Wealthy Affiliate for the Advanced Beginners

Wealthy Affiliate for the Advanced Beginners and Intermediate Level Learners in Internet Marketing

There are many internet marketing or affiliate marketing courses for the absolute beginners.

The web is teeming with pages and websites that teach (or at least claim to teach) the absolute beginners on how to make money online.

Many of them are legit, and at the same time, many are just scams scouting for wide-eyed, unsuspecting newbies on various fly-by-night “get rich quick” schemes.

The training platforms (the legit ones) available online teach almost the same basics and if one sticks to the lessons and go step-by-step, success does happen.

It takes time for an absolute beginner to see some measure of success, but then, so do any offline business.

While all businesses, whether online or offline, are guided by the same principles of marketing and finance, the online business, for most people, is a shot in the dark venture marked by frustrations and having to spend an insane amount of time in front of the computer.

But despite the low success rate, the online business still attract many people, including the absolute beginners because of factors like low start-up capital and the relative ease to start a website.

By absolute beginners, I mean those people who

  • are non-techies
  • know nothing of the terms like blog, HTML, hosting companies, cookies, affiliate links, etc.
  • have no idea of how the whole Internet marketing works
  • are in love with the idea of making money online but have no idea of how people do it
  • are eager to learn and even spend a few dollars, if required, to acquire the necessary skills

It is seen that most beginners are quick to learn and with the kind of enthusiasm they exhibit in their early days, most are on their way to an exciting online business journey with a website of their own within the first month itself.

So, what I’m saying is it is not very difficult, even if you’re the non-techie type, to create a blog.

BUT it is certainly not easy to monetise it and start earning money right away.

Forget about earning, it is not easy to come to terms with the plethora of methods of driving traffic to your site.

I can tell you that because I have been there.

Wealthy Affiliate and the Absolute Beginners

Learning for newbiesWealthy Affiliate (WA) has to be one of the best training platforms for the absolute beginners out there.

The lessons are meticulously crafted so that a beginner does not feel overwhelmed by the tons of information available to him.

The two courses (Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp) take you through a step-by-step process, touching on all aspects of Internet marketing.

You are within the best and most active online community for Internet marketers and you are, as they say, rubbing shoulders with millionaires and the giants of the affiliate marketing world.

You are have managed to create a beautiful WordPress site and are already on your way to learning everything it takes to succeed – content marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, YouTube videos and the stuff.

You are are now entering the intermediate level, man.

But then, you learn all these in ANY Internet marketing training. So what’s new?

Why do I talk about Wealthy Affiliate only?

I say this because most people fail or give up when they reach the intermediate level.

They throw in the towel when they become advanced beginners.

Most people stagnate at this stage.

Talk to an ex-Internet Marketer and you will realise that he knows most things needed for online success.

He talks like a pro only.

So why did he give up?!

Is it because he realised many months down the line that he didn’t have it in him to succeed in online business?

Is it because his limitations with content writing and social media skills were seriously exposed then?

Or is it because he became more and more confused as he went further and decided he couldn’t take it anymore?

I have seen that even in Wealthy Affiliate, most people decide to call it quits when they turn semi-pro.

I have seen thousands of people shutting down their fledgling online business lock, stock, and barrel when they become advanced beginners.

Why Do People Give up When They are on the Brink of Achieving Success?

Failure in online businessI will not list down the reasons why people fail in internet business in general.

My concern is why people give up when they are just on the brink of tasting success.

The reasons are many and mostly, they act one upon the other to give a kind of domino effect that ultimately brings a person to failure.

I have seen from close quarters thousands of people doing that.

Let’s see some of the reasons.

#1: Wrong Niche

This is very common.

Seven months down the line you realise that you are catching hold of a wrong niche.

You are not able to create valuable content because you yourself are not sure with what you’re saying.

Your awkwardness is evident.

The traffic dwindles. The sales do not happen.

No subscribers are coming.

And you feel that changing to a new niche at this point is meaningless.

You simply give up.

#2: Focusing too much on a few metrics only

When people advance to the intermediate level, they start focusing on a few metrics.

By this time, they begin getting obsessed with the stats in Google Analytics, and think that they need to start working on them right away.

But in an online business, every metric is important.

Hence, in trying to focus on a few metrics only, they lose sight of the bigger picture.

When things don’t work the way they planned, people give up.

#3: The shiny object syndrome

Scams onlineThe Internet is full of scams and schemes that promise you instant success.

There are many shiny objects and they can be extremely alluring.

When you start chasing these shiny objects, you lose focus and it affects your overall work on your site.

You start distancing from your website.

The “new” activities consume much of your time.

You think that not trying them out is leaving your money on the table.

Alas! This is the undoing for many of the beginners and advanced beginners.

In the end, the online business dream gets snuffed out prematurely.

#4: Chasing too many courses

The Internet is full of courses on Internet marketing (digital marketing, online business, affiliate marketing) and some of them can even be tried at free of cost.

Hence, when you start feeling that your training isn’t working out for you, you look for other courses that you think fits you better.

But the truth is that all these courses teach you the same thing.

Chasing too many courses defeats the purpose and you end up wasting too much time and giving up your business.

#5: Trying out many strategies

StrategiesThere are just too many strategies to follow in an online business.

But each strategy has its own place of importance and timing of execution to be able to work optimally.

These strategies need to be worked out in specific stages in your journey.

But when you try out all of them at once, it’s no better a spaghetti strategy.

It gets confusing and when employed incorrectly, they can even with each other.

People give up when they do not see success despite trying everything.

#6: Following too many experts

Following a few top Internet marketers can be helpful.

As Internet marketers, we tend to follow a few of these people.

But it is seen that even these experts have different takes on certain things.

When you follow too many experts and try executing all that they teach in your business, you’re having too much of a good thing.

A case of too many cooks spoiling the broth?

You end up being overwhelmed with tons of info.

And when you do not achieve the kind of success as promised by these experts, it leaves a serious dent in your confidence.

You get demotivated to carry on.

You give up.

#7: Getting bogged down with life’s issues

Life can get in the way of your business.

Your issues – family, financial, health – can take up much of your time and energy and despite your honest interest, you might not be able to dedicate your time to your business.

You might be compelled to call it quits.

This is a reality that happens to many people.

#8: Getting thinned out

If you are trying out too many strategies or getting into many niches, you kind of get thinned out to affect your business negatively.

When you do that you lose to focus and attention needed to maintain the momentum of your growth.

Many people, even before mastering the concepts properly, spread out into too many areas.

The result is that all your activities are half-baked and at best feeble attempts to really bring forth positive impact on your business.

Before you realise, you have thinned out so much so that recovering and moving ahead becomes impossible.

You get buried and give up.

How Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Platform for Advanced Beginners

When I say advanced beginners, I mean those people who have already graduated from being absolute beginners to a higher intermediate level and who

  • know how to create a WordPress site
  • have completed the beginners’ level training course on Internet marketing
  • fully understands the different ways to make money online
  • have been in the online business for more than 10 months
  • are doing everything – social media marketing, YouTube videos, email marketing, etc.
  • despite carrying out many strategies, are not seeing the expected traffic on their sites
  • are contemplating seriously whether to give up or continue

Wealthy Affiliate Platform

It is easy to get overwhelmed even at Wealthy Affiliate if one does not stick to the lessons.

It is also very easy to feel frustrated and sticking to the lessons there.

But when you’re among thousands of other affiliate marketers who are struggling in a similar situation as yours, things become slightly easier for you to carry on.

There are many reasons why WA might just give the necessary support to the advanced beginners to continue.

#1: The best community of online marketers

Yes, the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is its awesome community.

READ MORE: “From Inside the Wealthy Affiliate Community”

They inform, educate, motivate, guide and nudge you towards the right direction.

Every day, you’re greeted with success stories from people like yourself who started their online journey at almost the same time as you.

They tell about their strategies, about their trials and tribulations, which you can well replicate within your own strategy.

They provide you with their proof of success with all the hacks, and if you want, you can reach out to them for guidance at any time.

It is highly motivating and you are more determined than ever to create your own success story.

And when you are already over with your awkward newbie ways, you can relate to their stories.

You just need to carry on and believe in your ability.

#2: The Best Tools for Business

Over and above the amazing lessons in the two courses (mentioned above), there are thousands of training lessons (both textual and videos) by the members themselves and these come at you continuously.

This means you are constantly updated with the latest tricks and treats of the trade.

Want to know how a plugin works?

No problem.

Just search for the training or a blog post with the right keywords in the Wealthy Affiliate search bar, at once get all that you require.

You need not forage for a training video in the wide Internet space for the right material.

It’s all there with you in Wealthy Affiliate all the time.

#3: Best place to learn new strategies

Business strategyLet’s say you are already into the tenth month of your online journey.

You have been doing all the tasks in the training lessons diligently too.

And yet the traffic is not there at all.

Are you doing the things correctly?

Is there a need for a strategy change?

Again, look inside Wealth Affiliate to find people who are in a similar situation as you.

Surely there’ll be blog posts that tell you about the efficacy of the strategies you are following.

Of course, each person’s business is unique and so are the strategies.

But by this time, you are wise enough to analyse and choose the one that fits you the best.

Pinterest, YouTube, guest posting, email marketing, podcast, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora – the WA members find success in all of them.

The best part is they share all the hacks for these strategies.

So, you see you’re never found wanting for new resources for any strategy.

You already have your own website up and running.

Go ahead. Find your own strategies.

#4: Keeping updated with Internet marketing trends

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are kept abreast of all the latest buzz in the Internet world.

Be it a change in the Google algorithm, scams, the latest best SEO practices, you get the best information all inside WA.

The Internet marketing is a constantly-shifting landscape and hence, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest news and changes, and this is what makes WA an amazing community.

#5: The best place for getting ideas for your blog posts

It is very normal even for somebody who has been consistently writing 10 blog posts a month to run out of ideas and to be down with the writer’s block.

When you’re at Wealthy Affiliate, there are so many resources made available to you that your ideas or inspiration for your next blog post will always be there.

WA is a goldmine of blog post ideas and topics.

Every day, you have at your disposal hundreds of new blog posts and questions from fellow members.

So, you see, you have the best resources pooled together for you all on a single platform.

It saves you time and frustration.

#6: Live weekly webinar sessions

WA webinars are the best thing for advanced learners who are looking to equip themselves with some of the best SEO practices and other allied skills.

A look at the webinar topics for this year is enough to make any Internet marketer super-excited. Check out these topics:

Local SEO 2018: Local Business Listings

Local SEO 2018: Earning Income from Clients

Using the New Google Search Console

2018 Blog Post Checklist

Email Marketing 2018: First Steps to List Building

Niche Goal Projections and Outcomes

Understanding Basic and Advanced Styling Elements

Old Content Optimisation Strategies

Repurposing Content for Additional Traffic

The above topics give you a fair idea about how people learn at WA.

Hosted by the ever-effervescent Jay Neil, these webinars are extremely popular among the more advanced learners like you and highly experienced marketers alike.

Dealing with some of the most important topics in online marketing, WA webinars are a great way to spend your weekends and to reinvigorate yourselves for your journey ahead.

The best thing is, these webinars are available as recordings to be watched anytime later.

#7: One-on-one training or brainstorming session with the best names in affiliate marketing

Should you feel discouraged at any moment in your journey or when you’re unsure of how a particular strategy is working out for you, you can ask any of the senior members in WA for a one-on-one session.

Whether it is about ideas for your next blog post, customising a particular element in your WordPress site or about building an email list, you can seek help directly from any senior member. Isn’t this awesome?

You know, I have in the past been helped many times by our ever-helpful members.

#8: Posting questions in classrooms

There are 13 classrooms in all at Wealthy Affiliate covering everything that you need to know about Internet marketing and WordPress.

We never cease to learn and even if you graduate to the intermediate level in affiliate marketing, there will always be confusions and doubts about certain topics.

You are can file questions in ANY classroom and at once, members come to your help with their answers and opinions.

It’s a never-ending learning process, and WA helps you get the best education.


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  2. “Wealthy Affiliate Review – Truths and Half-Truths”

Teaching You are Success the Wealthy Affiliate Way

At the end of the day, it’s you who are going to be building up your business.

Nobody’s going to pick up your hand to teach you to be successful.

You have to learn to be successful on your own.

You need to be crystal clear with all the concepts.

Mistakes will happen. But every time you make a mistake, you will be learning 10 ways of doing a thing.

And no matter how good a training platform is, ultimately, it is you who will have to learn to get up every time you fall down.

In your zeal to achieve success, don’t forget to have fun on the way. Be mindful of the beautiful scenery around you on your way up.

With almost a million members worldwide, in different time zones, Wealthy Affiliate is a community that never sleeps.

Help is always there.

Are you already frustrated?

Do you feel you need something more than all the training lessons you are going through?

Is your business getting stagnant?

Is the traffic not picking up?

Are you already on your way out and about to throw in the towel?

Don’t give up just as yet.

Hang in there. Just check out Wealthy Affiliate.

There’s even a FREE Starter Membership if you’re still unsure.

The Starter Membership, however, provides only the beginner’s lessons. Which, I think will not be of much relevance to you.

Sign up for its Premium Membership today to understand the things you have been missing all this while.


You will really like it, I know.

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