Career Insurance with Blogging

Why Blogging is the Best Insurance for Your Career

Everybody should learn how to blog for money.

More importantly, everybody should know how easy it is to start an income-generating blog.

You know, blogging provides one of the best insurance covers for your career. Ask me how.

Well, you might be with a good job, and possibly, it provides you a good income.

But is your job secure?

The business world is going through major upheavals. Businesses everywhere are seeing diminishing profits because of heavy competition.

Today’s is an age of automation and the AI is dawning upon us.

Our jobs are no more secure.

Many companies are employing lean operational methods and we are seeing regular layoffs.

Companies are downsizing.

People are getting fired.

Or getting laid off.

They are experiencing a slow career growth and fewer promotions.

For many, there’s stagnation. Income-wise. Career-wise.

And after you retire, then what?

In such a scenario, don’t you think it’s a good idea to get your career insured?

To help you provide an immunity from all the uncertainties mentioned above.

Have you thought of learning something that will stand you in good stead all through your life?

Something that will help you earn a steady income even while you are asleep.

That’s why I say you need to LEARN HOW TO BLOG. And monetise it.

A component of the vast Digital Marketing concept, blogging is one of the simplest to learn.

But I’m a Complete Newbie!

Before I started my blog, I used to think that it’s an activity reserved for the highly-skilled computer programmers and content writers. I always thought unless you are an expert, you will never survive.

I thought that these successful blogs were all run by a team of experts – web programmers, designers, content writers, animation and video professionals, financial gurus – and that these ventures all need a substantial capital investment.Team work in blogging

And since a blog was a team effort, I thought you needed a rented office floor for all the members to work.

Of course, you could outsource all these activities to the experts but it means, you will need to run around a bit to get your idea through to these people. It also means you need a lot of money to get your work done.

So, for a person like myself who is already with a 9-5 job and with a family to feed, even though I’m completely in awe of the idea of making money online, I couldn’t quit my job just to start a blog. It was too risky.

This was before I joined the Wealthy Affiliate program. I realised how wrong I was.

Is Blogging Difficult?

Most of us have been blogging. Think about it. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora are all microblogging sites and whenever we post new status updates on our timeline, we are blogging only.

We make announcements about our new car on Facebook.

We tell people about our new job as a status update.

We chip in with our own views on a friend’s post as comments.

We tweet.

We write about our feelings.

We do all of the above on Facebook, Twitter and on our other social media posts.

So, saying that you don’t know how to blog is not entirely correct.

People blog for different reasons.

Some do it as a hobby. Some do it for fun. Some do it for business.

Every day thousands of new blogs are launched, and new bloggers enter into the fray.

Blogging is a great leveler.

It can be started by anybody.

There’s no entry barrier.

Whether you are a college-going student, an executive in a company, a housewife, a full-time mommy, a businessman, a retiree, anybody can start a blog.

You do not require educational degrees or certificates.

The starting capital is cheap.

You can work at your own pace.

No technical skill is required. No experience is needed.

The potential to earn a good revenue is huge. In fact, it’s unlimited.

You can find your own voice.

You can have a huge following. You can connect with people from all over the globe.

If you know how to sell an idea, if you can express yourself through written words, there’s no reason why you should not be having a blog of your own.

You can be an authority in your chosen niche.

You can attract many businesses who may want to partner with you.

So when people say you only need a laptop and an Internet connection for starting a blog, it’s true in a way.

But they are not telling you the entire thing.

You need a systematic learning model.

You need to go one step at a time.

The online business (blogging is a business) is a highly competitive world and only the best survive.

The failure rate is high and you see that many businesses fold up within the first few months itself.

The field is vast. It’s a constantly-shifting landscape.

That’s why you need support and training from the best people in this field.

You need all the relevant and updated resources.

That’s the reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you are a newbie. I’ll tell you why.

The Road to Success in Online Business is Long

The first prerequisite for starting a blog is your interest, your desire.

Yes, do you have the interest to run a blog of your own?

How far are you willing to go before you have a successful online business?

Are you willing to spend endless hours in front of your computer?

Can you watch an insane number of tutorial videos to equip you with the required skills?

Can you handle being bombarded with tons of info on a daily basis?

Are you willing to follow many blogs?

Are you someone who can adapt to changes?Road to success in blogging

Do you have an inquisitive mind and an eye for details?

If you intend to start a blog for business, you need to understand that success is not going to happen overnight.

It can get extremely frustrating when the traffic does not pick up.

We all know how crucial traffic is for our online business.

One year. Two years. Three years. Yes, it can get that painfully long before you achieve some measure of success. But some do achieve success sooner than that.

Is Wealthy Affiliate the Best Training Platform for Internet Marketing?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the best platform for learning the online business.

And especially if one is a complete newbie.

I know because I have been a member for almost a year now.

It is super easy to sign up.

It is absolutely FREE.

Even though it has a paid Premium Membership, for those who want to have a taste of what it feels like to belong to the largest community of affiliate marketers in the world, its FREE Starter Membership is simply awesome.

Obviously, there are many more privileges for a Premium Member, but one can start earning even with the free Starter Membership. There are no upsells or hidden costs involved.

Yes, it’s an earn-while-you-learn model and as a Starter member, you will be having 2 (two) websites of your own to try out all the things you learn in the lessons. It’s a hands-on training, after all.

You will get the first 10 (ten) lessons of two different courses bundled with the membership.

You will get access to thousands of beautiful, free WordPress themes.

You are not required to pay anything extra for hosting of your websites.

They are hosted on the fastest and most secure servers of Wealthy Affiliate.

There are many similar “training” sites that provide you with endless materials needed for starting your own online business. So why Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, as a member I can tell you how Wealthy Affiliate is a class apart.

There are many advantages of being with WA but I’ll highlight only a few pointers.

  • The biggest platform in the world. This is a huge community with close to a million members worldwide. I’m sure, this is one of the biggest internet communities in the world. Knowledge is exchanged and shared. I’m simply in love with the WA community and I think I would have joined it only for its community. Here, you are constantly on your toes and being updated with the latest in online business. You get the pulse of what’s happening in the internet marketing world inside this community.
  • WA comprise members of all levels. Right from complete newbies to experienced and highly successful internet marketers, there are members from all levels. So, we are literally brushing shoulders with some of the best names in affiliate marketing every day.
  • There’s a 24×7 live chat in WA. Here, members interact for all updates, issues and new developments. WA is, like they say, a community that never sleeps. The live chat is perennially active since members belong to different time zones. You have an issue with your website or you confused with how a particular plugin works. No problem. Just shoot your question in the live chat area and you will get a response instantly. Just being in the live chat (even without indulging yourself in the chat) is helpful and you get the latest buzz here.
  • Jaaxy keyword tool. As an affiliate marketer, you will realise how important it is to get your keywords right for any post that you create. With Jaaxy Lite provided free to every Premium member, you are already a step ahead of your competitors in terms of choosing the best keywords to rank high in search pages.
  • Live weekly webinars. Every week, there’s a one-hour live webinar on various topics. The recordings of these webinars are available to all the Premium members.Training at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Endless training videos. Besides the library on recordings of the webinar classes, there are thousands of training videos in the two WA courses (Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp) and those created by the members. There are training videos on ANY topic that you choose. This means you need not browse for videos on YouTube for any training that you require.

Well, these are only a few important highlights. There are many other awesome things about Wealthy Affiliate and I will not deal with them here. If you want more details…

READ MORE: “Helping a Newbie Start a Blog at Wealthy Affiliate – Learn and Earn”

How Blogging is an Insurance for Your Career

Blogging as an activity is mostly self-taught, and if you are supported with the right training guidelines and support from all those who “have been there, done that”, it is such a powerful thing. The potential is immense.

First, you may want to understand the long-term benefits of the regular online creation of content.

You need to understand that in creating regular content, you are also creating a personal digital asset. This will be your legacy.

If you can commit yourself to build your own personal brand with all the associated sweat and tears, you are in for a life-changing career.

Is content creation enough?

Absolutely not.

To make it long-term, you may want to learn many other soft skills that put you ahead of the pack.

You would like to go for a more focused brand.

But it is a fact that everything begins with content creation. All the other allied skills will fall into place only when you have a good body of work.

Your experimentation and strategies will work when you have a good volume of content on your blog.

How does one create a good volume of content?Learn and Earn at Wealthy Affiliate

By being consistent in your content creation, of course.

Blogging is a big industry.

More and more people are blogging and businesses see the potential. And when you establish an authority in your chosen niche, there are brands who would want to invest in you.

So, blogging opens up an incredible opportunity for you.

You are creating a business for posterity.

You are insured against all the job uncertainties.

You are no more afraid of your job being taken away by AI.

Or getting fired by your boss.

With a thriving blog with a steady traffic, you are own boss.

You are creating your own destiny.

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow – Start Today Itself

If you see blogging as an opportunity for you, then you should start today itself.

It’s a slow process and you’re literally going to build up your business brick by brick.

It’s a highly competitive world out there, and let me tell you, success is not going to happen anytime soon.

Just think of that person who took the plunge and started a year ago. He’s already got the backing of a 100 plus blog posts (if he publishes 2 posts a week).

He’s already many steps ahead of you. Imagine the knowledge of a year that he gathered in those 365 days.

Ah! Just imagine your position had you started way back in the year 2015.

Let’s kick in some urgency, shall we?

Do you have it in you to be persistent? To never stop at it?

Can you maintain your consistency? Remember, regular online content creation requires consistent effort.

Are you ready to learn the necessary marketing skills? As said, content creation alone will not be enough. Social media and other digital marketing tools empower you to reach the world. Do have the zeal to learn them?

The internet marketing landscape is a constantly evolving field. With every Google update, you need to realign your strategies towards the new development to be in the game.

It’s a continual learning process. New developments happen every day in the internet business world. You have to evolve accordingly by keeping up your education.

Start today. Sign up for the amazing Wealthy Affiliate and kick-start an exciting blogging career. You will never regret it.

4 comments On Why Blogging is the Best Insurance for Your Career

  • I love writing and I do agree with you that blogging is the best

    insurance for my career, I have had a problem finding a Job in Italy and
    Wealthy Affiliate came at the right time.

    My niche is skincare products for women over 40 and I would be happy if you can
    give me tips on how to incorporate the right blogging tips?

    Can you also write an e-book from blogging about the chosen niche? Hope to hear
    from you soon.

    • Thanks for reading my post.

      No niche is bad and I’m sure you’re happy with the niche that you have chosen.

      And if you’re with Wealthy Affiliate, I must say that you should stick with their training. They’re in any case exhaustive, and it will teach you to scale up your business in the right direction.

      Ah! Blogging tips you are asking. I must say that you must be thorough with your post and the beauty or skin care tips you give. They’d better be from your own experience. 

      Of course, you can write an e-book on your niche. But why think about it now? Try to write quality posts regularly and I’m sure the ideas for your e-book will trickle down from your content on your blog. Best wishes!

  • A great looking website I am curious what you use to get your tweets on your site? Very easy to navigate and good info. It provides the info that made me starting with WA a 2 months ago. Hope to build something similar after I start with Bootcamp. I like the number of pics you show so it doesn’t get too boring to read.

    • Thanks for visiting my site and for the kind words, Tommy. Glad you liked it. My theme comes with an add-on Twitter widget for my tweets to be shown on my site. If your theme does not provide that, no worries. There are many free widgets available. Wishing you a great learning experience at WA. To success!

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