If You’re a Newbie Looking to Start a Blog in 2019, This is for You

If You’re a Newbie Looking to Start a Blog in 2019, This is for You

To a complete newbie, it’s all a mystery when he reads about people making money through blogging.

How does the money flow into the owner of the blog?

Does it happen when many people start visiting the blog? Like money (in small amounts) trickling in every time a person clicks the website?

And if indeed money comes, who pays the blog owner? The Internet service provider of the user? The company that places ads on the blog?

So, how indeed does a person earn money by running a blog?

These are some questions that come to the mind of someone who has zero knowledge about Internet marketing and the whole dynamics of the flow of money in the online business.

Years ago, when the idea of starting my own blog first struck me, I was asking myself these questions.

Other than the business side of owning a blog, one very important reason that initiated me to research further on how to start a blog was my love for writing.

I could write my random thoughts on my blog and if money comes to me when people read them, well, I thought that would be amazing.

However, in the back of my mind, I knew my idea of making money through blogging was not only sketchy but was all wrong. The mighty Internet marketing business could not be as simple as I thought it to be.

Are you a newbie who’s all pumped up to start a blog of your own? How do you think you’re going to make sense of everything about blogging?

What you’re looking for is a complete digital/Internet/affiliate marketing course to teach you everything to become an expert, right?

Follow a Training

There are many Internet marketing courses available online and if you’re a complete newbie, it will be in your best interest to enroll yourself in a good training course.

The problem would however in choosing the best one that suits your budget, schedule, and preferences.

But if you’re a newbie, how will you know that the course covers all areas of Internet marketing?

How will be you be sure that the course, when completed, would make you an independent marketer and you would be able to run your own show?

Another problem would be picking one that is legit has no upsells.

There are many scams out there and if you do not research properly about the course that you intend to take, you could be easily misled and end up losing your hard-earned money.

A Walk-Through to Some Not-To-Be-Missed Lessons

Most Digital/Internet Marketing “mastery” courses have more or less the same lessons.

But if you’re someone with no technical knowledge of web designing, it is advisable to pick a course that includes the fundamentals of website building, ideally the WordPress.

At the moment of all the website building platforms, the WordPress is the most popular among bloggers. It is the easiest to follow too. An ideal course will include but not limited to the following lessons:

  • What is Internet/Digital Marketing?
  • The Opportunity in the Digital or Internet Marketing.
  • Understanding How to Make Money Online.
  • Choosing a Niche.
  • Choosing a Domain Name.
  • Understanding Web Hosting and DNS Settings.
  • Installing WordPress from c-Panel.
  • WordPress Blog Initial Set-up.
  • Inside the WordPress Admin Area.
  • Creating Your Initial Website Content.
  • Creating Custom Menus.
  • The WordPress Plugins.
  • Understanding Keywords – the Start of Your Content.
  • Creating Keyword-Rich Content.
  • Setting up Domain-Specific Email Accounts.
  • Understanding Website Traffic.
  • Making Use of Visuals.
  • Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit.
  • Amplifying Your Productivity.
  • Understanding the Basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Understanding Affiliate Programs and Networks.
  • Adding Affiliate Links to Pages.
  • Tracking and Understanding Blog Traffic – Google Analytics.
  • Leveraging Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram.
  • Adding Google AdSense.
  • Understanding Email Marketing.
  • Creating Email Campaigns.
  • Setting up Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Creating Effective Content.
  • YouTube Video Marketing.
  • Designing Banners and Infographics.
  • Importance of Internet Marketing Forums and Quora.

There are many more that I could have added but these, I believe will suffice so that you have a grasp of the basics of Internet marketing and how to monetise a website.

If you see the points (lessons) one by one, I’m sure there’ll be many that fly over your head as far as the terms are concerned. But this should in no way overwhelm you.

They will be included in most comprehensive Internet marketing courses.

Learning Cannot be Limited to One Course

You cannot limit yourself to one online course only to learn everything about Internet marketing.

But when you’re just starting out, instead of getting distracted with many courses, you should just stick to one and try to understand all the basics first before you can think of enrolling yourself for additional courses on a few specific areas of Internet marketing for intensive training.

There are just too many things to learn.

Only when you understand a concept, you can think of climbing up the learning curve.

Each lesson has its unique importance and relevance to the overall bigger picture.

You will have to take small steps in the beginning so that the learning is more concrete.

The Internet marketing landscape is vast and no course worth the name could claim to be 100% complete.

The field is also constantly changing and you’ll need to be able to quickly adapt to the changing situation to stay ahead in the game.

Isn’t it Too Crowded Already?

The rate at which new blogs are sprouting each day is simply mind-boggling.

This means the Internet is being updated with new posts every second of the day. The data could easily overwhelm an aspiring blogger.

So, isn’t it already too crowded?

Is there a future for blogs?

Can new blogs ever hope to outshine the other established and brilliant blogs out there?

Absolutely not.

The Internet is craving for fresh and unique content.

It’s true that there’s already a glut of information in any niche.

Hit the search bar of Google for any topic and you’ll be at once bombarded with many web pages all telling the same things.

But it’s a fact that we’ll become increasingly dependent on the search engines to deliver us the exact information that we are looking for.

If you can create content that provides new perspectives to people’s queries, you will always get your audience.

So, don’t ever let the thought that the Internet space is saturated ever discourage you from venturing into the blogging business.

What is the Best Internet Marketing Course for Beginners in 2019?

If you’re a newbie, you will be hesitant to invest too much into a so-called “tried and tested success formula” of a course.

You may want a course that offers a free trial so that you could have a first-hand experience of the course from inside. Or one that offers a money-back offer.

We are all visual by nature and an ideal course is one that has textual lessons supplemented by training videos and webinars.

Online learning is more effective when it happens through an active community and when there is personalised support 24×7.

Also, the course should be one that you could learn at your own pace.

So what is that course that will suit you best?

Why don’t you check out Wealthy Affiliate (WA)?

I’ll recommend it to all newbies.

It has a Free Starter Membership too for you to check it out from the inside. It costs nothing.

You’re free to remain a Free Starter Member for the rest of your life.

You can upgrade to the Premium Membership only when you feel you’re ready for it. It has many flexible payment options too.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything for a beginner.

Here, you will learn to use all the proven marketing strategies.

You will see tangible results by taking actions as taught in its two courses – Online Entrepreneur Certification (5 levels, 50 lessons) and Affiliate Bootcamp (7 levels, 70 lessons).

For more details on the course, read the following:

“Helping a Newbie Start a Blog at Wealthy Affiliate – Learn and Earn”

“Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners – The Best Introduction to Internet Marketing”

“Why Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Bet for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing”

Let’s look at the comparison chart of the Free Starter Membership and Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

To give you an idea, let me walk you through all the 5 levels (10 lessons at each level) in the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Level 1: This is a getting-started course and here you will learn what an online business is all about and creating your own WordPress blog.

Level 2: Here you will familiarise yourself with the traffic-generation techniques.

Level 3: Here you will the ways in which you could monetise your website.

Level 4: Here you will learn to maximise social media skills.

Level 5: Here you will learn the content strategies and to create relevant content for your blog.

Above this, as a Premium member, you will have access to Affiliate Bootcamp that has 70 lessons spread over 7 levels.

You will have access to a vast library of video lessons, including all the recordings of WA’s weekly webinars.

You will also have the Keyword Research Tool “Jaaxy Lite” for free.

That’s huge.

And when your fee includes the hosting of 50 websites at WA, it’s more than good value for money.

Yes, it’s 2019 already and the web’s chock-a-block with blogs.

But if you’re a newbie and want to grow your own online business, Wealthy Affiliate is the best for you.

I can tell you this because I learned everything about creating online wealth through this amazing platform.

I was a complete newbie like you once.

Sign up to Wealthy Affiliate today.

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