Reasons to Be Positive About the Growth of Blogging in India

Reasons to Be Positive About the Growth of Blogging in India

India is a late entrant to the blogging world and despite a huge population of English-speaking and English-writing Internet users, there are just a handful of successful Indian bloggers. There is an even fewer number of blogs in Hindi and other vernacular languages.

So, why is it that blogging as an activity has bypassed the majority of the Indians so far?

If you look at the West and other developed countries, you will realise that blogging is a pretty common phenomenon there.

And unlike in India, where blogging is taken up more as a part-time activity or as a hobby, it is very much a mainstream activity in the West. In fact, it’s a highly-popular income-generating activity and is already a billion-dollar industry. There are many people who are making millions of dollars from their blogs as a full-time activity.

Now, juxtapose this against the Indian backdrop and you will realise that even today, the Indian blogging landscape is pretty vacant. Except for a few successful blogs, India’s blogosphere is dull and populated by many mediocre hobby blogs.

Interestingly, in direct contrast to what happened in the Western world many years ago when blogging was a new idea, vlogs and YouTube videos are more popular in India and one can observe that the preference for videos than textual blogs is undoubtedly stronger.

Before we go any deeper, let us understand first the concept of blogging in the Indian context and why they have remained unpopular so far.

#1: Work-From-Home is Difficult to Accept Culturally

The Indian society is by and large orthodox even today as far as choosing a career is concerned. The mindset is expected to remain unchanged for some time.

The Indian parents still want their children to settle down with a more conventional job (working in a 9-5 office setting) and to them the idea of working from home through a laptop is unacceptable. The concept is alien to them and even if they acknowledge its popularity in the developed world, they will not want you to venture into it as a serious activity for earning regular income.

The fact is this mindset exists not only among the parents but among even today’s youngsters. Call it the lack of awareness or lacking in the adventurous spirit like their Western counterparts, many Indians are still clueless about the highly exciting Internet marketing space.

One important reason for the perpetuation of this narrow mindset is because the majority of the Indian population lives in rural areas where Internet penetration is still yet to happen.

#2: Work-From-Home is Perceived to be Risky

Working from home is acceptable in India only as a side-hustle to make a few extra bucks in one’s spare time.

It is considered to be a non-mainstream activity for earning income. This is because people consider it to be risky and do not like the idea that it takes a long time for a blog to mature.

The seemingly uncertain nature of the business model makes it unattractive to the Indians.

Even though blogging is a recent phenomenon in India, youngsters are aware that it is a mature industry in developed countries. However, they are discouraged by the prospect of having to limit their business mainly for the Indian audience. They are mostly under the notion that they have to cater to the world audience in order to survive.

#3: Lack of Awareness About the Potential of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular ways of making money online. This is where you drive potential online buyers to sellers like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. through your blog and earn a commission from any sale made there.

Suppose a person is looking to buy a vacuum cleaner for which he starts scouting the Internet for products that meet his requirements (and budget). If in his search for “vacuum cleaners under INR 2000 in India” in Google, he lands on your web page (which is ranked on the first page of the search results) where you’re giving a thorough review of a product, the user might be interested to buy it. So, what he does is click on an affiliate link on your review page which directs him to Amazon India where he makes a purchase. When he makes the online payment, you are assured of a commission from Amazon. That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

The idea of affiliate marketing is very recent in India. So, despite a rapidly-growing online buyers’ population and sellers, the lack of awareness of affiliate marketing and its potential has been a factor behind the sluggish growth of blogging activity in India.

India’s E-Commerce Potential

Monthy Internet users in IndiaBy the end of June 2018, India has close to 500 million Internet users and is acknowledged as the fastest growing online population. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13 per cent, the online population in India is expected to reach 720 million users by 2021. The CAGR of Internet users, it may be mentioned, is four times the global rate.

There’s a lot of excitement in the e-commerce sector too. Despite it still being a small fraction of the Western world, the Indian e-commerce industry is pegged at $53 billion. The industry has seen steady growth since 2014, and the present growth rate of 25 per cent, it is poised to reach the $100 billion mark by 2025.

With the recent slashing of Internet data tariffs across all Internet service providers (brought about by Reliance Jio’s entry), the Internet-users’ population has been constantly growing in India. It is said that India adds about 10 million daily Internet users every month, which is the highest addition to the Internet community anywhere in the world. India is also the second largest population of Facebook users among all countries in the world.

So, you can see that purely from the online business potential, India is an exciting ground. The potential for bloggers is huge as far as making money online is concerned.

India’s Blogging Activity is Beginning to Pick Up

There is a noticeable buzz building up around the digital marketing industry in India over the last 2-3 years. One could see that it is slowly but surely picking up in popularity.

There is a surge in the demand for digital marketing and SEO experts in India.

There is a spurt in the ads shown on Facebook and other social media channels about blogging and digital marketing.

Many institutes (both online and offline) are offering courses on digital marketing and blogging where learners are taught the basic concepts – the online industry, selecting niches for blogs, building websites on WordPress, hosting, keyword research, affiliate marketing, how to leverage the social media for business, SEO, content writing, creating videos, etc.

There are established blogs like ShoutMeLoud and DigitalDeepak that are helping newbies and aspiring bloggers on how to create blogs and about the various monetising methods.

As far as I can see, the Indian blogging space is going to an exciting area in the coming years.

It’s all about how you can exploit this nascent industry to your advantage by starting early.

Blogging is Best Learnt Through an Online Course

If you had been reading this far, chances are that you’re an Indian and that you’re looking at ways to start a profitable blog. But you could also be one from the Western countries and trying to understand the Indian market for your own interests. You ought to understand that it’s a huge Internet audience out here and the numbers are only increasing.

However, if you want to cater to the Indian audience, you need to understand the culture and habits of the people out here so that you are able to narrow down on a perfect niche for your blog.

Niches like movies, the game of cricket, music, technology, home remedies, etc. are popular. But a niche like “make money online” could also find many takers.

If you’re an Indian and hope to build up an audience outside of India, niches like yoga, spirituality, Indian medicinal plants, travel (Indian destinations) will surely have engaging audiences worldwide.

It’s a highly noisy world out there and the din could easily overwhelm you.

That’s why I would recommend you to take up a good digital marketing course to help you make sense of everything.

It’s a long way to the top and there are definitely proven methods and ways to do it.

There are self-made bloggers but if you are to start from scratch today, let me tell you that it’s not going to be easy learning it all alone.

The blogging world today is very different from what it used to be, say, ten years ago.

The Internet landscape is a rapidly-changing landscape and with it, the people’s online buying behaviour is also changing.

With the advent of voice-activated search, even the way people make searches online is not the same as it used to be.

There are courses available but if I were to recommend one that is tailor-made for newbies, it is Wealthy Affiliate. There’s no guarantee that it will make you a successful blogger but when you enrol for its membership, you can sure of getting a firm foundation for an exciting blogging career. Once the bases are covered with the intelligently-designed courses there, you will be properly equipped for an exciting learning journey.

But why should you believe me? With so many scams happening all around, I can totally understand why you may be hesitant.

Before you do anything, do read a few a few things about Wealthy Affiliate to see if this is something for you. Read a few posts here on this blog itself:

“Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners – The Best Introduction to Internet Marketing”

“Why Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Bet for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing”

“Wealthy Affiliate Review – Truths and Half-Truths”

It’s not easy if you’re a beginner to decide on a course that will serve you best.

I can tell you this because I have been in your position a few years back.

When I chose Wealthy Affiliate over others, I didn’t know that it will be a life-changing moment.

I have never looked back ever since.

By the way, if you’re from India, the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership is not available, which is a bit of a bummer. But it’s a free trial and the main features (it has a host of features, mind you) are available to you only if you’re a Premium Member.

People from India can join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member only. You have two payment options – monthly ($49/month) and annually ($359).

Compared to other similar courses out there, it’s cheap. Sign up for its Premium Membership to have access to its full features.

See you inside 🙂

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  • Hi there, u are about to bring a long term financial freedom to your county, India. Let me say the way your people are looking at blogging and making money online will be so different the moment they take their time to read and know the benefits of joining wealthy affiliate and becoming financially independent from the comfort of their home. 

    • Hi there! Thanks for reading my post. I have good reasons to believe that the blogging scene in India is going to change in the coming few years. And it’s a wonderful feeling to imagine that I’ll be among the first few hundred bloggers from a billion plus population like India 🙂 I would like the people here to have a taste of a wonderful platform like India. The Premium membership fees, especially the annual, is still a bit hefty for people in India. At present, $359 costs nearly Rs. 25,000/- in India, and it’s not a small amount by any means.

  • Nice article you post there on Reasons to Be Positive About the Growth of Blogging in India. I must commend you for the findings and research you put together on issues of blogging in India. 

    You have really made mention of many of the issues in this post. Which are culture, lack of awareness and the others. But in the coming months or years, I have a feeling that there will be an improvement to this. Also, I like your recommendation on wealthy affiliate, have introduced 3 of my India friends to join and I hope they do so very soon

    • Like I said in my article, I’m positive about the growth of blogging in India. We’ll be seeing a lot many bloggers in the coming years. It’s a recent phenomenon but the potential is huge. I’m glad that I’ll be among the early birds 🙂

  • Excellent writeup about the growth of blogging in India. As accurate and precise as it is, I can’t but help to realise this also applies to my country where blogging is also generally looked on as side hustle and government jobs as lucrative. Affiliate marketing are not so elaborated on as people’s perception on others who spend a lot of time on computers, most especially the youths, as fraudsters. This article really sparked a lot of similarities between my country and India. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Despite the recent buzz about digital marketing in India, there are still many misconceptions about blogging and affiliate marketing. Apart from a few successful bloggers, there are not many Indians in the blogging space. This goes to show that we need more successful bloggers as role models for people here and to prove that it can truly be a great way to make a steady income. Thanks for reading my post.

  • Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon in India, it is the across the developing nations of the world. They seem to be one step behind with regard to blogging and indeed some other areas. I  think that blogs like yours can really help with education and bringing to the attention of people, the benefits lined up in Blogging. And Wealthy Affiliate thankfully has made it a bit easier to  become a blogger with little or no experience. This definitely puts them ahead of where they would have started from like 10years ago.   

    • Hi there! Thanks for reading my post. I have reasons to believe that blogging will be a big thing in the coming few years here in India. There are already encouraging signs about this. I’m glad that I’ll be among those who started early here 🙂 I would definitely like to show the people here how a platform like Wealthy Affiliate could benefit them a lot. It’s sad that the free Starter Membership is not open for the people here.

  • Sukumar

    I did not know that India was behind in the blogging world. Then again I live on the west coast so, I learn about most things a little late. This Wealthy Affiliate sounds to good to be true. How long have you been with this group and if you don’t mind me asking how long did it take to make a profit? To much to soon and I know it is to good to be true. I am interested very.

    • Thanks for visiting my site, Kari. What I said about India will definitely change in the coming few years. There’s a lot of buzz about digital marketing recently. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since September 2017 and it has made me what I am today. I came as a complete newbie, you know. The fact that I have started making money (not much though) despite my working part-time on my blog says a lot about how effective WA has been for me. I’m no more the wide-eyed newbie I was one-and-a-half years back 🙂

  • Indians are known to be ICT gurus and not mostly bloggers. I for one have hardly meet a blogger who is an Indian, but speaking of technicians, software engineers, developers as a whole, I have met lots. This is really an eye opener to the Indian community as affiliate marketing is going to be a potential source of wealth to those of them who would device a way of making it a full time job. 

    • Hi Stella! There are some good blogs related to IT by Indians and they’re pretty good. But in general, India is lagging behind others. However, the developments in recent years are encouraging and I think blogging will happen in a big way here. I’m happy that I’ll be among the early birds here. Cheers!

  • Even though your article is targeted toward Indians, I am impressed with it as I learnt more and the need to go for blogging. I believe when the few people who are engaged in blogging start making it then it will encourage others. Blogging wasn’t an area of interest for many Nigerians as well in the past but today we many bloggers and more people are still coming in. What people need is to get the right site to get the course and training on how to be successful on it. Wealth Affiliate will ensure that. 

    • Thanks for reading my article. There are enough signs that blogging is going to be big in India in the coming few years. And I’ll be happy to contribute my mite in its growth. I want my fellow people to know its opportunities and how one could really make a mark in the online world. One just needs a firm foundation in the basics to build upon it a good business.

  • Very inspiring post. You’ve vividly shown the current blogging scene in India and the ultimate prospect that ties in with a blogger.

    This piece can also alarm the paradoxical attitude of the Indian parents about working online and the good foundation WA offers for any aspiring entrepreneurs.
    Well done. Keep the energy moving.


    • Thanks for dropping by, Phomrong! I have good reasons to be positive about the growth of blogging in India. There are an unmistakable buzz and excitement about it. And looking at the huge Indian market, the industry can only move forward. India’s late but better late than never!

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