If You’re Thinking to Start a Blog, Do it Today, Do it Now

If You’re Thinking to Start a Blog, Do it Today, Do it Now

“When should I start my blog?”

I’m asked this question many times by aspiring bloggers.

To this, I’d say, “Now. This very moment”.

Well, “this very moment” is an exaggeration but I want to tell you that if you are thinking of starting a blog, you should not delay it anyway. The earlier the start the better is for you.

But there are a few things to consider before jumping on to create a blog immediately. Like, what is that you’re trying a blog on (the niche)? Is it just for fun or do you wish to make money out of it, maybe, if not now but at some stage in your journey?

Majority of the bloggers want something in return for all the hard work and the value they create for their readers through their blogs. And that’s how things should be. After all, you’re putting in an insane amount of time to make your posts useful for the readers and your time is not free.

Supposing your niche has been identified (mind you, this is the most important aspect of blogging), there are still a few other things to consider like choosing a good domain name that reflects your business, a good hosting company, a nice WordPress theme (most of the blogs out there are on WordPress) for your blog, etc.

But before all these, first, let us tackle the question of the perfect time for starting a blog.

I started blogging seriously in September 2017 and after dabbling in a few niches, I finally settled on this blog. This was started towards the end of 2017 and to this day, I have been saying to myself that I should have started it earlier.

Or rather, I should have started earlier with more seriousness. My first blog was created in November 2011 on the free Blogger platform and it never took off in the manner I would have wanted. So you see, it’s not as if I was a late entrant to the blogging world.

But it was only in September 2017 that I did it with earnestness. I wasted 6 years just to become serious. And that is something I regret even today.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

I follow a few famous bloggers who started very early. It’s always interesting to read when they write about how vacant the blogosphere was 10-15 years ago and how easy it was for their blogs to rank on broad keywords.

But more than the ease with which they could rank on search engines page results (SERPs), I’m thinking of how the nature of blogging must have changed in the intervening years. Not everybody had access to the Internet then and there were no smartphones. The way people made their searches on Google and other search engines were very different. Affiliate marketing is a recent phenomenon.

So, for those early birds, it must have been like riding along the waves of changes taking place in the Internet world.

Even though the avenues to make money online might have been less in the earlier days, but those who understood the potential of the Internet (for making money) were lucky in many ways.

The competition was not and they enjoyed some sort of monopoly in their chosen niche,

They were the ones who were getting followers in hordes because there were not many people blogging in most niches.

It Takes Time for a Blog to Mature

You have heard it everywhere so much so that it sounds almost clichéd now.

The successful blogs that you see out there took years of hard work from the owners to reach to the stage they’re in now. You did not think that they were started only recently, did you?

Every element of a blog – design, content, writing voice, traffic strategies, and brand – has its own maturity graph, and as such the blog is a result of all these elements working together in perfect tandem. It’s like a big zigsaw puzzle and to fit the pieces together obviously takes time.

There’s no such thing as overnight success in blogging. There’s so much to learn, so many things to try out and many strategies to implement. Each blog is unique and so is its growth curve.

Starting early puts you in a position difficult to emulate by others who started later than you. Whatever niche you’re in, it’s not possible to know everything and to understand the expectations of your audience immediately.

#1: It takes time for search engines to become familiar with your blog. It’s not easy for new blogs to rank on popular keywords. Indexing happens slowly as compared to old blogs. This is the reason you see that most of the blog posts that rank on the first page of Google are more than one year old. In fact, most of them are 2-3 years old which goes to show that the domain age is also an important ranking factor.

#2: It takes time for people to trust you. The nature of the Internet being such, gaining people’s trust through the words in your blog posts are never easy. It takes months of regular publication of good posts that make people take notice of you and become your followers.

#3: Content writing skills take time to develop. We are not born writers. But to gain exposure and attract readers, you will have to create posts regularly. You need to hone the skills to be able to craft good content. It takes months of constant blogging to finally find a firm footing in your chosen niche.

#4: It takes time to find the voice in your writing. Blogging is a different ball game. So, even if you’re a good writer, it does not necessarily mean you’ll be a good blogger. Blogging is communicating with your readers directly. It’s more personal and hence, the tone is conversational. It takes months (and sometimes years) of blogging to find your own voice that connects with your readers. It requires a concerted effort to be successful in maintaining the consistency of your voice throughout your blog.

#5: It takes time to find out the strategies that work for you. Every blogger follows a combination of strategies to get traction for his blog. Your traffic strategies might not work for others in the same way they do for you. Also, the same set of strategies that work for a blog of yours might not work for another blog. It takes time in trying out the different permutations and combinations that work best for you.

#6: Building list takes time. Your subscribers’ list grows when you’re able to deliver value in your posts consistently. Naturally, building list takes time.

#7: It takes a lot of experimentation to arrive at a blog design that suits your brand. Whether it’s the theme, layout, logo, tagline, landing pages or the menu placement, for all of them to come together to suit your brand or business takes time. You will be constantly playing around with them and as your outlook towards your brand changes with time, the overall look of your brand will keep on evolving too.

Need for Starting Early

If you’re thinking to start a blog for whatever reasons – fun, hobby, monetary – you’ve got to start early.

There are good training platforms online that teach you the basics of blogging or affiliate marketing, and it’s always a good idea to enroll for one instead of attempting to find out everything for yourself.

There’s too much competition out there already and making sense of all the noise happening around might become overwhelming.

There’s a logical sequence of steps to follow so that assimilation of the information and knowledge becomes easy.

Personally, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it’s every bit worth the money if you’re a newbie.

They have a good online support 24×7 from its community members for every query that you may have.

The community has members from all across the globe and with different experience levels.

They’ve got even a Starter Membership where you do not have to pay a single penny. The free membership will provide you two websites (including hosting) and the first ten lessons from two separate courses – Online Entrepreneurship Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp.


“Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners – The Best Introduction to Internet Marketing”

“Why Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Bet for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing?”

If you’re having doubts about making your own mark in an already crowded space (no niche is competition-free, mind you), just know that sitting on the fence and only thinking will not make things work.

You have to jump in and act.

It’ll be a challenging journey and most people suffer from early burnouts and give up.

Do you think you have it in you to face the challenges?

You know, only the toughest survive. It takes a lot of hard work.

But when you start seeing results, it is the most beautiful feeling.

Success in blogging happens because of the people visiting your blog and when they trust in the information you provide.

It’s a high that cannot be compared to anything else.

The Internet is constantly craving for good information and if you have it in you to connect with people through your blogs, the world’s your oyster.

It’s never too late to start a good work.

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There’s an infinite number of niches (and sub-niches) that you can opt for. And each niche will have its potential audience.

When you can deliver new ways of tackling people’s problems, the audience will always be there.

Don’t just keep on thinking. If you’re thinking of starting a blog of your own, do it today.

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