Learning to Blog in a Niche That You Don’t Know Much About

Learning to Blog in a Niche That You Don’t Know Much About

Blogging in a Niche With no Previous KnowledgeThere are two types of bloggers – one who’s not only passionate about the niche that he’s blogging in but is also an expert and, the other who does not know much about the niche but is willing and excited to learn about it.

In the case of the former, even if the blogger is a newbie, he’s already armed with good knowledge about the niche that he has chosen. He may not be an expert in the true sense of the word but the passion is there and he loves talking about it.

So, for him, looking for topics for his blog posts is relatively easy. There’s already a wealth of ideas in his head and all he’ll be doing is articulate them nicely for his readers. As such, content creation is not a chore.

Now, let’s look at the other blogger. He does not know much about the niche that he has chosen for his blog but he’s all excited to learn more about it. He’s committed to learning new things every day so that he can talk about his new found interest with confidence.

Do you think it will be difficult for him to start writing immediately because he needs to first know about the topic? After all, he’s not expected to blog about his random thoughts about the niche but rather give valuable inputs for his readers to lap them up.

Previous Interest and Recent Interest

Previous Interest and Recent Interest in BloggingHaving a previous interest for a niche is an advantage because you’re going to love talking about it endlessly. You already know many things that ordinary people will have no idea about. You can provide valuable insights from your own experience and your readers can benefit from them.

But you know what? Having prior knowledge is no guarantee that you’ll be a smashing success in your niche.

I have seen people failing miserably in niches that they’re truly passionate about.

I have an audiophile friend who started a blog on music systems. This guy really knows his stuff and I enjoy him talking about home stereo systems, speakers, amplifiers and other audio devices. He can very technical too if the situation demands. He’s in his element when he’s talking about vinyl records and how they’re making a comeback and all that.

So, when he started his music blog, I thought he’ll take to it like a duck to water. If he could translate his passion into his blogs, I did not see any reason why he won’t be a success.

Be he failed. And quite miserably at that.

Let me not dwell too much into why he failed.

What I wanted to say was you do not need to have a previous interest in a particular niche for you to be successful if you’re willing to learn about it.

Yes, you can blog in a niche where you may not have much knowledge about.

But the thing is you should be having a keen interest to learn.

The Advantages of Having a Previous Interest for a Niche

Advantage of Having a Prior Knowledge of a NicheThere are obvious benefits to choosing a niche in which you already have an interest in.

#1: More Thorough Knowledge. It’s easier to blog in a niche that you’re familiar about. When you have a strong interest in a particular subject, you’re usually more knowledgeable about it than the rest. This becomes evident when you talk or write about it. You’re able to connect with various related topics as well and can even in throw in a bit of history about the niche as well. You can easily enthral an audience when you do that.

#2: Application in Life Situations. Now, this is important from the blogging perspective. People love it more when you can elaborate on the various life situations that may be applied in your niche. But you were able to do that because you knew the ins and outs of the niche.

#3: Starting a Conversation. Having a passion in a niche makes it easy for you to start a conversation and to connect with like-minded people, both offline and online. You are never short of ideas and the best thing is you sound authentic. You’re able to draw other people to you who share the same passion. Having experience and intimate knowledge about a niche allows you to add your own unique point of views because you know it so well.

#4: Inspire Other People. When you have a previous interest in a niche, content creation becomes easier. The passion with which you write about various topics in your niche could inspire other people who share your interest.

#5: Have a Clear Focus. When you already have the interest in your chosen niche, you’re likely to have a stronger desire to explore other areas within it. Since your focus is clear, you may well become an expert too as time goes by and as you gain more knowledge in it.

#6: Stay Motivated. When one is blogging in a niche that he’s already familiar with, he is likely to be able to stay motivated when success does not happen as quickly as expected.

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Blogging in a Niche With No Previous Interest

Blogging in a Niche Where You are Not an ExpertUnlike what many people tell you about the importance of having passion in a particular niche for blogging, I would say that it’s also possible to start a blog in a niche in which you have no knowledge about.

You could develop a passion for something that never interested you earlier.

Say, suppose you know nothing about Internet marketing.

But if this is something that you’re willing to learn and to get to the bottom of it, it can well become the niche for your blog.

Why only Internet marketing? It can be in any niche.

If you develop a strong interest in a subject that you have never been familiar with and you are more than ready to do your own research to learn more about it, then I see no reason why you cannot be blogging about it.

But there are definite ways to go about it. It’s certainly doable even though it’ll be a steeper climb than writing about something you know well and are already passionate about.

Just listen to Problogger’s podcast “Starting a Blog on a Topic Where You’re Not an Expert”. It gives valuable insights into how you should approach your blog writing in a niche that you’re not too familiar with.

Writing on topics that you have only recently started developing an interest in has its own unique advantages.

Generally, when it’s a strong interest then you may genuinely want to know more about it. You’re more willing to go to any lengths to do your research.

Many niches change over time and if what you have opted for is something that is rapidly changing, then, having a recent interest in it could be advantageous because you do not need to grapple with concepts that have become obsolete. You only learn what’s trending and only the most relevant things about it. You have an outlook that is completely different from someone who’s been having his interest (in the same niche as yours) from a long time.

Having no prior knowledge but learning as you go may give you the opportunity to find a new angle or approach the topic differently than everyone has already done before.

Dos and Don’ts of Blogging in a Niche With No Prior Knowledge

Dos and DontsWe are all learning. Every day.

Whether you already have knowledge about a subject or you recently started having an interest in it, the learning goes on. And depending on which side of the fence you’re in, you may be in familiar or unfamiliar terrain.

If you’re willing and committed to learning everything you need to know to build authority and trust with your readers, then nothing should stop you.

There’s no need to pretend to know more than you actually do because it shows in your writing.


  • Be open-minded about learning new things.
  • Maintain transparency in your writing.
  • Be very clear about who your target audience is.
  • Be honest about your experience and how you developed your interest recently.
  • Always engage with your readers when they comment on your blog.


  • Don’t let the criticisms stop you in your tracks.
  • Do not be afraid to seek advice from experienced people.
  • Don’t give advice about things that you’re not qualified for.
  • Don’t hide your inexperience and write anything that implies that you’re trying to do so.

Learn internet businessThere are many of you who’re blogging along as the learning goes.

So, if you’re not an expert in the niche that you have chosen for your blog, how do you approach your content strategy?

Do provide your insights and experience in the comments section below.

I sure would love to learn a thing or two from you.

Happy blogging!

20 comments On Learning to Blog in a Niche That You Don’t Know Much About

  • Thanks so much for this post of yours. To be truthful, I also have this challenge in which I chose a niche on my website to write blogs on that I do not even know much about. I chose the weight loss niche, and ever since then I have been having difficulties in finding quality contents. I have been able to learn and get some motivation and inspiration from this your post as it has solved my problem to a large extent.

  • This is a great topic and an interesting one in fact. I really had an hard time starting my blogging because the niche I choose wasn’t in my area of profession and have to struggle too because then I was new to blogging. This is really an eye opener to newbies and the information contained in this article will go a long way in preventing them from making mistakes other did. 

  • I definitely agree that you can be a successful blogger in a niche that you don’t know much about. When I first started blogging I was in the “make money online” niche which means I haven’t made any money online yet and was teaching people how to make money online blogging. But I was passionate about it and did a lot of research in every single post I wrote. And I didn’t have to lie or anything, I learned to stretch the truth really really wide. For example at one point I was earning maybe $2 a month. I would still say to my readers that I was “earning a consistently monthly online income from blogging.” The point is there are still ways to not know much but still come across as an authority figure in your niche.

    • Thanks for visiting my site. You can definitely start a blog in a niche that you’re not too familiar about. It’ll be a steeper climb but if you’re honest and have the desire to learn more about it, it’s definitely doable.

  • Everything you write in this article really impressed me and give me the motivation to do more on a niche I have been working on for some time now. Loved your take on the matter. I now know what I’ll do. I have been having something in my mind but couldn’t bring it to fruition. Thanks for making me see things differently.

  • This is a really cool post for a newbie like me who has been struggling to find the niche to write about on his blog. Talking about previous niches and its advantage, it is really cool to hear because it seems I am lost in this direction. Thanks for an insightful post. 

  • I love the way in which you tackle this subject and all of the points you tackle are very relevant. The only slight issue I have is that you constantly refer to your mysterious blogger as he. The more precious out there may find this as slightly sexist. As for the core of the post well I think that the need to communicate is the most important driver for a successful blog, rather than the expertise in any particular area.

    I had a subject about which I was very passionate, but my attempts to blog failed very quickly, because at the time the last thing that I needed was to open up about it.

    I may revisit the subject again sometime in the future.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Thanks for reading my post, Ade. I would like to believe that you liked it 🙂 And about the feedback on my use of “he”, I’ll be more careful next time. Thanks for pointing it out, although it was never my intention to sound sexist.


      Sukumar Thingom

  • I actually believe that people starting out in a niche they know barely anything about might be more successful and thus better off. This is because I reckon many people who consider themselves experts in a given one (one they’re extremely familiar with), may fail to be curious enough at times.

    What I mean is they might accept things to be true and blog about them when at the end they might not actually know. They might think they know because of some random thing but they might not have taken the time to really research and get to the bottom of it.

    I hope you get what I meant. 🙂 But I absolutely agree, it’s definitely a steeper climb. And in that regard, the Do’s and Don’ts fit in perfectly. Plus, on the idea of absolute transparency, I agree so strongly on, you’ve no idea.

    Above all, I loved the insights, love the blog!

    All the best, Sukumar!


    • I totally get what you’re saying. There are advantages of starting a blog in a niche that one hardly knows about. The hunger to learn could be more intense, and as I said, the beginner might actually see things from a different perspective and come up with angles that others with more experienced have missed before. Thanks for visiting my site and for the motivating words, Matiss.

  • I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to me. You did an excellent job of providing education and resources. The article was well written and easy to understand.

    I have been looking for tips on how to start blogging and this is what this blog article has given me. Thanks for this eye opener!

  • Hey, Sukumar, I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you note!

    I have been debating the idea of starting a blog about a subject of my interest that, however, I feel I know very little about. In truth, Sukumar, your article was exactly what I needed. It in a way helped me to believe that I can do this and that it is definitely possible considering the Dos and Donts. 

    I am truly grateful for all the insights, my friend! Again, thank you!

    Have a Wonderful Day!

    • As I said in my post, we are all learning every day. So, if you’re willing, and committed to learning more about the subject of your blog, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be blogging on it. Your having an interest already in it is an added bonus, and you’re likely to stay motivated even if you do not get the expected results within the expected time. Thanks for visiting my site, Rasa. Best wishes!

  • Rogier Giersthove

    Hey Sukumar,

    Nice post! I wished I read this post a year before I started blogging. I put off blogging for a long time because back then I thought I’d need to have prior knowledge about the subject before I could actually start. Still a little curious about why your friend failed at blogging but that’ll probably be a story for another post.

    Great blog!

    Rogier | Real Digital Success

    • Thanks for reading my post, Rogier. I’m glad that you liked it. I’ll write probably write a post on why people with prior knowledge of a niche sometimes fail. And perhaps I may add my friend’s story as an example, and to prove my point 🙂


      Sukumar Thingom

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