The Little Things That Make Me Happy As a Blogger

The Little Things That Make Me Happy As a Blogger

What makes me happy as a blogger?

I have been asked this many times before, and every time I answer this question, I have something more to add to the answer I gave the last time around.

Between the last time I was asked this question and today when this question pops up in front of me again, between now and then, much water has flown under the bridge, and I have already added other reasons why blogging is so awesome and why it absolutely makes me happy.

So, is blogging a happiness-forever activity that everybody is chasing for?

Is blogging the perfect answer to our eternal quest for happiness?

It depends on what your idea of happiness is.

As for blogging being an all-fun-no-work thing, well, be warned.

There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Blogging is never an unceasing rising graph of happiness but is rather characterised by ups and downs that very much mirrors the vicissitudes of life.

And that, for many is happiness only.

For a beginner, maybe it’s more lows than the highs and there are times (in fact, many times) when you simply feel like throwing in the towel.

You confront yourself on a daily basis with the question whether all the frustrations and the insane amount of time spent in front of your computer are worth it.

But a year down the line, after having weathered the storm, the so-called lows of blogging no longer make you unhappy or frustrated. You kind of develop the ability to take everything in your stride.

It becomes easier to understand the ebb and flow of the journey.

Possibly, by this time, the traffic to your website has gone up multiple-fold too and even if it drops a bit in between, it becomes temporary only.

The drop is relatively minimal to affect your overall business and mostly, it corrects on its own.

The thousands of visitors on your website daily is the fruit of your hard labour.

If that doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what else will.

We Live for Traffic!

I really can’t fathom how someone whose website draws in a daily traffic of million plus visitors like Neil Patel feels but for ordinary mortals like us, even a thousand plus visitors daily is enough to give us a high to make each day an awesome experience.

We live for the traffic, you know.

It takes a lot of hard work and many written words put on board to make yourself visible to the information-hungry Internet surfers.

With tools like Google Analytics, it is possible to see in real-time how many visitors and from which location (country, city) are accessing my blog.

This can be a slight distraction if you cannot resist the temptation to check Google Analytics every now and then. But boy! This is such a wonderful feeling.

It’s always exciting to read the stats in Google Analytics – the number of users, the traffic source, the location, the pages on which the visitors landed, the number/duration of the sessions, etc.

Nothing’s more wonderful than to see your blog grow in maturity right in front of you.

You have the world audience.

The world’s your oyster now.

When the Blog Subscribers are Growing

A by-product of the increasing visitors on your blog, it makes me happy when I see the number of subscribers to my blog growing.

The increasing number of subscribers is in many ways an indication of my gradual acceptance by the highly fickle Internet readers.

It means my content strategy is working and that there are people who love reading my posts.

For a blogger, it’s such a nice feeling.

More than the business potential, I love the feeling that there are people who are looking forward to my next blog post.

It gives me happiness that I think only my fellow bloggers can understand.

When People Trust What I Write

It takes months, if not years, for people to start trusting your words.

But once I grow in maturity, I no longer fumble with my words.

My conviction in my own writings goes through to the people who can relate to what I’m saying.

Whether I’m providing tips on doing certain things or promoting products on my blog if people trust my words and follow what I’m saying, what can be more wonderful than that?

But that didn’t happen overnight.

It took me years to find the right balance between being preachy and being practical about my suggestions.

The people on the Internet are the most difficult to please. They are hyper-critical too.

In such a situation, building up an audience that trusts your words is never easy.

I just didn’t know how to sound convincing in the beginning.

I sounded awkward.

I didn’t have what they call the writing “voice”.

But today, I’m over with that.

It makes me very happy that people find me trust-worthy.

It’s an added responsibility on me to be able to create quality content every time.

It spurs me on to keep on improving.

When I Can Keep on Creating Content Regularly

When I started my blogging journey, I didn’t know that you have to continuously create fresh content for your posts to be easily found in search engine result pages (SERP).

I didn’t know that I had to write blog posts frequently to climb up the rankings.

All I thought was – I create content, do some on-page SEO, share my content on the social media channels and your job was done.

I didn’t know that I had to write quality content, and ideally, the long-form kind, to remain relevant.

In the beginning, crafting an 800-worded article was an enormous task that took me days to accomplish.

There were distractions which took me away from the immediate task of creating my next blog post leading to procrastination.

The quality, the frequency, the relevancy of my writings got affected.

But I kept on going and had to motivate myself to carry on in the face of a non-existent web traffic.

I began to understand the importance of writing regularly.

Then, slowly the rankings came. My posts got longer and well-rounded instead of being long-winded ramblings.

Now, I’m able to write the long-form content, the 2000 words plus kind with ease.

More than that, I can write at a better frequency.

It’s an achievement of sorts and one that came after having written many mediocre posts.

But today, I have realised the truth in what they have been saying all this while – just keep writing and your skills as a content writer will only improve.

I have improved much. I’m a much better communicator now.

When Non-Bloggers Comment on My Posts

As bloggers, we also follow many other bloggers. That’s quite normal.

We sometimes comment on their posts and follow them on their social media channels.

But things become out of the ordinary when the non-bloggers comment on my posts.

It’s such an amazing feeling when they find my post interesting enough to drop in their comments and thank me for a good article.

These comments are priceless because most of the time, it’s something to do with a confusion or a problem the reader had. And they want an honest opinion (an expert opinion!) from me. How wonderful!

I can take it as an indicator of how well I had captivated someone from my audience.

These comments lift me up every time I get them. They make my day.

When My Posts Appear on Page 1 of Search Pages

Our whole blogging activity is centred around our efforts to position our content on the first page of Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

The whole SEO industry rests on the various strategies to achieve rankings on page 1 of the search engine result pages (SERP).

Many things happen when a post ranks on the first page of SERP. It is an indicator of my mastery of the basics of on-page and off-page SEO efforts. It shows that my content is search-engine-friendly. It places my post in the most visible area for people looking for a solution to their problems under specific search terms.

These are enough reasons to make me happy.

When People Make a Pinterest Board of My Pins

For those of you who are following Pinterest will know how this social media platform is such an awesome way to make yourself visible to the people.

Personally, I’m a late entrant to the Pinterest world but ever since I have been here, I’m almost addicted to it.

For bloggers, leveraging Pinterest for good traffic is not a new strategy. They now tend to make searches on it rather than the big brother, Google.

Find anything amazing in your search? Well, just pin it! Create boards on specific topics or sub-niches, and keep on pinning.

So you can imagine my happiness when unknown people start making boards with my pins. It’s a great way to engage my audience, you know.

Since Pinterest is basically image search, I have become more particular about how I use images (specially featured images) on my blog. After all, images are better at capturing people’s attention.

Bloggers tend to follow fellow bloggers on Pinterest. But when non-bloggers start liking my pins, it’s such a great feeling.

When Unknown People Start Enquiring About My Blog via Email

I’ve had complete strangers making queries about my blog and my business in general through emails.

Most of the time, they had been about the possibility of their partnering with me for a blogging business or about a scheme they want to offer.

There had also been times when complete newbies wanted to connect with me for suggestions on how to start a blog or my opinion about a start-up project of theirs.

It makes me happy to note that I’m touching the lives of many people with my blog.

It’s a beautiful feeling when people reach out to me for help.

Of course, the Internet is full of frauds and scams and I have to be careful about how I help the people reaching out to me.

But when genuine people seek my help and make earnest requests for suggestions through email, it’s an amazing feeling.

When I’m Able to Fix Things on My WordPress Site

If you’re a beginner working on a WordPress blog, many things look overwhelming at first.

Most tasks look daunting and scary.

Even a simple task of installing a new plugin is challenging, and it’s no surprise that we make so many mistakes there when we are beginners.

There had been times when I was starting out, I felt I would wreck my site with all the customisations I was trying to make.

Sometimes I messed up everything with what I was doing, making me ask for support from my host and my theme developers.

But there had also been times when I managed to fix things on my own after many trials and errors.

And when I do that, it gives me an immense sense of satisfaction.

The benefit of committing mistakes is that in trying to find their solution, we learn many things on the way and the knowledge is ingrained in us forever. We learn so much better that way.

It makes me happy to note that now I’m able to help myself with most things without having to ask for support from anybody else.

When Theme Developers Respond to My Input on Bugs in My Theme

Whether you’re using a free or a premium WordPress theme, there will always be issues and bugs with one or more of its functionalities.

No theme is bug-free.

As end users, we have to report these bugs to the developers whenever we encounter them either directly or in the theme forum.

I’m quite active in the forum for my theme, and I would suggest all bloggers join these forums for keeping updated with all issues or their solutions.

In the past, I have posted questions in the forums that attracted a lot of other users and in the process, caught the attention of the developers.

These questions are mostly to do with issues I find in the theme.

I’m glad that I was able to contribute my mite by way of my questions/feedback because in many cases, the developers responded promptly to rectify the issues. This they did instantly, the fix of which is incorporated in the next theme update.

It’s a wonderful feeling to think that my being able to point out the issues resulted in the theme developers fixing them in the subsequent theme update they release later.

When People Start Sharing My Content on Social Media

What can be more wonderful than people sharing your content many times over in the social media?

Isn’t this what we all have been dreaming of – our posts going viral, people sharing them on social media and which results in an increase in my blog traffic?

People sharing our content is a testimony to the quality of our posts and I really love it when they do that. Who wouldn’t?

When Money Starts Trickling in

It’s a good feeling when all the sweat and tears that went through in creating your blog results in money flowing in.

Wealthy AffiliateBlogging is not all about money for many of us, but when it starts trickling in, it feels great.

I still remember the first dollar I made from Google AdSense and till date, it has been the most satisfying of all my earnings.

Unlike other ordinary jobs, I earn by doing the things I love.

I create my own destiny.

Now, what can be more wonderful than that?

Bloggers are some of the Most Positive People Around

Bloggers are a queer bunch.

While most of us are guided by the same principles of blogging and SEO and we carry out similar tactics in the beginning, in time, we find our own moorings as far as strategies are concerned.

We strive to achieve our own thing in most aspects of our blogging activity.

Experimentation is the name of the game, and every day, we try out a new thing.

We are not afraid to try out new stuff even if we are not sure of its consequences.

We are constantly on the lookout for bettering our content.

We are mostly resigned to the fact that it takes a long time to succeed. Hey! We have more patience than most people.

We have an eye for detail and a better aesthetic sense than an average person.

We are super-competitive but we are also helpful because we know that when we help people, our brand value increases.

We do things that we are truly passionate about. And we can set our own pace. What’s more wonderful than that?

We are our own boss.

We are happy!

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2 comments On The Little Things That Make Me Happy As a Blogger

  • Hey Sukumar:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the things that make you happy as a blogger. They make me happy too!

    It’s a truth, isn’t it? One of the best perks about being a blogger is getting the feeling that there are actual people — most of them strangers — reading and appreciating your thoughts and paying attention to your opinions and responding thoughtfully.

    The biggest plus in all this is the feedback you get from those who leave comments. (Of course, money would also be good….)

    • Feels good that you enjoyed reading my post. I’m sure most bloggers would to relate to what I’m saying. I’m here mostly because I love it and enjoy the whole work that goes behind. Even if it means having to remain cut off from my social media circles of friends and colleagues in the initial days. I don’t mind having to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Inside me I’m happy that I have something that I truly love doing and every day is an adventure. I really used to envy those people (artists, musicians, scientists, and sportspersons) who live their life doing things they love and enjoy and being in a world of their own. Once I had wished of such a life too. That wish has been fulfilled ever since I started blogging. Of course, like you said, it’s nice if money also happens along 🙂

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