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Importance of Blogging In Online Business

In building up our business website, one area that is largely ignored and is conveniently kept aside is adding blog posts regularly. To someone who’s new to online marketing, one is mostly under the impression that creating a beautiful website with a catchy title and adding high-quality content with low-competition keywords in the title and within the content do wonders for the SEO. Well, partly true. It is after all, quality-content that visitors are looking for in a website and with the use of right keywords, the website or the posts do get ranked high in search pages. But do you know that you need to keep on adding new posts, and as many as two-three times a week so that you get the optimum traffic volume for good business? Do you know that blogging and regular content publication are a necessary part of running a good online business?

Without a blog, the online presence is insignificant

One of the biggest reasons why most online businesses do not succeed is the failure to add new posts to the blog and the content remaining stagnant instead of getting bigger in volume. This may be attributed to either the business owner not having the proper skills to write blog posts or not having the time to create quality content. The one area of a website that we can scale up is the blog and it is there that we are going to get the people engaged. When a content in a post engages people, it is shared widely in the social media, where it sometimes gets viral. And one need not be reminded of the SEO benefits of a post getting a widespread presence in the social media. Regular post updates can make a lot of difference in terms of search visibility and better leads.

Adding new blog posts increases the search traffic

When we regularly add new posts to our blog within our business website, the content volume increases. The act is akin to having a wide net to catch fish. The bigger volume of blog posts means the content variety within the niche (target market) of the business is larger, which translate into getting more posts within your domain getting indexed in search engines. This means a wider net to catch the internet traffic by an increased organic search visibility. The more blog posts you have, the chances for your post (and hence the website) getting ranked for different keywords definitely get higher.

More posts, better presence in social media circles

In today’s internet world, the social media platform cannot be ignored and social media presence is vital to driving traffic to your website. However, without unique, good-quality content, an active social media presence is impossible. The blog post you share on the social media will get noticed only if the content is of high quality. And as the post gets shared within the social media circle, the traffic to your site increases, which will not be possible if the content is of low quality and the information provided in the post is ordinary.

Further, the blog posts provide fodder for email newsletters. If the newsletter could pool in the best of the blog posts of a period (say a month or bimonthly), the subscribers would read the posts there only if the quality is something that satisfies the visitor. This also results in an increased traffic volume.

Providing personal touch

A blog is such a wonderful tool to get in touch with people and showing the personal side of your business. It humanises your brand. Blogging within your niche provides a unique gateway to enter into people’s lives by providing content that is of interest to them where their interest and your sync in perfect harmony. A blog is also the “voice” of your business website and is an opportunity to share your personality in the wide internet space. Blog posts help in gaining the trust of the customers. And you know how important are the customers in our scheme of things. The blog lends a “friendly” image to your brand.

Blog posts bring brand loyalty

Adding blog posts regularly makes your business look more alive and energetic. With good-quality posts, the followers increase in number resulting in better brand loyalty. And better brand loyalty means more conversion rates. It is a fact that businesses that keep blogging as priority experience more conversion than those that do not blog at all. A beautiful looking without a thriving blog is largely ignored and remains unnoticed somewhere in the corner of the wide internet space.

Helps build up authority

When you blog regularly, you are able to gain the trust of your followers and in time, you build up an authority within the target audience. People start looking into your posts more intently for the information and industry-related insights you provide there. A blog helps establish and reinforce your brand within the niche as an expert. This results in an increased conversion rate for your business. When you don’t blog, your online presence goes unnoticed.

Generating inward links and centralising offers 

With more volume of content (more blog posts), you can create more inbound links to your website which is significant for the SEO. Instead of providing external links within the content, if one could link back to the content in the blog, then it does wonders for search engine rankings. This is, of course, possible when you have a wide variety of posts within the niche. When there is a variety of posts on your blog, you could even centralise the offers in your business. When our website gains authority, the blog posts there are cited as references or sources by other bloggers which create inbound links to your site. The inbound links generate more traffic to your website. So why should you not be blogging?!

More content, better rank for long-tail searches

A business website without a good number of posts loses out in search rankings, specially of the long-tail types. Not all searches are with specific keywords and, having more content ensures that the long-tail queries reach your website since you have a wider net to catch.

Blogging ensures effective communication

Regular blogging provides good fodder for two-way communication between you and your customers through discussions and comments. When such a bi-directional communication is provided, it gives an opportunity to getting feedback and criticisms that are vital to your business. It lends an “open” image too and is bound to create better trust with your customers.


With all the benefits of active blogging, any businessman would ignore it at his own peril. It pays to remember that a vibrant blog is the engine for your business website. The benefits are just too significant to ignore. The best thing about it is that it pumps you up for better competition with bigger names within your niche.

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