How do I train for internet marketing

How Do I Learn Internet Marketing That Will Lead Me To Success?

To say that money is not everything in life, we need money to be able to say that. To an animal living in the jungle, money has no place of importance and, life means to struggle for food. Survival and its struggle depend on one’s place in the food chain.

But for us humans in today’s modern day life, money is almost everything. Death, it seems, could be delayed with money. There are many people with terminal illnesses surviving on life-support systems afforded by money. Delaying that finality called death. So money could even buy time? Seems like it can.

We need moneyWe need money

We need money. To pay our bills. For buying foods. For clothes that we wear. For children’s education. We need money to travel around. Yes, we need money to live the life the way we want.

There are people who are lucky enough to earn money by doing exactly the things they love.

But for the majority of us, we are stuck with a job that we do not like.

Running around, forever wishing we would find a job where we do the things we love. Where our favourite activity or passion pays us good money.

Monetising our passion

Other than pursuing an activity in arts or sports – acting, painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, are there avenues to earn a steady income in other areas where we have a passion?

The power of the internet being such, today, it is very much possible to monetise our passion, our hobby into a thriving business. That way we are lucky of being born in a time when earning money from the confines of our home is a reality.

Where we are our own boss.

I have a passion for home stereo equipment, I’m an audiophile. I love the hi-fidelity sounds that come out from the speakers of a good music system. More than the artistry of the musicians behind the music, I love the way the musical notes dance around the room played from my favourite audio system. My friends know this and I’m consulted for an expert opinion every time an audio equipment is planned for purchase by them. My experience, my knowledge is above average and I’m in my elements when I talk about stereo systems, the speakers, the amps.

And I want to help people seeking information on music systems. I want to monetise this passion. Will I be able to do that? Like me, there are people who have interest in a niche and wants to start a revenue-generating online activity. The question is how. How do we make money from our hobby through the internet?

Internet marketing requires trainingInternet marketing needs training

But like all endeavours, an online business requires training and knowledge to be able to sell an idea on the internet. It requires skill to engage an audience. You know how impatient are people are nowadays. Do you have in you to communicate your idea and knowledge to the rest of the world? In any field. Don’t you want to learn how to do that? They say, about 90 percent of all internet business start-ups end in failure within the first four months. The high failure rate is mainly because people jump on to this online business dream all too soon without having much concrete idea of how things work, without much preparation and plans.

How do we get ourselves trained?

The most difficult thing for any aspiring internet entrepreneur is the inability to find a good training module for learning how the whole system of internet marketing functions. Because this is a new field, most people are not aware of the ways to monetise the online activities. The field is just too vast and the landscape keeps on changing. Things get obsolete fast. There are so many myths associated with it.

For long, I was always intrigued by the idea of online business or the affiliate marketing to be more precise. There’s this friend of mine who used to post status updates every hour on his Facebook timeline about his internet business and though it sometimes appeared tad self-promotional, I wanted to know what the whole business was about. He then started sending me e-mails promoting various schemes. My curiosity got the better of me and I called him up one day to ask him about the business he was involved with. When I talked to him, I did not find him convincing. Strangely, he was not so forthcoming with his answers and I had this suspicion that either he wanted to hide things from me or he wasn’t actually as successful as the way he made things appear to be on his Facebook updates. I haven’t talked to him since.

Too many resources too many schemes

The kind of access the internet provides us with information on online business is huge. It’s easy for one to get overwhelmed by the glut of information that is there. To a beginner, it’s all confusing to make a start. How to pick up the pieces? There are schemes after schemes that are on offer all promising to make you into a super internet entrepreneur. How do we know which are genuinely workable and which are nothing more than scams?

There are no shortcuts to online success

While the ways to kick-start a successful online business are many, one needs to know that there are shortcuts to success. Like all offline business, internet marketing needs nurturing and it takes time for it to grow. We need to have all the basics covered and depending on the niche, a business takes anything from a few months to years for achieving success. If you had been looking for an easy way to earn money, then internet marketing might prove to be a wasteful venture. But if you have the capacity to take things slowly and learn everything step-by-step, then building an internet based business can be extremely gratifying and rewarding experience.

Learn how the online business industry works

On the face of it, internet business looks simple. You create a niche website, post good articles, engage your audience, drive traffic to your site, put ads, drive sales to the merchant’s sites, earn revenue through commissions. Is it really that simple? Well, each and every step is in itself a vast area and mastering those steps require that you go through a well-designed training that takes you smoothly through all steps logically and systematically. It’s a chain with all the discrete links in between. We cannot afford to have a weak link in the chain, can we? Remember, internet marketing as an industry has one of the lowest entry barriers and the competition is huge in this segment. Only the best survive. Only the toughest prevail.

Creating a website

First, we create a website because without it we will not be able to make a start. But isn’t website building for professionals, you might ask. Well, no. We can learn to create beautiful websites in a matter of a few days. There are many free website builder tools available online. An example of a free website building platform is the SiteRubix in Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteRubix website builder

If you sign up for the free starter membership in Wealthy Affiliate, not only do you get access to the first 10 lessons of two different online business courses but you also get to build two websites completely free.

Internet marketing courses

The only way to a successful career in online business is learning all the tools for it by enrolling for a course that teaches you everything. Choose a course that suits your timetable and your pocket. There are many online courses available. The best in the industry at the moment is the Wealthy Affiliate, which is the world’s biggest community of internet marketers. Right from the complete newbies to the top internet marketers of the world, this is an amazing participatory platform where you are helped at each step till you become a pro. Check out the following link that includes a video on “How To Make Money Online” that explains the processes in detail.

How to make money online

Understand the money making process

Most courses on internet marketing will show you the process of making money online, the channels through which we make ourselves visible to the more than 3.75 billion people who are online throughout the world looking for information on the internet specific to their needs and problems. What our website will do is provide the information and solutions to the people and help them solve their problems. By helping these people, we earn money in the process. Our website in a particular niche is where people will be visiting looking for answers to their queries. Having a website is like having a piece of the internet space with us where we help people who are browsing the internet for information. These people will be our audience, our customers.


It is not possible for us to learn on our own the vast and ever-evolving subject like internet marketing. The only way to learn is by taking up a course that best suits our needs. Do not jump on the first course available but do a thorough research so that there are no regrets later on. There are many scam sites that offer courses running in the lines of “get rich overnight”. Avoid them at all cost. Internet business is no walk-in-the-park venture. It takes time a lot of dedication to succeed. You will need to be mentally prepared for the long haul. Many months later, after having invested much of your time, energy and money, you do not want to end up completely disillusioned because you took the wrong path, do you? Go only for the legit courses.

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