You Have Have to Be Old to Be Wise

In the Online Business, You Don’t Have to Be Old to Be Wise

Learning Lifeskills With Online BusinessThe online business teaches you many important life skills.

It’s a world unto itself.

When we say ‘online business’, we mean so many things. You could be a professional (or freelance) digital marketer, a blogger, a dropshipper, an e-commerce store owner, or somebody who’s into print-on-demand (POD) business.

Ask anybody who’s in the online business and he or she’ll tell you that it’s a vast world out there.

And each trade is again a world unto itself.

However, all online businesses function on a few core ideas and these are the same across different platforms.

Providing information that is valuable to the online content consumers is the start of everything.

This information should solve people’s long-standing issues, be it health, finance, business, education or anything for which people look up to the Internet to learn something.

But your job does not end by just putting our information out there. You will have to make sure that your information reaches the desired target audience.

You cannot be targeting anybody or everybody.

You will need to have an idea of your target audience who will be consuming your content – blogs, articles, videos, or ads for your products or services.

You will be targeting your audience through various strategies of which SEO is just one of them.

But I’m not here to talk about the strategies.

I’m here to talk about something else. Something that I learned from my blogging journey about experience and wisdom.

And about how wisdom has nothing to do with age when you’re in the online business.

Your Insecurities are Exposed When You Start an Online Business

Insecurities of an Internet MarketerBeing in an online business is all about taking action and bringing yourself out of your comfort zone.

It’s a world where everything is in a state of flux and where success is defined by how active you are in your chosen business.

It’s all hard work. There are no two ways about it.

On the face of it, the idea of online business is exciting.

People are mostly enamoured by the thought of making money from the comforts of one’s home and without having to be confined in an office cubicle for the most part of the day.

After all, who does not want to be one’s own boss?

The nature of the online business being such, it is also about the experience in our chosen field.

No matter how many blog posts you read, how many experts you follow, in how many training platforms you engage yourself in, it’s all about taking action every single day consistently and nurturing your business from the ground up.

The ones who start early are always at an advantage.

That is why age does not matter in the online business.

You may be just out of college, an executive in a corporate office or a retiree.

Your educational qualifications or worldly experience does not matter.

The online business is a whole new world.

Here, everybody is a learner and the business is forever a work in progress.

Much of our success depends on how we handle ourselves and in coping with the pressures that come with creating our own business.

There will be times when we are required to carry out things that are not comfortable for us.

Commenting on people’s posts, networking, self-promotion, creating your own videos by facing the camera, getting interviewed and expressing your opinions in the public space (in forums and groups), promoting your work and being open to criticism from unknown people are normal routine in an online entrepreneur’s life.

If you do not like being judged and people critiquing your work, you will face an uphill task in making yourself visible (and hence accessible) to your audience.

But all successful marketers have been doing these very things as part of their business.

For many people, it takes a lot of time to comfort zones.

That is why people who start early are always a step ahead of those who start later.

So, don’t be surprised when that 21-year-old affiliate marketer talks like a seasoned pro and when he espouses wisdom in what he says.

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Committing Mistakes is Actually Good for Business

Mistakes are Not Actually Bad for a BeginnerWhen you have stayed for long in the online business space, you’re bound to commit mistakes.

Mistakes could be anything – wrong niche, wrong website theme, wrong way of communicating with the audience, wrong targeting, wrong way of leveraging content, wrong promotion strategies, wrong SEO practices, wrong blog design, and much more.

And it is through these wrongs that we gain knowledge and insights about how things work in the background.

There are no hard and fast rules about doing things in the online space.

What may be right for you may not be so for others.

Hence, a strategy that works for you does not mean it will work equally well for others too.

From mistakes come the knowledge of doing things the right way.

Age is not a factor in how many mistakes you commit.

Hence, in an online business, you may be very young but also someone with a lot of experience.

And as I said, mistakes season you into a better marketer.

You certainly don’t need to be old for that.

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Social Media Strategies Need Time to Work Properly

Social Media Strategies Need Time for WorkWhether you like it or not, you will have to use social media channels for your business.

There are many social media platforms but you need not be on all of them. However, you will need to master at least one of them properly.

The social media of your choice could be anything – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and each of them is awesome in its own unique ways.

However, depending on the niche and the reach you’re trying to achieve, one channel may work better than the rest, and it is for you to find out which one works for you. This, obviously need time to figure out.

Also, each social media channel needs time to fully grow to its true potential and so, you will have to wait for at least a few months to see the growth pattern in terms of the traffic and the engagement it generates.

And if you’re trying out a few combinations of channels at a time, it will definitely take a long time.

There are various insights one could gain from a particular platform.

So, obviously, someone who has been on a social media channel for months and years will have more knowledge than others because of having tried different tactics with it.

The age of the marketer is no criteria to base one’s adeptness of social media marketing.

You don’t have to be old to have good wisdom.

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Wisdom Comes From Taking Actions

Wisdom Comes From Taking ActionsUnlike in the real world, wisdom in the online business sphere does not come with age.

Of course, age does factor in when we try to understand the basic human behaviour and attitudes.

But the idea of ‘age’ in online business is something else. It is the age of your online entrepreneur self. It is the number of years you have been in the online business during which you took different actions to build up your brand and authority in your chosen activity.

You cannot master everything in the online business. The field is so vast. There will always be areas where you are found wanting.

Learn internet businessBut when you work hard to understand the concepts and the fundamental ideas behind what makes a business tick and the buying behaviour of the Internet public, you will gain valuable insights that are unique for your business.

And when you understand these ideas, the pieces in the big jigsaw puzzle will fit.

It does not depend on your biological age.

Indeed, in the online business world, you don’t have to be old to be wise.

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