Wealthy Affiliate Review – Truths and Half-Truths

The first few questions that come up in the mind of anybody who sets out to start an online business by taking up a “course” are:

  1. Is it a scam?
  2. What is the cost of the course? Is it reasonable?
  3. Are there any more hidden costs?
  4. Is there a free starter course to try out before one could enroll for the actual course?
  5. How are the course content, the duration, and the faculty?
  6. What types of online business will be covered?
  7. How would the support be? Will I get help anytime I want?
  8. Will the course make me properly equipped with all the tools for online marketing for an independent business of my own?

To a newbie, with the kinds of scams happening in online business courses and many fraudulent get-rich-quick schemes on the internet, investing in any course for training on internet marketing involves a lot of persuasion to convince one to enroll for the training. This may partly be because most of the so-called online training for internet business are scams at best to entice wide-eyed, gullible people on a get-rich-overnight dream.

Can blog writing be monetised?

Unless one is “selling” articles at a price for use by other people, making money through blog writing is affiliate marketing where one drive sales to retailers through the content on the blog. This is basically a sales pitch without looking like one where the blog writer designs his content to initiate and close a sale of a product or service to whoever visits his website. So what happens here? It’s simple – you generate traffic to online retailers like Amazon, eBay, etc. through your content in your website and when someone buys a product or service based on your recommendation, you earn commission for your referral. Neat, isn’t it? Pick a product or service about which you are well-versed with (e.g. pet products, fashion items, etc.), write a convincing blog post on it to captivate an audience and persuade the visitor to click on an affiliate link (Amazon, for instance) of the product on your post and make him buy, and earn commission for the sale. Nothing can be more real.

So where does Wealthy Affiliate come in?

While the basic idea of affiliate marketing is as has been explained above, things aren’t as simple as they look. One may be a good writer or an excellent communicator BUT that alone is not enough to drive sales, is it? Yes, one needs to build a website to post blogs on. There! Stumped, aren’t you? So how does one create a website? How does one register a domain name? Who’s going to host it? All these involve costs, right? And most importantly, who’s going to teach me? Is posting blogs on a website the only way to earn money online? Besides a website, what are the other platforms through which one could earn a good income? This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in as the perfect answer for any aspiring online entrepreneur.

An overview

Founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate is the largest affiliate marketing community and platform in the world with a membership of over 1.2 million online entrepreneurs, many of whom are the world’s top internet marketers. This is the ultimate platform that provides the most sophisticated training in the industry to everybody who’s a member in creating a successful, long-term online business. And the most wonderful thing (and I think this is unprecedented) is that one can join Wealthy Affiliate completely free-of-cost as a Starter Member to test the waters and have a first-hand experience of what it is to be like within a vibrant online community where one helps each other to grow. Of course, there’s a Premium Membership too that pretty much unlocks all doors for various online avenues for earning lifetime income.

Privileges of a Starter Member in Wealthy Affiliate

As a Starter Member, one is able to host two websites in a wonderful web hosting platform like the SiteRubix, have access to 12 beautiful website themes, have the websites “protected” from virus and malware threats, have access to an amazing content writing platform like SiteContent to create, organise and publish contents, and participate in the first 10 lessons of the two courses provided here – Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. One can remain a free Starter Member as long as one wants before upgrading to Premium. This is one distinctive feature of Wealthy Affiliate which will set it apart from other affiliate marketing platforms in the world. Without paying a dime, if one could be inside a robust platform like Wealthy Affiliate, nothing beats the deal.

Advantages of a Premium Member

A Premium Member, whether one is a complete newbie or an experienced marketer has many benefits that will be hard to find on any other platform at the price offered.

  • Access to the most sophisticated training in the world – Wealthy Affiliate has a proven track record for providing a highly advanced and varied training in affiliate marketing.
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – Altogether there are 50 lessons in this 5-phase online training which will form the core of all your efforts in online business. At the end of the course, a person has been equipped with the complete knowledge for success in any niche or category. The lessons are updated regularly to keep you ahead in the race always and latest industry trends happening around.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp training – This 70-lesson training will make you equipped with the most sophisticated knowledge in the “making money online” niche. A parallel course to the Certification, this training is aimed at turning you into a complete online entrepreneur.
  • Live classes – Weekly interactive live classes are held by the best experts in the industry and as a Premium member, you get to be part of these highly rewarding classes.
  • Over 300 hours of expert education – A Premium member has access to more than 300 hours of “replay” of the past live classes. As a Premium member, one can access this incredible wealth of information on every topic possible. Isn’t this amazing? These videos will help redefine your knowledge about online business to make it more concrete.
  • Access to 12 classrooms – Perhaps the repertoire of training topics included in these 12 classes will be one of the best in the industry. The best thing about this is that you can ask an expert within the community to build a training of your choice if the same wasn’t there on the topics already. Some of the topics covered include E-commerce, Facebook ads, SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, etc.
  • A Premium member can earn revenue by creating training – As a Premium member, you can earn money within Wealthy Affiliate by creating your own training videos, text tutorials as well as courses.
  • Personal blog for Premium members – A Premium member can have his personal blog within Wealthy Affiliate platform to share his success stories or experiences. Ranked among the highest in the world, these blogs can earn him extra revenue (referral) when a person ends up signing in Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Full access to the most advanced web hosting in the world – As a premium member, you have the ability to get access to the amazing SiteRubix platform. Integrated within it are some of the most advanced tools for website management, analysis, security, etc.
  • More than 3000 beautiful themes for your website – When you are a Premium member, you have access to 3000+ beautiful website themes that are responsive and mobile-ready. With such a variety, you can create beautiful websites in the theme that best suits your niche.
  • Free Add-Ons of more than 51,000 website features – In order to enhance your website experience, a Premium member has more than 51,000 feature extensions. Some of these include features for adding shopping carts, building membership sites, image plugins, font plugins, and other social media plugins.
  • Access to SiteDomains – Every website of a Premium member is registered SiteDomains, the world’s only all-inclusive domain platform. Here, every domain has 24/7 support, WHOIS Privacy Protection, Domain Security, Unlimited Email accounts, Advanced DNS Management and instant set-up. These are all provided at no extra cost. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • SiteSpeed for faster website speed – All websites of Premium members has add-on SiteSpeed feature for faster website loads. Faster loads mean better website experience for visitors, better rankings, and more conversions.
  • SiteProtect for spam protection – As a Premium member, your website is protected with SiteProtect feature to provide protection from comment spam, Botnet attacks and back-office hacking for passwords.
  • Free SSL certificates – As a Premium member, your website will have SSL installed for free on any domain that you own.
  • Site Support 24/7/365 – The average response time for any request for help is 5 minutes where you are helped by qualified server administrators to address all kinds of issues.
  • Fast servers for website hosting – As a Premium member, all websites are hosted on the fastest and most powerful servers in the industry!
  • Access to more than 1,000,000 beautiful royalty-free images – In creating a website, it is important that we use only copyright-free images so as to avoid legal penalties for copyright infringement. As a Premium member, you have access to more than 1,000,000 beautiful graphics that are fully optimised. With these images, creating beautiful content in any niche is just a step away.
  • SiteContent Platform for better content management with spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checker – As a Premium member, you have access to an amazing platform like SiteContent which is the ultimate writing platform. There are spellings and grammatical checkers incorporated into it plus, plagiarism checker to check your content on 8 billion pages online and to screen duplicate content.
  • Access to keyword tool for easy keyword search and data – A Premium member has access to Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword Tool that is integrated into its platform. This tool helps pin down a particular keyword that aligns his website with the best SEO practices. You also get access to a comprehensive keyword data for your business. The tool gives you the exact data for keyword competition for any search, which will be beneficial for your business.
  • Be part of the Wealthy Affiliate community – Wealthy Affiliate is the largest network of more than 1.2 million members that includes highly successful online marketers as fresh newcomers. The community is supportive of each other, and it is believed that the Wealthy Affiliate community is Facebook of internet entrepreneurs. This is a community that never sleeps and has members spread across the globe.
  • Live chats and instant support – A Premium member can have live chats to get answers to all your queries instantly. There are senior members and others who will respond in seconds to any question that you put up there.

Looking at all the advantages of a Premium member, it is always better to opt for Premium Membership if you are looking at a long-term online business or career in internet marketing. Even if one starts out as a free Starter Member, one should not be missing out on the many benefits of a Premium member.

What they don’t teach you at Wealthy Affiliate

Is Wealthy Affiliate the ultimate dream package that everybody is looking for? Well, yes and no. Despite the almost complete-looking package, there are many things that are not provided in the training in Wealthy Affiliate as listed under:

  • Writing and communication skills – There’s no separate course for blog writing in Wealthy Affiliate. The written skills are assumed to be already there and are usually acquired during the course of the training.
  • Get-rich-overnight methods – Wealthy Affiliate does not deliver you a get-rich-quick training. All the training provided are for long-term business and a person enrolled at Wealthy Affiliate may start earning as late as one year. So if you are looking for a short-cut way to getting rich, then Wealthy Affiliate is disappointing big time.
  • Web programming – All training on website-building at Wealthy Affiliate is in line with the WordPress platform. Wealthy Affiliate does not have a separate training for professional web programming. So do not go for Wealthy Affiliate if you are exclusively looking at a course for web programming and coding.
  • People skills – A person who enrolls for Wealthy Affiliate are assumed to have good interpersonal skills. Wealthy Affiliate does not teach you how to be friendly and other people skills.
  • Multimedia and designing – If you are looking for training on multimedia and web/graphic designing, then Wealthy Affiliate is not the one for you. Wealthy Affiliate only provides training on how to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate – the rankings

Website: www.my.wealthyaffilate.com

Training: 4.9/5

Support: 5/5

WordPress Hosting: 4.8/5

Website Builder: 4.8/5

Training Videos: 4.9/5

Earning Potential: 5/5

Keyword Tool: 4.7/5

Price: Starter Membership (Free); Premium Membership ($49/month or $359/year)


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