Why People Continue Blogging Even Without Achieving Success

Why People Continue Blogging Even Without Achieving Success

We bloggers are strange creatures. We are also the bravest. That is why I always say if you ever aspire to be a blogger, then you need to come out of your comfort zone and learn to be more open and tolerant to other people’s criticisms. Blogging, after all, involves putting yourself out there in the open where potentially anyone with an Internet connection could be reading your stuff and dissecting every word you write. You will be sharing to the world audience everything when you write – your insecurities, fears, aspirations, failures, success stories, political ideals and your private space that could include your love or sex life.

Why Do People Blog?

People blog for various reasons. The blogs are now distinguished from one another by the niche (or the audience) they cater to. There are different blog types – fashion, lifestyle, health, fitness, technology, pets, food, business, news, entertainment, culture, etc.

Blogs serve as a medium for people to voice their ideas, feelings or random thoughts. When you blog in a specific niche, it gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world who share the same passion as you. You are in familiar grounds, actually.

Blogs give you more exposure and expand your online presence. This helps you connect with potential customers and clients and to network with businesses in your area of expertise.

If you want to gain online visibility to market your business, blogs are the best way to go forward. It one of the best ways to earn good revenue through advertising, affiliate marketing or selling your own products to your customers who could be from anywhere on the planet.

Why Do We Publish Our Thoughts for People to See?

Blogging is not for the meek. I mean, there will be hurdles and it will not be easy to find your own writing voice. It takes time to grow on you and before you find the flow where words come out smoothly. But it is a fact that when you’re not honest and when you do not have the passion, you will not last long. It is your passion that will bail you out on most occasions when you feel the heat and when the traffic does not build up towards the beginning. It can be pretty demoralising, you know. After all, you have been spending an insane amount of time, you have been honest with your pursuits and the passion’s there in place, and yet no one is reading your blogs.

Most bloggers write blogs because they have an almost compulsive desire to say something to the world. They just feel the need to share their thoughts, irrespective whether they bring financial gain or not. The primary reason for blogging for most people is to find a creative outlet and fulfill the need to be heard. There’s a large part of us that wants to be heard.

Blogging is Not About Writing Only

The early days of blogging can be daunting for many of us. We spend an insane amount of time in front of the computer and become somewhat of a social recluse in the beginning. Blogging also involves a bit of a technical side like web hosting, WordPress, plugins and creating banner designs. These are all new skills and learning them is exciting for most of us. We learn different ways to promote our business and our brand. Blogging forces us to come out of our shell and comfort zone to connect with unknown, faceless people on the Internet. It teaches us good marketing practices and other life-skills that have universal applications.

A blogger’s life is full of surprises every day. It’s a high that you do not get in many activities. The excitement is enough to make me continue blogging even if I do not enjoy much financial success in the beginning.

Blogging is a Cathartic Release

A blog has certain peculiar characteristics. You’re mostly giving a first-person narrative based upon your own feelings, fears, and prejudices. You are basically giving your own honest take on a problem or a topic. Most blogs are expected to give a bold assertion and provide a fresh perspective on an old idea. The tone is mostly informal or colloquial which is meant to give a deep personal connection with the readers. This is in direct contrast with a general article which is mostly a dissertation of information or facts and where as a reader you feel a personal disconnect with the writer.

The good thing about being bold with your opinions when you blog is that it allows you to be honest all the time. In blogging, you’re never sure about how the reaction would be from your audience. They can both completely disown you or lap up your writing and make it go viral. When you strip down your writing of all the frills to give only the most vital information with utmost honestly to the readers, it’s an emotional release. Blogging, for most people, is a catharsis.

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

No two persons are the same and hence, no two blogs will be alike. Or at least, they ought not to be alike. While blog posts are meant to be honest assertions from the blogger and they employ the power of shock, anger or fear, in time, we learn to give balanced opinions as opposed to one-sided rants in our blogs.

There’s nothing wrong in going against popular opinion but rather than doing it just for the sake of trying to sound sensational, if you can give a carefully-crafted content using the power of your emotional intelligence, your writings might be more palatable to the audience. You can come out with a fresh take on a topic and yet be perfectly balanced in what you say. In fact, I have seen that people generally tend to prefer a balanced view than a one-sided one. Being emotionally aware with what we say to our readers, blogging help highlight areas for self-improvement, make us better at adapting to situations and keep us in check from taking rash decisions.

The Joy of Connecting with Like-Minded People

Blogging while being a routine activity is extremely exhilarating. Remember, whatever you say may not find takers all the time. You may be tempted to go off-track and write on something that challenges popular opinion. You may even say things that may sound controversial. However, it comes as a pleasant surprise that there are people who like your take on the topic. This unexpected acceptance is a wonderful feeling and it is quite a surprise to see that there are many people who resonate with what you’re saying.

While I’m at this, I would also like to add something. You know, there are times when I’m not fully satisfied with what I publish. Like at times when you click the ‘publish’ button you feel there are more you could add. That you feel you could do better. But you know what? These posts are also liked by a section of my audience. It’s such a wonderful feeling to connect with like-minded people.

Other Reasons Why People Blog

There could be uncountable reasons why people write blogs. It could be any one of a combination of the following reasons:

  • To hone the writing skillsBlogging at Pranitsense
  • To satisfy one’s ego – to see our names coming in print
  • To vent our pent-up feelings or anger
  • To explore ways to make money
  • To influence people
  • To build up clout or a following
  • To be an authority in a specific area of interest
  • To find a creative outlet

There must be many more reasons than the ones listed above. Can you think of more?

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