How Being Your Own Worst Critic Could Hurt Your Blogging

How Being Your Own Worst Critic Could Hurt Your Blogging

Some of us are our harshest critics.

In our quest for perfection, we tend to put ourselves under a lot of pressure to come up with our best work when we blog.

We agonise over the flow of the narrative, the import of the post, the value provided for the readers and the originality of our writing voice.

We write and rewrite so many times that it takes forever for a post to get published.

This procrastination means we are able to produce only a few articles every month and that we are not able to maintain a blogging schedule.

If we are lucky, a post gets published in three days after the first sentence was drafted.

But sometimes it takes days to be published.

That’s how some of us are.

Our blogging is erratic.

We are always looking out for that perfect masterpiece of writing that we imagine people would go gaga over.

We set ourselves to a high standard of perfection.

When we complete writing a post that fails to meet the standards we have set, we delay publishing it until we are absolutely satisfied with it.

Are you your own worst critic?

Being Your Own Worst Critic

When I set out to start my blogging career, I was mentally prepared for the long haul. I mean, I knew success in blogging would take long and hence, when I was getting only a few visitors every month, I was not overly worried.

I was also prepared for all the challenges that I would encounter and about putting myself out there to be scrutinised by people all over the Internet.

I was prepared for the criticism and of being ignored.

What I was not prepared for was my inclination for being my own worst critic in whatever I do.

It is an all-consuming feeling that brings your blogging activity to a grinding halt.

It’s like “How can I make others like my writing when I don’t like it myself?”

There are various explanations why you act the way you do.

You might be having a natural negative bias for everything in life.

You might be a people pleaser.

Or you might be plain neurotic.

But whatever the reasons for your being too self-critical, if it results in your procrastinating on your activities, you will only be harming your business or your blog.

You need to learn to rein in your natural tendency to be self-critical.

To be less self-critical is a skill.

And as with many skills in like, it’s something that you learn over a period of time after many trials and tribulations.

Accept that You are Your Own Worst Critic

It’s no use fighting with your own self-critical nature. Don’t fret over it.

Don’t try denying your behaviour. Instead, you should first accept the fact that by nature you are like that only.

You should also acknowledge that this behaviour of yours stems from your perfectionist nature. That you want things to be perfect and to provide the best information to your readers.

Being your own worst critic isn’t necessarily bad.

You should learn to manage this natural tendency of yours better.

People Don’t Always See Things the Way You Do

There are times when your less-than-perfect (according to you) post becomes very popular.

I have seen this happen to me so many times.

There have been posts published on my blog that I felt I could have written better. But strangely, these posts were liked by my readers.

So, basically, the thinking that if I don’t like certain writing of my own, people will also not like them is flawed. Not everybody sees things the way you do. Not everybody feels the same.

The reverse is also true. Not everything that I like will be liked by other people too.

There are various types of blog readers and if you write honestly, your blog may strike a chord somewhere with them.

It’s No Use Getting Obsessed with Your Past Work

When you publish a post, it’s no use being obsessed with how the writing was.

When you write a post, it’s a representation of the person that you are at the moment.

As time goes by, as we gain experience, our perspectives change.

And so when we do a post-mortem of a post days after it has been published, the person in me has changed from the person that I was when I had written it. Hence, it’s only natural that I would view things differently.

You outgrow yourself and evolve every day.

Too often we fret over how we could have written our posts differently. But that’s wrong. You write about something from your present experiences of life and situations.

We can never write from the perspective of the person that we would evolve into many days from now.

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back Sometimes

Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes.

Be sure to remind yourself of the many great things you have done so far in your business.

Of course, you have some great things. You have acquired many new skills.

The knowledge that we learn in our blogging journey is simply mind-boggling.

Seriously, not many people know how to create a WordPress blog as you do.

A lot of people out there want to know how to monetise a website but you have unraveled that mystery already.

Not many people know the workings Internet marketing the way you do.

I’m sure you know your knowledge of Google and search engine rankings are way better than any layman.

You know how to enthrall an audience by speaking on the subject of blogging.

Perfection is Stagnation

Someone rightly said perfection is stagnation.

There’s no such thing as a perfect post in blogging.

People write and people keep on writing, that’s the way it is.

When you own a blog, stagnation is suicide. It’s foolishness.

You have to keep on producing content.

That’s how your work gets ranked in search engines, that’s how you grow your audience.

There’s so much competition out there for visibility and to be the loudest.

You are hard on yourself because you want to succeed. But you need to have realistic expectations of yourself and the way you want to achieve success.

You need to manage your self-criticisms.

Like I said before, you need to pause and give yourself a pat on your back sometimes.

Let’s bring in more self-love in our blogging, shall we?

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