Pros and Cons of Following Many Courses on Digital Marketing

Pros and Cons of Following Many Courses on Digital Marketing

If you’re a newbie who’s getting all geared up to get your hands dirty with online business, the most challenging part is choosing the right training courses that are best suited for you.

You could be an aspiring blogger, an affiliate marketer, a freelancer, a dropshipper or a digital marketer. The plethora of training platforms and courses available online is simply mind-boggling.

Now, differentiating the legit from the scams based on all the enticing ads and reviews is never easy for a beginner.

So, what you will be doing is search the Internet using specific keywords (based on what you intend to venture in) to try to come up with the most extensive reviews available on the courses. Then, the next step would be to make comparisons with similarly designed and priced courses to make your own assumptions on what would be the right fit for you.

There’s nothing wrong in the method employed. That’s what most people do.

But how are you ever going to be sure that the course on which you’re going to invest your money is what you had been looking for? And, as a newbie, how will you know what lessons you require?

Different Courses for Different Needs

There are courses that come with a limited-time trial offer where you’re provided a kind of walk-through to all the features and course content. You may sometimes be offered lifetime access to a mini-course to give you a hands-on feel of the real paid course.

This is to familiarise you with what lies ahead and encourage you to sign up for the full course to gain access to all the lessons and training.

There are also instances where you are provided the complete course on a money-back offer.

Whatever the case may be, it’s never easy to arrive at a buying decision to enroll for a course.

You’re lucky if you have friends who have already enrolled for the courses that you intend to follow because in that case, you could ask whatever you needed to know before making the payment.

Now, let’s say you have enrolled for a complete digital marketing masterclass expecting you will find everything you needed looking at its many positive reviews.

But trust me, you will never be satisfied with a course.

That’s even if the course is complete and exhaustive in itself.

You will always be tempted to enroll for other courses more as a supplement to the lessons contained in the masterclass course you have enrolled yourself into.

Ask any experienced marketer, if he’s not a self-made one, chances are that he has already bought many courses to learn the various crafts needed to launch a successful online gig.

Creating a WordPress blog, content creation, social media marketing, writing ad copies, video marketing, affiliate marketing, creating podcasts and webinars, email marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), designing banners are some of the basic skills of an Internet marketer.

There are courses that have all these areas covered. But you will realise that these areas have many sub-skills under them and no course worth the name is expected to cover everything in detail.

So, what is wrong if you decide to buy many online courses to learn everything about online business?

Well, there are advantages to it. But there are disadvantages too.

Let’s see all the pros of cons.

The Pros of Following Many Online Courses on Internet Marketing

There are many advantages to going through multiple courses. No course provides complete training and has to be supplemented by other smaller ones in specific areas to have a thorough grounding in them.

#1: Provides All-Round Knowledge

However reputed a course may be, it is not really possible to pack in all areas of Internet marketing in it. The best ones out there are more like a walk-through to all the areas to familiarise you with the various concepts which may be unknown to a beginner like you. Of course, this is needed to give you an idea about the various skill-sets required and how you could scale them up.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s one of the best courses for beginners looking for a solid foundation on affiliate marketing and other ways of making money online.

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But each individual lesson again can go really deep if you decide to dig further.

That is why your main course needs to be supported by smaller courses to gain thorough knowledge in those specific areas where you want to leverage for greater authority.

#2: You Can Access Them Anytime When You’re Free

As an Internet entrepreneur, you will be creating content consistently. You will be writing blogs or creating videos endlessly.

But, there will be times when you get hit by the writer’s block or when circumstances compel you to stop creating content.

Now, in such a circumstance, you can utilise the ‘free time’ to revisit your courses to enhance your knowledge in a specific area.

Let’s suppose you need better insights in Pinterest marketing for traffic and the lessons in the main course bought by you doesn’t provide you enough info on what you had been seeking for.

In that case, you could always check in to a separate Pinterest marketing course bought by you.

Similarly, for other specific areas like Facebook marketing, content marketing, email marketing, creating good marketing funnels, LinkedIn marketing, etc.

You will realise that each of these areas is vast in themselves.

Having many courses gives you the luxury of having instant-access to lessons to improve on specific areas of your online efforts.

#3: Gaining Insights for New Content Ideas

Gaining New Insights for Content IdeasWhen you have many courses, you are never short of content ideas. This does not imply rehashing the already created content in the courses but when you have enough material with you, connecting the dots becomes easy. You get a more complete idea of the vast landscape of Internet marketing.

Having access to multiple training platforms also provide you insights on how to provide valuable content to the people.

You get a sense of why people (including yourself) sign up for these courses.

You also have the opportunity to find out weak areas in those courses so that you can try to create better content than what had been provided in the courses.

#4: Gaining New Business Ideas

There are a lot of reasons why people buy those popular online courses. Can you see how the creators of those courses promote them in the market? Other than the actual content of these courses, the creators have unique ways of pushing their product in the market. There’s a lot to be learned from these promotional strategies.

Also, there are things to be learned as regards the business of these established courses.

You will surely get insights on how you could position yourself better.

The Cons of Enrolling Yourself on Multiple Training Platforms

Despite the obvious advantages of having access to multiple training courses, there are disadvantages as well. The disadvantages are more pronounced for a beginner.

#1: Too Many Courses Create Confusion

Confusions of a Beginner Internet MarketerWhen you have access to different resources from different course creators on the same topic of Internet marketing, you’re bound to be confused. Being a beginner, it could even make you feel overwhelmed.

Internet marketing is a constantly changing landscape and depending on when the course was created, information contained in it could easily be outdated and irrelevant in the present circumstances.

Further, different marketers have different takes on the same thing.

And so, if two courses say entirely different ways to achieve the same end, naturally you will be confused.

#2: Information Overload

Information OverloadIt’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to absorb, especially if you’re a beginner. Now, when you’re bombarded with lots of information on the same topic from different courses, you kinda get tired by the whole thing.

Plus, there could be many things in those courses that are irrelevant for your business which you wouldn’t know since you’re a newbie.

With your own efforts focused on learning new things every day, this information overload could have its toll on you leaving you utterly disheartened and clueless.

Also, it’s not easy for a beginner to pick the right lesson from the many choices available with you.

#3: Too Many Courses are a Distraction

Too Many Courses are a DistractionInstead of focussing your efforts on learning the most relevant things, you may be spreading yourself out too thin for your good in following many courses.

So, when things could have easily worked in your favour with the choices available with you, you may be actually wasting your time in hopping from one platform to another.

Things become worse when you start buying courses unnecessarily. This happens with many beginners.

With creators of online courses bombarding you with ads in the news feeds of your social media channels like Facebook with attractive offers, you may be tempted to get hold of all courses that you think are good-value-for-money.

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#4: Buying Many Courses is Wasteful

Most Internet marketing courses are similar in their content. What varies is the way the lessons are delivered and the kind of support provided to the beginners.

So, if instead of focusing your efforts in pursuing a course and mastering everything in it, if you start buying many courses, it becomes a wasteful exercise.

Moreover, it will never be possible to go through all the lessons in all the courses you have bought. You will never have the time for it.

Also, you need to understand that in the Internet marketing space, information and strategies become obsolete very fast.

Focus Your Efforts on a Few Courses Only

Focus Your Efforts on a Few Online Courses OnlyIt is very common for a beginner to get distracted by the many online courses available.

It is also very common they start buying different courses in the hope of learning everything about Internet marketing and how to make money online.

Most platforms offer more or less the same lessons differing in only the way the content is delivered.

With your relative inexperience, it will never be easy to identify a course that would suit you best.

But if you decide on a course based on the reviews, cost and the way the lessons are paced, you would better stick to it to understand the basics.

After all, most courses are only going to cover the basics, nothing more.

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Only when you have a grip on the concepts and strategies, you could enhance your knowledge further by enrolling yourself for more intensive courses on key specific areas that you need.

Buying many courses have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re just starting out, it makes sense to focus your efforts on the minimum number of courses in the beginning.

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