 3

Level 4: If Johnny wants to monetise his website (of course, he does), he will need to learn social media marketing. Social media and social engagement are instrumental for the success of any blog. The 10 lessons in this course are designed for maximising social media skills.

WA Certification Level 4

Level 5: By the time Johnny reaches this level, he would have already laid a solid foundation for a successful online business.

He will understand the primacy of good content for online success.

The 10 lessons in this level, which is going to the last level in the Online Entrepreneur Certification, will elaborate on the content aspect of his business.

An extensive course, this where Johnny will be learning all about the content research process, content structuring/layout, creating engaging content and boosting conversions through good content.

WA Certification Level 5

Other additional benefits of being at Wealthy Affiliate

For a beginner, the Online Entrepreneur Certification course described above is excellent to get started for an exciting blogging adventure. But as a Premium member, there are other additional benefits as well. Let’s walk through them one by one.

  • The Affiliate Bootcamp: Apart from the Online Entrepreneur Certification, Johnny will get himself equipped with the 70-lesson Affiliate Bootcamp training. This is a comprehensive training that will teach him to promote Wealthy Affiliate for a highly rewarding business.
  • 50 websites at WA: A Premium member is entitled to 50 websites – 25 under his own domain name and 25 under siterubix.com subdomain. They are all hosted at Wealthy Affiliate’s own fast servers at no additional cost. The Premium membership covers everything. Cool, isn’t it?
  • The biggest online community of Internet marketers: There are close to one million members at Wealthy Affiliate from all across the globe making it the world’s biggest community of Internet marketers. A supportive community driven by the pay-it-forward principle, a newbie is immediately absorbed into the exciting world of online business for an amazing learning experience. The community has members from all levels of experience – from complete newbies to some world’s top internet entrepreneurs.
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  • 24×7 Live Chat: WA members are scattered all over the globe in different countries, in different time zones. It’s a community that never sleeps. Members interact with each other through these live chats. This is where newbies can ask the community for any query and are responded to by members instantly. Cool, no?
  • Personal blog at WA: Every Premium member gets to have a personal blog on the WA platform. WA serves as a great alternative blogging platform for the members because all posts at WA are indexed in Google immediately. The platform is a great place to gain one’s authority and consolidate one’s personal branding.
  • Free JAAXY keyword research tool: It won’t be long before Johnny realises the importance of keywords and keyword research for his blog posts to rank well in search engines.

    A keyword tool is a must-have for all bloggers, and if Johnny enrols for the Premium membership, he’ll be getting Jaaxy Lite as an add-on feature. By the way, Jaaxy is one of the best keyword tools around. It’s advantage Johnny.

  • More than 1,000,000 royalty-free images: When you are blogging, you will be needing beautiful and relevant images to go with your posts. WA provides more than 1,000,000 copyright-free images for use in any niche of your choice. You need not browse sites looking for these images as they are right within your writing platform in WA. Isn’t this wonderful?!
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  • Best hosting site: WA provides the best hosting solution for all. Cheaper and faster than most hosting services, it comes packaged along with 24×7 support, daily back-ups, free SSL certificates and unlimited e-mail accounts.
  • Weekly live interactive webinars: Live webinars are held every week empowering all members with all the latest tools and techniques
  • News updates: WA is one of the most active internet marketing forums in the world. The interactions among the members and the thousands of blog posts of the members make sure that you’re always updated with the latest happenings in the online business world – success stories, opportunities, new Google algorithm updates, trends, scams, etc. Johnny will love this.

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Does Johnny need a counselling session before he starts his venture?

Ah! Well, not exactly. But we should let Johnny know that the path to a successful blog is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work (obviously) to succeed in an online business.

Just like in an offline business, his success will depend a lot on the trust that people have in his content and in how he engages with the readers.

It’s a venture that is fraught with frustrations and a high drop-out rate.

More than 90 percent of all Internet businesses fold up within the first four months itself. And of the minuscule few that outlast these few crucial starting months, the success rate is very low.

But it is also a fact that given the right training and with a supportive community, people do succeed in online business.

When success comes, online business or blogging is such a gratifying experience. It’s a high that is incomparable.

The Internet marketing is a constantly shifting landscape and in the absence of a proper guidance, the vastness of this activity can be extremely overwhelming for a beginner.

But with a platform like Wealthy Affiliate, Johnny already has a tested and proven formula for success. He has at his disposal all the right tools for carving a thriving online business.

If he signs up either for its free starter or Premium membership, I know he’s only going to thank me someday for having introduced him to this amazing learning opportunity.
I’m also sure that if he applies all the training lessons provided in WA diligently, there’s no way success will not happen. It is the best training platform out there.

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