Is “Content is King” Still Relevant in Internet Marketing_

Is “Content is King” Still Relevant in Internet Marketing?

Blogging is actually very simple. Or at least its process is very simple.

You choose a domain name for your blog. You can choose a name that is easily relatable, easy to spell and pronounce and easy to remember.

You can either choose something that reflects your business or a short name that you personally like and something that has no relation to your business. Both works but people mostly tend to go for a domain name that is more generic and associated with the type of content which the owner plans to blog on.

Most people select the niche first and then decide on the domain name. They identify their own passion or niche for blogging because it is always easier to write on something in which they already have their interest. By the way, a niche is a distinct segment of a market. In other words, the audience.

Then comes the web hosting part. You pick a reputed web hosting company so that you can host your website for the people to see. Yes, until and unless your website is being hosted on some web server, it is not going to be visible on the Internet.

After that, you just blog on. You write good posts (articles) regularly which people love and develop a following (your audience).

There are some basic SEO practices that you have to adhere to and the rest happens mostly on its own.

Now, that, in a way is a short description of the whole process of blogging. I know it’s a highly simplified way to tell you about blogging but that’s it.

Content and the High Failure Rate in Blogging

High Failure Rate in BloggingThere are various reasons for the high failure rate in blogging. If you search Google on why people fail in blogging, you will find many web pages telling you the reasons for it. Wrong selection of niche, irregularity in publishing posts, Blackhat SEO techniques, bad content, etc. But of all the reasons, I feel it’s the bad content that’s the biggest let-down.

No blog can survive without good content. Content is surely the undisputed king.

When I say content is the biggest deciding factor for the success of a blog, I have my own reasons. It’s the most difficult skill to learn.

Some even go to the extent of saying that writing is something that you cannot learn. It’s like either you have it or you don’t.

But I think that’s stretching things a bit far. Blogging can be learned. It is writing basically but is different from our classical idea of writing. Anyway, this will require an altogether separate post.

The point is, much of the failure in blogging can be attributed to the blogger’s inability to create engaging posts that attract a lot of readers.

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Blog as Often as You Can

Blog as Frequently as You CanIn the beginning, you will not be able to create content as often as you would love to. If you’re already with a 9-5 job, it becomes all the more difficult. Blogging, then, happens more as a part-time activity. So, writing 2-3 blog posts a week will not be possible for many people. And if you’re someone with no previous knowledge of website creation, the early days will be mostly spent on learning WordPress, web hosting, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, keyword research, SEO and other technical aspects of blogging. Which means, your time will be divided into learning new things as well as creating new posts.

Of the many things that inspire someone to take up blogging, the passion for writing is a major one. In fact, you will notice that most successful bloggers are mostly good writers. Or at least, they are better than an average writer and are able to communicate better than most people. They are prolific, more imaginative and have an uncanny knack for creating blog posts that the readers simply love.

You cannot just wait there and be thinking of creating wonderful content all the time. You have to act. You will need to write.

Like with most skills, writing does improve with practice. When you consistently carry on doing a particular activity, you’re bound to improve.

There are people who say “keep writing” or “write more” is crappy advice because they believe a person’s writing does not simply improve by writing all the time. They say when your writing is already bad, you cannot improve by writing the same way you have been doing all these years.

I beg to differ. When you love writing, however amateurish your writing is, your skills as a writer improve by writing frequently.

But there’s a catch. If you’re writing solely because of your passion for writing without the thought of your work being consumed by an audience, maybe, perhaps the improvement will not be significant.

However, when you’re blogging, you already have your sights on a target audience. You’re particular about how they react to your writing, whether they lap it up or ignore it completely.

In blogging, it doesn’t matter if you have crafted a well-written content. What good is that post if that post if no one is reading it? It’s a waste. Every blogger understands this.

As a blogger, you don’t want your content to be a waste. So, you constantly try to bring improvements to your writing and all your efforts are focused on creating good content.

But improvements come only when you blog consistently.

It’s only when you have a good body of work, you are able to analyse how people react to the way you write.

If you don’t start writing, nothing will change. Success does not come by dreaming and wishful thinking.

Do You Love Reading?

Do You Love Reading Blogs?Blogging is nothing but writing for the Internet public.

The difference between an article and a blog post is that the former is more academic, objective, and indirect and has a detached tone while the latter is more personal, subjective, direct and has a conversational tone. Also, an article is topic-based writing while a blog post is the narration of the personal experience or opinion of the writer.

When you read an article, you are more drawn to the subject matter. But when you read a blog post, you are drawn to the personal narrative of the blogger and his experience about the topic you’re searching for.

If you ever aspire to be a blogger, you must understand that you will need to read a lot. Yes, you will need to follow many blogs to understand the nuances of what makes a successful blog different from the thousands of other mediocre blogs that nobody gives a crap about.

So, one of the basic qualities of a blogger is the passion for reading. It’s only when you read a lot, you will understand your own shortcomings and strengths, and how to promote yourself well.

Blogging requires that you have a thorough knowledge of the topic you’re writing about. This happens through your own research by reading many articles on the very topic that you intend to write.

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Create Good Content for Blog Traffic

Content is still the undisputed king in Internet marketing. There are no two ways about it.

It’s when you have good content, the traffic is going to come.

Internet marketing or blogging is basically about lead generation and getting more conversions. This happens only when you’re able to write good content on your blog.

That’s how you build up your tribe.

Learn to write great content because without it nothing’s ever going to change.

You have to know what to write, why you should write and for whom to write.

Writing is something that evolves on its own. But at the same time, you should have an open mind about learning new ways to connect with the readers in keeping with the trends happening around.

Learn internet businessMost writers are proud people and are usually not kind to suggestions or criticisms about their writing style.

But if you aspire to be a blogger, you should first accept that your writing may be far from perfect for a blog and that there will always be room for improvement.

It will do no good by resisting to changes.

You never stop learning.

Let’s stay committed to becoming a better writer.

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