If You Want to Learn How to Make Money Online, Start a Blog

If You Want to Learn How to Make Money Online, Start a Blog

See if this description fits you.

A person

  • who has no idea of how to make money online.
  • with no prior technical knowledge of website building.
  • who’s very eager to learn the various ways of making money online.
  • who’s excited with the prospect of working from home.
  • who wants to be his or her own boss.
  • who wants to have more time to spend with the family.
  • who’s committed and is ready to work hard.
  • who’s inquisitive and excited about learning new things.

Well, if you’re the very person described above, one of the best ways forward is learning to start a blog of your own.

Of course, blogging is not the only or even the best way of making money online. But it is a great way to learn the working of the Internet and the whole dynamics of how business happens online.

Blogging is an excellent way to have a start in the online business sphere.

You don’t need to have prior technical knowledge of website-building for that.

Why blogging, you may say. Because you’re not a good writer to start with and you cannot imagine yourself writing the whole time to earn income.

Writing for you is a hassle and is something that does not happen naturally as with other people who writes well.

But despite that, I would still say if you want to learn how to make money online, it’s always better to start a blog.

Let me tell you why I say that.

Understanding the Functionality of a Website

When you have a blog of your own, your understanding of the Internet will definitely be different from ordinary people.

You will have a better understanding of the various website platforms, WordPress, hosting, website domains, hosting companies, plugins and website themes.

You will realise that this knowledge is helpful even if you opt for an online activity other than blogging.

You will understand why there are clickable links in web pages, why there are ads, banners, carousels and videos, why those pop-ups and opt-in forms are there.

The way you look at a website will be different.

Having a blog of your own teaches you the importance of building up an online authority.

So, whether you want to be a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a freelancer, a dropshipper, an e-commerce store owner or a marketer in the print-on-demand (POD) business, having authority in your chosen activity is good for business.

Blogging helps you understand this better.

Understanding Niches

Very important knowledge for you is the concept of ‘niche’ in online business.

Niche is basically a distinct segment of the market comprising people with similar preferences for products or services.

You must have heard of the oft-repeated adage in Marketing: “Find a need and fill it.”

So, niche marketing is finding a “focused” group of people with a specialised interest.

There are a countless number of niches you can think about – health, exercise and fitness, fashion, technology, books, movies, music, science.

Falling under these niches are again many sub-niches that have their own potential audiences.

For example, under the fashion niche, there could be men’s fashion, kids’ fashion, women’s fashion, etc.

When you’re in the online business, understanding niches will help you target your audience more effectively.

Blogging helps you understand its importance in a more complete sense.

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Providing Valuable Content to People

At its core, an online business work to provide good content to the people that solve their problems.

The start of it is in a person making a search on the Internet about a problem.

It could be anything – a commodity, book, gadget, electronic item, an exercise, info on certain foods, a health issue.

People make searches on the Internet for a variety of problems.

Your job as an Internet marketer is to attract people to your business.

You do that by making yourself visible during those random searches and by providing excellent content (blog posts, videos, infographics, ads) that showcases the ‘solution’ people are seeking.

Blogging helps you understand fully the importance of good content.

This is essential if you want to make a mark for yourself in any type of online business.

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Understanding How People Make Search on the Internet

For you to succeed in online business, it is necessary that you understand how people make their searches on the Internet.

This is where the idea of keywords come.

Keywords are those words or group of words that people type in the search bar of Google and other search engines for making their searches.

Since blogging involves doing keyword research so that the content is easily found in searches, a blogger is able to understand better than ordinary people what specific keywords are used during searches.

Blogging teaches you to understand the psychology of Internet search, whether it is through textual or through voice-activated methods.

You could be in any type of online business. But your thorough understanding of the thought process behind a search on the Internet will definitely give you a head-start in achieving success in your chosen business activity.

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Understanding Search Engines

An Internet entrepreneur depends on the search engines and its ever-changing algorithms.

A search engine attempts to provide the best possible result to the individual who’s making a search based on a variety of parameters – keywords, search intent, search history, preferences and one’s overall activity on the Internet.

Blogging puts you at the forefront of the changes taking place in the Internet space and the search engines.

This knowledge is essential to keep you ahead of the competition.

Nowadays, with the advent of voice-activated searches, there’s a marked difference in the way people make searches on the Internet.

Bloggers usually belong to various online groups and forums that keep them abreast of the trends and changes taking everywhere.

They are the people who get the first buzz about any change happening.

Social Media Marketing

This is a big one.

You could be in any business but in today’s world, it’s as if you cannot survive without social media.

Whether it is to create brand awareness or promotion of your products and services, you need social media marketing.

There are many social media platforms and each channel takes time to grow.

You may not need all the channels for the promotion of your business.

But you will surely need to target your promotion campaigns to the desired audience through your chosen channel. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn depending on the type of business you operate.

When you have a blog of your own, you will be learning to leverage the social media for traffic.

Blogging helps you understand the effectiveness of the various social media platforms for your business.

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Writing Ad Copies

Blogging is connecting with the audience through good writing that resonates with them.

It involves an understanding of the niche and preferences of the readers.

As a blogger, you will be creating a lot of content.

Blogging helps you in honing your writing skills.

Writing blog posts and writing ad copies are not the same but the end objective is to implore your readers to take action.

You can put your blogging skills to good effect when you create ad copies.

As creating ad copies is about laser-targeting your audience through creative ways, it goes without saying that you have to have a clear understanding of the niche and the product (or service) you’re promoting.

Blogging sharpens your creativity manifold.

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Blogging and Email Marketing

The business is in the list, they say.

The ‘list’ here is the list of email addresses of your followers or subscribers to your newsletter.

Nobody understands better than a blogger the importance of an email list in driving traffic and promoting products.

Most bloggers employ opt-in or subscriber forms to build up email lists.

Creating email campaigns and sending out good email copies are all part of a blogger’s routine activity.

But email marketing is not limited to blogging alone.

It could be utilised in so many ways in other online businesses as well.

Blogging provides you with a firm knowledge about the best ways to build an email list and how the list could be leveraged most effectively for your business.

Understanding Marketing Funnels

The concept of a marketing funnel is alien to most people.

But when you’re in the online business, you will have to understand its concept clearly.

A marketing funnel (or sales funnel) is a model which describes the typical journey of a customer right from the moment when he lands on your business page (a blog or a landing page) and becomes aware of your product or service to the point when he purchases it.

It is the series of steps that begins with someone landing on your website or e-commerce store and culminates at a sale of your product or service.

When you start a blog and when it starts generating traffic, you will need to convert the visitors into leads and sales.

This happens only when you have in place good funnels.

Blogging provides you with the opportunity to learn about marketing funnels.


There are many advantages to starting a blog if you want to learn various ways to make money online.

It’s not necessary that you will make money only by blogging.

However, when you have a blog of your own, your efforts and the skills learned during the process will stand in good stead when you venture in any online activity.

There may be arguments as to why one should ‘waste’ time in creating a blog when there are other more attractive and relatively easier ways to generate income online.

But when you create a blog of your own and when you learn the basic SEO practices, you will have a better understanding of how businesses are conducted over the Internet.

Your blogging knowledge will help you establish yourself in most types of online businesses.

So, start a blog today.

Trust me, your online adventure will be more exciting.

Why don’t you get started with a FREE website including hosting without you having to pay a single penny?

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