Rewarding feelings of owning an online business

The Most Rewarding Aspects Of Owning Your Own Online Business

Starting an online business is no piece of cake unlike it is made out to be. It can be both physically as well as mentally taxing and many people suffer from burnouts quite early on. The best way to start an online business, many believe, is like a side hustle, where you offer your products or services at the side of your current, full-time job or business to earn extra income. Or when you already have some savings to tide over the initial uncertain period. In the early stages of your startup, staying financially afloat is a challenge. The journey towards success in a fast and constantly shifting market as the internet business is is arduous and mostly rough, and sometimes too demanding that it could leave you completely stressed out and frustrated.Satisfaction of owning an online business

Despite all the challenges and uncertainties involved, an online business is a highly rewarding venture, both in terms of the monetary benefits as well as one’s personal growth. Like in offline businesses, an online business has its share of ups and downs, and while the downs could be pretty nerve-racking, the ups are ever so uplifting for an entrepreneur. It’s such a gratifying feeling to see your business grow right in front of your eyes with your own effort and skill. It’s a high that cannot be compared with any other business. So, what are some of the most rewarding aspects of being in an online business? Let us examine them.

#1: You are responsible for your own success

The idea that you are completely responsible for your own business and the gains from it is extremely satisfying. Knowing that it’s your knowledge and your efforts that are seen as valuable by people and because of which they are visiting your website is immensely gratifying. You grow personally along with your business and the many struggles you had and the bad experience only make you more knowledgeable.

#2: Doing something that you truly love

Many people hang on to a 9-5 job which they hate because it carries a certain degree of certainty. With an internet business, there’s no guarantee but here, you’re doing something that you are passionate about. Now, what can be more satisfying than that? This makes it seem like fun and following a hobby than as a job in a formal setting. It gives you all the creative freedom you need. You really cannot ask anything more than that, can you?

More time with your loved ones#3: More time with your loved ones

Most people start a home-based internet business as a part-time work. But as the business grows, the time comes when you make it a full-time job, the main hustle. When you do that, you free yourself from the binds of a 9-5 office routine and work full time from the comforts of your home or from anywhere, leaving you with enough time to spend with your family and loved ones. This, undoubtedly is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning an online business.

#4: Be your own boss

The obvious perk of being with a home-based online business is being your own boss. You set your own working hours, work from anywhere. You are no longer answerable to your superiors in your office and enjoy the independence of owning your company. So, no more deadlines, no pointless corporate meetings, no more gossiping and backbiting. You need not put up with the unpleasant power politics and corporate power games. You take all the decisions by yourself. You have the sense of being in control of your own decisions and your destiny.

#5: The fulfilment of helping peopleThe fulfillment of helping people

The best part about running an online business is the help you give to people through your website. You are filling a need and are helping many people. You share your passion, knowledge, stories and in the process, inspire others to follow their passion too. Nothing can be more fulfilling than seeing people’s lives change because of your message, because of having inspired them to achieve success in their chosen area, because something in your message resonated with them and hence, they too followed their dreams. It’s rewarding when their business flourishes and there’s this immense sense of pride of having created something that is life-changing for many people. It’s extremely fulfilling to know that someone out there in the world is using your product or service and reaping benefits from it.

#6: The happiness of seeing your business come together

After days of uncertainty, long hours at your computer and sleepless nights, when you finally see your project come together, drawing in a sizeable traffic daily, it’s such a good feeling. There’s a sense of huge relief too. The sense of achievement is a high that you do not get often elsewhere.

#7: It’s rewarding for people who love challenges

An online business is fraught with new challenges every day and these keep on shifting. If you are someone who loves challenges, then this is just the business for you. Through these challenges, you grow as a person and this brings positive effects and value to your business. From keeping abreast with the latest business trends in your niche to time management, from keeping up to the changing customer preferences to coming up with new solutions to existing problems, your business keeps you engaged all the time. It’s an exciting prospect to find ways to stay ahead with your game.

#8: Being part of a revolution

Internet business is a revolution indeed and is growing every year. Running a business online, you are part of a revolution that is shaping the market in a big way and in the way people buy things and services. You are making an impact in a global sense, being part of a new world consumerism. You are participating in something truly wonderful.

Freedom to work from anywhere#9: It gives you creative freedom

In a typical office setting, even if you have a great idea, chances are that your co-workers will resist it or your boss might shoot it down without giving a thought on it. Your creative idea gets squashed even before getting the chance to be implemented. Not so in a home-based online business. You have the absolute freedom to express your creativity through your website, and knowing that people are in love with your creativity is a feeling you only know. There’s an adrenaline rush to see people buying your products and services and to see your business evolve in front of you through your creative efforts.

#10: Being part of a community

In an internet business, most entrepreneurs are part of a community of people who share the same interests, dreams and a common set of goals. You are never alone with your problems related to your business and any issue that you have are addressed through the feedback and comments from other community members. It’s both fun and rewarding, knowledge-wise and in expanding your network too. The best part of being in an online community is getting connected with so many talented entrepreneurs, change-makers, and passionate people. It’s such a rewarding experience to be working along with many like-minded people.

#11: There’s a sense of purposeInternet business gives a sense of purpose

Being with an online business means you have a sense of purpose every day. This helps you stay focused using your creativity and energy. You are more likely to have a clean lifestyle because for you, time is a precious element. When you have a sense of purpose, you are at your creative best and your innate talents come to the fore. All your activities are funneled towards making your business stronger and you do not dwell upon your mistakes for long. Having a sense of purpose means you are constantly moving forward towards your goal and remain true to the mission and vision of your brand. When you realise that every cell of your body is in sync with your business, it gives a sense of fulfillment of the highest order.

#12: Financial independence

This, perhaps is the most rewarding aspect of owning your own business. An online business allows you to have the perfect financial independence and the earning potential is virtually limitless. While money does not buy happiness, it does make finding happiness much easier. With the right strategy, you can have a steady source of income.

#13: Acquiring new skills daily

When you own an internet business, you are compelled to learn new skills every day in order to remain in the game, in order to survive. You pick up countless new skills on the way that stands you in good stead in consolidating your business.

#14: You always have a story to tell your friendsYou always have a story to tell

Another rewarding aspect of having an online business of your own is that you always have a story to tell your friends and other people about how you started your business, your highs and lows, how you did it, the internet business market, the SEO, and other technical stuff that are from your own experiences.

#15: Constantly rediscovering yourself

The best part of owning an online business is that you are constantly rediscovering yourself. Every day, you are constantly rediscovering your passion, your skills to handle unpleasant situations, your strengths. You always feel that you can do better and improve your business.

The take-home messageHow to start your own blog?

Starting your own internet business takes a lot of hard work and in many instances, sacrifice. But ask any internet entrepreneur and they’ll all say it’s worth it. The advantages of owning your own business far outweigh the disadvantages. An online business comes with plenty of perks and rewards – from being your own boss, having flexibility in working hours, being able to provide solutions to people’s problems, making your own rules and decisions, ability to work from anywhere, and most of all, ultimate financial independence. The rewards are just too many, and if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, start your own online business today. You will simply love the experience.

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  • Priyadarshini Thangjam

    Hello Sukumar,

    I may be crazy as I do not have any interest in this so- called business marketing and never really sure what to do on blogs. I’ve just visited your site to see your work but after reading your posts thoroughly and even with your frequent updates, I really appreciate you and feel like visiting more and more frequently.
    You are performing a good job and thanks for the nice sharing !

    Priyadarshini Thangjam

    • Hello Priyadarshini,
      Thanks for visiting my site. I don’t know how you landed up on my blog if you do not have any interest in the online business activity. Whatever your reasons had been to be intrigued by my website, I’m glad that my site appears in searches easily. Now, that says something about my SEO efforts. Online business is a serious stuff and if you’re keen on making some extra income, besides the main income-earning activity you might be having, just check out the rest of the articles here in my blog. Hope they inspire you to take up some action towards a highly rewarding activity as blogging. I’ll make sure that I update you whenever a new blog post is published.

  • Excellent article with nothing but the TRUTH. I fell victim to the “easy” reputation of making money online like so many people do, and wasted tons of money in the process. The pros of building an online business FAR outweigh the time and effort it takes when you really go down the right path of constructing it!

    How long did it take you?

    • Well, it took me around five months to actually to come out of all the ‘confusions’ of a newcomer. The initial few months were very difficult, not only from the technical aspects of the website-building process but also from seeing too little traffic on my site. Things started improving slightly from then onward. It’s a learning process, and I must admit, I too am still learning. I’m happy that the traffic’s picking up though. Thanks for dropping by.

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