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Is Make Money Online (MMO) Not A Good Niche for Beginners?

I wish I could make the question less blunt. First of all, there’s no such thing as a bad niche. Every niche or a sub-niche has its own potential audience, and if you follow your passion, you’ll discover ways to monetising your blog. It’s as simple as that. Or is it?

One of the most common problems faced by a beginner blogger is the selection of a niche that is going to be most suitable for him. While it has been said that there are no good or bad niches, a wrong selection of a niche can indeed happen for a beginner which could seriously hamper achieving one’s online business success. How could a niche be wrong for your blog? The reasons are varied.

Reasons for the wrong selection of a niche

Choosing the right niche for your blog is important. It is the foundation of your online success. A wrong selection of it could leave you totally frustrated after having invested into it an insane amount of time and energy (and money). The reasons for a wrong niche are:

  • The niche is too specific and hence is likely followed by a very small section of the audience.
  • You are not passionate enough about your niche.
  • You do not have enough knowledge about it and hence creating valuable posts for your readers will not happen anytime soon.
  • The niche is too competitive and hence making money in that niche will be difficult.

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Passion or profitability?

You could start a blog in a niche that you’re truly passionate about. But how big is your potential audience? Is there actually money to be made there? Before latching on to a niche that comes to your mind first and because you think it is something you really love, you should be asking yourself honestly if this is something that you want to be doing for many, many years. Remember, you are going to be putting in all your energy and time into your blog for a long time. Can you sustain the enthusiasm? Most importantly, will it bring in money?

You could also be starting a blog purely on the merit of its profitability. But if the passion is not there for learning new things, it’s hard to conceive doing it day in day out for a long time. Isn’t this a recipe for an early burnout?

Mainstream versus Make Money Online (MMO) niche

There are the ever-popular mainstream niches such as health, finance, lifestyle, fashion, travel, etc. with a huge audience and hence it is not surprising that many successful blogs are there in these niches. I say ‘mainstream’ because these niches appeal to a large audience and not just a specific section. The competition is less there. There are many people who are doing extremely well and making a killing in these niches.

The Make Money Online (MMO) niche remains hugely popular and is usually considered an evergreen one. It is also undoubtedly one of the most profitable as well. MMO is a blanket term to cover all sub-niches like affiliate marketing, social media, WordPress, web hosting, content marketing, SEO, blogging, etc. Being profitable, many people – experienced as well as newbies – jump on to the MMO bandwagon in hordes and you see new websites and blogs popping out in the MMO niche every day. With many unsolicited claims of making-millions-online stories, the niche is alluring for any newbie. Needless to say, it’s a highly competitive niche and bloggers are constantly vying for a place on the first page of search engine page results under various keywords. Yes, it’s a busy niche and the countless number of internet marketing forums are a testimony to its ever-increasing popularity.

So is MMO niche right for beginners?

Coming back to whether a beginner should enter the MMO niche or not, it is ultimately up to the individual to decide. Blogging is a serious business and much of your time and energy would be directed towards creating good content for your audience. Clichéd, it may sound but you are here for the long haul. You do not want yourself to be caught wondering, say one year down the line if indeed the MMO niche you had chosen was a mistake or not and if a less-competitive (and yet popular) mainstream niche that you are passionate about would have been better for you. It certainly pays to understand a few things before taking the plunge.

  • MMO niche is highly competitive and the audience is much pickier than in other niches.
  • Many online scams happen in this niche. These scams have made people cynical and untrusting and pushing any scheme, even if it is perfectly legit is not easy.
  • Being highly competitive, you have to be on your toes always to be visible. You have to be alert to all that’s happening in the online world and the traffic-driving tactics that are followed everywhere.
  • The frequent Google algorithm updates could easily jeopardise your SEO efforts.
  • Too many strategies required to be in the game.
  • It takes a lot of time to build up an authority and trust.
  • More competition means more pressure to create relevant content consistently.
  • People in the MMO niche tend to be more loud about their success and the “strategies” followed and coupled with the many scams happening, people are usually suspicious to take the bait. The average online customer has his guards up and is extremely wary and this is more amplified in the MMO niche.

Just because there are people making money online does not mean you have to enter the MMO niche with no experience at all. What’s the use of opting for a niche that you yourself are not sure about? Let’ be honest. Isn’t it awkward telling people how to make money online when you yourself don’t know how to do it? Don’t you think it makes sense to dig a little deeper to find your moorings in a niche that you are truly passionate about?

Advantages of the MMO niche

The MMO, for all its vastness, remains an evergreen niche and is the most profitable too. The MMO niche (and its sub-niches) gives you a definite advantage “right out of the gate” for conversions if you can build traffic and have the right sales funnel in place. For instance, an MMO niche site has a better chance of making a profit than a hobby site like fishing, bee-keeping, baseball, knitting, etc. when writing product reviews. This is because the potential customers are already there who are looking for a solution to their problems. On the other hand, hobby niches are difficult mostly because your income at first will be mostly limited to affiliate marketing. The MMO niche is broad and it is a constantly shifting landscape. But ironically, therein lies its true potential. What the MMO niche has over other niches is the flexibility it offers and the enormous amount of topics you can talk about. It challenges you at every step of the way and that makes it a very exciting prospect for anybody who’s willing to learn the game.

MMO or no MMO?

The reality is that most of us do have a specific interest that we really, really are passionate about. Generally, most of us have a passing interest in different activities. Can we scale up this passing interest to something we can blog about? With a little determination and effort, I think we can. But one could argue that we can cultivate our interest in the MMO niche if we are sincere with our efforts. The debate whether it should be a niche that one is truly passionate about or whether it should be a highly profitable niche (like MMO) for a beginner goes on. Both have their pros and cons. There are many who says if you have the passion and follow it, you will make money someday, even if it takes some time. But isn’t this akin to groping in the dark? You should pick a niche that you have a genuine interest, even if it is a recently acquired interest, and which is also profitable at the same time. It’s very easy to love the MMO niche, not because of its profit potential but because of the scope it offers in terms of the wholesome knowledge of the internet marketing world. At its core, every niche site is an MMO site, regardless of if being a hobby site or an information site. We are in it for the money, aren’t we? If you have the zeal for learning new things, if you have the patience to wait for your blog to gain authority, if you understand that most successful blogs took years to build up an audience, there’s no reason why beginners should think that an MMO niche is not right for them.

4 comments On Is Make Money Online (MMO) Not A Good Niche for Beginners?

  • You make a really good argument for both choosing MMO and not choosing MMO for beginners.

    Personally I started a hobby niche if you can call Dogs a hobby but once I started to learn more, I branched out to have a MMO site too.

    I think the learning curve I went through with the hobby site then helped me with the MMO site. My personal view is that MMO would be hard without some experience.


    • It  definitely is better to be equipped well through a hobby site before jumping on to the MMO niche. There’s nothing wrong to start with a MMO site directly but the learning curve is more steep there, and for beginner, it is more challenging. But if one can have some experience of the internet marketing business through a hobby site, graduating to a MMO site will be easier and the transition will be smooth. For a beginner with no experience, the MMO niche can be slightly overwhelming and with many things to learn, it can easily become a frustrating experience. The MMO and its sub-niches are some of the most competitive areas of internet marketing. Thanks for reading my post.

  • Even just choosing a niche is difficult when you’re first trying to start an online business!

    So annoying too when you have a site and realize after a year that it is going to be unprofitable because the niche has such a small following. I’m looking for something else?

    I believe the MMO niche may be too saturated. Not sure?
    And, you’re right, scams are left, right and center and there isn’t much trust for it. What do you recommend?

    Cheers, Rohan

    • Hi Rohan,

      Thanks for reading my post. The MMO niche is a very competitive and crowded niche. But I would like to believe that it has in it everything for anybody, including beginners who’s aspiring to earn a lifelong income online. It’s vast but that is also its advantage. It’s up to us find our own unique angles to find our moorings and to stand out from the crowd. A beginner can start with a MMO niche and it might take longer time for him to make the cut but for someone who’s already got some experience of internet marketing, it is a great niche. For a beginner, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate of which I’m a member myself. It is a one-step solution for all that a beginner needs – great training, vast resources, and an extremely helpful community. It takes one through a step-by-step process to have a grip on what it takes to be successful in an online business. Cheers!

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