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The Advantages Of Using Long Tail Keywords

In the extremely competitive world of SERPs, businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to get ranked high that would translate into more hits and hence, more conversions. Keywords still remain the cornerstone of most SEO strategies, and since there is tough competition for large “head” words, trying to get ranked with top keywords is becoming increasingly difficult. So, keeping the focus on generic keywords could be actually harming your business as it could potentially negate all your other SEO strategies. Instead, businesses are slowly turning their attention to “long tail keywords” that have a lower amount of search traffic volume than general generic searches but have very low competition and hence much easier for the page to get ranked. This makes sense when the niche is in a highly crowded field with several big players. Getting ranked with the big keywords would take years or might be just impossible.

What actually are long tail keywords anyway?The search demand curve

Long tail keywords are those three or more keyword phrases that are very specific to a business. These terms get only a small amount of search traffic but have very low competition for the terms. Long tail keywords are longer phrases that are relatively nearer to what a customer is looking to buy. A keyword such as “music systems” might have thousands of searches per day but “best music systems for living rooms” might only have a few hundred searches daily. This is the reason keywords research prior to publishing a page is extremely important for any online business. The trend nowadays is towards long tail keywords that answers the most specific of search queries. It has been observed that some long tail keywords actually do better than the big keywords on SERPs. We do not want to be buried under a heap of multiple pages for a particular big keyword, do we? We would prefer our page to be ranked high using a long tail keyword instead of a high volume search keyword. Use a good keyword tool like Jaaxy, try different long tail keywords, and optimise your content around them and your page will rank much faster and is likely to remain on top of the SERPs for a much longer period. By good keyword, it is meant a combination of words that are highly specific in a particular niche but has very less competition.

Long tail keywordsWhy long tail keywords are better

Utilising long tail keyword is regarded as the best way to maximising conversions and is an instrument most businesses employ nowadays. With increasingly more number of people using highly specific searches in a niche and more people using the voice-activated search, the use of long tail keywords will be what matter in the long run.

Lower competition

The best benefit of using a long tail keyword would have to be its lower competition. When the right combination of keywords of a niche is identified that has very low competition, we realise that it is much faster to get ranked. This means the probability of our page getting clicked by users is multiplied manifold.

More conversions

Using the right long tail keyword may result in only a small increase in traffic but it is seen that the conversion rate on that keyword is higher than a high volume search keyword. This is because when a user types in a highly specific search query, he or she is zeroing down on a search, and here, expectedly, the user is in the final stages of making up a buying decision. Here, the users are very clear about what they want. Therefore, a long tail keyword might not bring in traffic in droves but it brings a high-quality traffic that spells better results for a business. The choice is between traffic with 1000 visitors daily with only 1 or2 actually buying and only 100 visitors daily but of them 10 buying something from our site.

Improved SERP rankings

A significant development in search engines is that they are now more favourable towards intuitive and highly specific search queries. They are better at processing queries of users that are more natural sounding. In other words, the search engines are more in favour of users typing in search words that concur with what they would have said verbally. And if one sees the trend towards voice-activated search on smart devices, the use of long tail keywords would increasingly become relevant in the future. Hence, if our pages are optimised for more “humansounding” search terms, the page will rank higher and much faster than a big term in a niche.

Long tail keywords strategy for businessBusiness plan

With our aim at bringing in more converting traffic, it only makes sense to look for a low volume traffic that converts better than a high volume traffic with no conversions. Developing a successful marketing strategy should include analysing and understanding the benefits of using long tail keywords for your business. Selecting a low competition keyword for your niche should remain your priority. Try to get your page ranked with a long tail keyword, and it will be soon before conversions start happening. Give your business a head start. Learn to optimise your content to provide valuable information to the audience. Keywords or no keywords, it will be worthwhile to remember that we are putting up our content for the audience and not the search engines.

Keyword research cannot be ignored

No business can afford to ignore keyword research and this is where the importance of a good keyword tool comes in. Even though the content is king, and it will be what drives a business website, we cannot overlook the statistics given by a keyword tool. The tool enables a user to determine which keywords have enough traffic that could sustain our business. It gives a fairly accurate idea of how a page would rank for a keyword in SERPs, and how tough it would be to find our foothold with other competing pages. Bloggers swear by the keyword tool for undertaking a keyword research before any post is published. One of the best keyword tools in the industry would be Jaaxy. It comes with a Free Sign-Up that includes 30 searches to let users have an idea of what it feels like using a very powerful tool for their business.

Always remember, finding the right keywords is the difference between success and failure. The longer and more specific the search terms are, the higher the chances of conversions are.


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