Why Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Bet for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing

Why Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Bet for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing

Why would I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to a complete newbie?

This is something that I really love to talk about. Whenever people ask me about my online business and my journey into affiliate marketing, I have to start my answer with Wealthy Affiliate. For me, for every discussion that follows as a consequence of people asking about Internet marketing and the stuff, it’s the starting point.

There could be many reasons why a person wants to venture into the Internet business. Referred to by many names – Internet marketing, online business, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and blogging – the Internet-based business is a way to earn income by imparting a service or selling things on a website owned by you. There are many ways of earning income online, but my main concern for today’s topic is affiliate marketing, and I will stick to that only.

Affiliate Marketing Flowchart

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products or services. The “other company” here could be anything – Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. This means you could earn money from the commissions (which could range from 15% to anything up to 75%) from sales of products from these companies through your website. That’s the basic idea of affiliate marketing. People everywhere on the planet are all looking for information, solutions to problems and stuff to buy on the Internet. Your job will be to provide these people (your “audience”) by facilitating easy and useful information to what they are looking for. Your website is going to provide them “help”, and in the process, you earn your commission. Watch the following video to have an idea about “How to Make Money Online”.

It’s not easy to Learn Internet Marketing on Our Own

The Internet marketing is a vast jungle, and for a complete newbie, it is never going to be easy to get his way through. There’s a glut of information out there and to make sense out of them is next to impossible for someone’s who’s yet to start. There are many free as well as paid courses, including books that teach or at least, claim to teach the basics of online marketing. So, can you be a self-made Internet marketer? Well, you can be with the kind of resources you find freely on the web. BUT it’ll never be easy.

The Internet marketing landscape is a constantly-shifting landscape and to be able to navigate properly, you need a complete guidance either from an institute or from highly-experienced marketers on the payment of a fee. There are so many things to consider in a training programme – the thoroughness, the training, resources, support, community, and the fee. Internet marketing is not a standalone skill but is a set of skills that you combine in order to deliver results. These skills include (but not limited to) WordPress, content writing, videos, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, advertising, designing, self-promotion, etc. As an Internet marketer, you are expected to be adept with all these. Without a properly-designed course in a definite sequence, the learning can be extremely confusing. Hence, the need to get yourself enrolled in a good training course.

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Wealthy Affiliate – A Platform for Internet Marketers

There are scores of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) reviews available on the web and there are a few relevant ones here on this blog itself. WA is a platform for Internet marketers of all levels that include training on two different courses. The lessons in the courses are designed to take you to different aspects of building an online business and on how to scale up your business for making money online. Considering the fact that most people who join WA are newbies, the lessons are designed to take you in a logical sequence so that you do not get overwhelmed with all that you learn. This is necessary because Internet marketing is much more than just creating a WordPress website or writing blog posts. It’s like building up a house and the starting point of any house is the solid foundation.

WA helps you in creating a strong foundation for your online business and equip you with the knowledge that will help you connect with all the discrete information and make sense out of them. Without a sequential learning, whatever strategies you find on the web are no better than meaningless gibberish. Keyword research, SEO, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, YouTube marketing and the somewhat technical sounding WordPress are all part of the Internet marketing lexicon and for a beginner, all these terms sound big. So, why do all make it sound like a walk-in-the-park thing? Why do they make it sound so simple? Because, the fact is they are not simple at all! And this is where WA comes in, and they have been successfully doing it for the past 13 years. Of course, WA does not guarantee you success. All it does is to equip you with all the resources for building up your online enterprise. It empowers you with knowledge and enables you to work independently.

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Create a Website within Minutes

The starting point of any online business is a website. This is the storefront for your business. Creating a live and running website is a cumbersome process and for a beginner, it can be slightly overwhelming. Buying a domain name, hosting it on a server, the security safeguards, installing WordPress are no mean tasks for a newbie. Wealthy Affiliate simplifies everything with their amazing SiteRubix website builder that takes you through the entire process within minutes. So, a beginner who signs up as a Free Starter Member at WA gets to launch two WordPress sites (hosted on WA servers) completely free. Means, you don’t have to pay anything to get them hosted. These two websites can be yours forever even if you don’t upgrade to the Premium Membership. If you are a beginner, this is an advantage because you are saved from all the hosting hassles and are left free to concentrate on other tasks at hand.

Keyword Research for Your Posts

As an affiliate marketer, you need to understand the importance of keywords in your content. Keywords those specific words or phrases you type in the search bar of Google or other search engines to look for pages that are of relevance to what you had been looking for. Now, as a content writer your job is not limited to just publishing posts but to make them search-friendly. How you incorporate these keywords in the content and how the whole idea of the content is conveyed depends on your firm understanding of the concept of keywords. For a specific keyword, there are many competing pages, and you may like to get an idea of the relative strength of each keyword as far as its search-ability or competitiveness is concerned.

There are many keyword tools available online that you can get on the payment of a fee. It’s mostly a subscription fee where you get to use the keyword tool during the validity period as limited by the fee you pay (monthly/quarterly/yearly).

When you enrol yourself as the Premium member of WA, you are given the highly versatile keyword tool Jaaxy as a member benefit. This means you need not purchase a keyword tool for your content writing as your Premium fee covers the tool as well. In other words, at the same price you would be paying to get a monthly subscription for a keyword, you get the full Premium member benefits as well. Jaaxy is a powerful keyword research tool and is going to be your constant companion for the rest of your online journey in WA.


Intensive Training on Two Different Courses

The core of the WA platform is the training available inside for its members. If you’re a Starter Member, you can get access to the first 10 lessons in the two separate course – The Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp.

These “free” lessons are enough to give you a head start on how to create a WordPress site and to have a basic understanding of the whole Internet marketing business. But if you’re a full-time Premium member, you can get access to all the 50 lessons in Online Entrepreneur Certification and 70 lessons in Affiliate Bootcamp course that will cover every possible area for a good foundation in an online business. Every concept is covered and the lessons come in a definite sequence for a proper assimilation of the ideas. Go step by step at your own pace and you will realise how logically everything has been designed for you. The two courses are comprehensive in their content, and it’s not necessary that a beginner takes both the courses simultaneously. Take one course at a time and scale up your learning gradually. The lessons are exhaustive and include both video and textual materials.

Free Websites to Test Your Skills

A Starter Member gets two websites free under the siterubix subdomain. However, as a Premium member, you can host altogether 50 websites – 25 websites in your own domain and 25 websites under the siterubix subdomain.

Your Premium Membership fee covers the hosting for all your websites. Realistically speaking, it’s not possible to run that many websites even if the hosting is free. But the advantage of the websites under siterubix subdomains is that you can create a few “test” websites where you can test your designing or WordPress skills on a live website. And since this will not be your business website, you will have no fear of messing it up with the various customisations you may like to try. This is crucial because as a beginner, you tend to be apprehensive of trying out many things like plugins and see how they behave. This fear is a deterrent to your learning. But with free live sites where you can try out as many customisations as you may like before you incorporate them in your business website, the learning is a whole lot easier. That is why WA’s offer of 50 free websites is awesome for a beginner.

Free Personal Blog at Wealthy Affiliate

If you are a Premium member, you can have your own personal blog space on Wealthy Affiliate.

This is your own blog where you publish posts just like you do on your business blog. The difference is that all your posts here become the property of WA, unlike your business site where everything is owned by you. So, why bother with another blog at WA? Well, writing blog posts that convert are not easy, and even if you are a good writer, it takes the experience to be able to do that. As a Premium member, your blog in WA is your personal brand and a way to connect with like-minded individuals within the WA community through the posts that you share. Your posts could be anything – an idea, a thought, an opinion, an update on your progress, your success story, struggles, rants, or something that can inspire your fellow WA members. This is a platform to hone your writing skills. It also allows you to keep a writing habit which is good because as an Internet marketer, you will be writing a lot. The best thing is all your posts in your WA blog are indexed in Google and can rank well if you can use good keywords for them. The posts are shareable as affiliate links on your social media channels and are a good way to enhance your personal brand in the Internet marketing space.

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Community Learning

Wealthy Affiliate is a community learning platform where everything is learned together. There are so much information and knowledge shared and exchanged among the members.

Being in an online learning course is much more than just learning things passively through a computer but it involves becoming a part of a community of learners like yourself through engagement. The concept of online learning is different from the conventional learning in the sense that the former recognises that besides the trainers and the main course content, the learners themselves are a great source of information and knowledge. In the Wealthy Affiliate community, you are not passive learners of information. You are constantly engaging yourself with other members in a reciprocal learning. You are constantly soaking in new ideas, sharing perspectives and experiences, sharing frustrations and mistakes, sharing tips and success stories. Learning in WA is so much fun, and it takes out all the pain of taking in a mind-boggling amount of information on the way.

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Live Weekly Webinars

The weekly WA webinar is one of the well-loved privileges of a Premium member. Every Friday (or Saturday, depending on where you are) a topic is picked for a one-hour webinar and is attended by WA members from all over the world.

An interactive class with a live Q&A session at the end, a topic is discussed threadbare in each webinar. If you’re a beginner, this is where you’ll be meeting other members in real-time during the virtual class and there’s so much to learn not only from the class itself but from the interactions among the members and the live coach. These webinars fit perfectly into the learning ecosystem and it consolidates what you learn in the lessons covered in the two courses in WA. The best thing about these webinars is that even if you’re not able to attend the live event, the recordings are available for you to watch anytime according to your convenience.

Easy-to-Search Training Materials

Every training material, whether they are from the lessons in the two courses or created by the members, could be accessed easily via the search bar in a member’s dashboard area.

The easy search-ability is important for a beginner because one could easily get lost in a sea of information unless things could be accessed easily. Everything could be retrieved at any time. So, if at any stage, you get stuck for want of better information, you could easily type in the keywords related to your query and get instant results – blog posts, training, questions, etc. This is one area in the dashboard most frequented by members, especially, the beginners. You could even bookmark a particular training or a post for future reference.

Free Stock Images

The visual elements of a website are its first impression when a visitor lands on it. There are websites that provide free copyright-free images that you could use within your content.

Also, called Creative Commons Zero (CC0) images, they could be used freely in your own website without having to seek permission from the owners. Using a non-CC0 image could invite legal issues from the owners if you use them without their prior approval. Wealthy Affiliate facilitates the use of more than a million pre-optimised copyright-free images within its content writing tool, SiteContent. This is extremely handy as it saves you time from having to hunt for photos to suit your content from the many free stock photos available on various websites on the Internet. Of course, you can always purchase stock photos but as a beginner, you not be ready to invest anything “extra” for them when there are free alternative images available.

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Instant Support

One of the USPs of Wealthy Affiliate is its awesome support system for beginners. Without a healthy support system, a beginner can get easily overwhelmed with all the information being bombarded on him daily.

Things can get extremely confusing, and in order to make sense out of all that you are learning, you need support at every step of the way. WA facilitates support by way of its 24×7 Live Chat where you can shoot your questions to be answered by the community members in the chat itself. As the chat area is visible to everybody, irrespective of whether one is inside the chat-room or not, you can get answers from people outside of the chat too. Then again you have the privilege to post your question so that it is visible to every member in their dashboard area. You get instant replies to all your queries from the more experienced members.

Success Stories and Motivational Posts from Members

Wealthy Affiliate has members from all levels of experience and most of the successful members are ones who started out as complete newbies. There are valuable lessons to be learned from their journey and their initial struggles. They highlight their mistakes, frustrations and the strategies followed in many of their posts that are available to other members to serve as the inspiration to work harder on your way to success.

If you are a newbie, many of their earlier struggles will resonate with you. You can learn from their mistakes and the strategies they followed. Success happens every day at WA that constantly inspires you to achieve bigger things. The motivational posts from other members are morale boosters that fuel your journey forward.

Connect With Like-Minded People

WA has members from all over the globe residing in different time-zones. The common thread that binds all these people from different social and cultural backgrounds is the desire to achieve success online. WA is a great place to connect with like-minded people from all around. It makes the whole journey more meaningful and for most of the people inside WA, this is a life-changing activity.

People connect even outside of WA and follow each other in their personal lives. People even team up for joint ventures and achieve success together. There are opportunities galore in the Internet business world and not limited to only affiliate marketing. Wherever opportunities exist for teamwork, WA is a great place to find your own team-mates.

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Comments and Feedback

Comments and FeedbackAs a beginner, you may like to assess how others view your website in terms of its user-friendliness, engagement, value or any such attribute that would affect its ranking factors. It’s necessary that you get honest feedback and comments on your work. This is where WA steps in with its innovative Comments and Feedback section in the member’s dashboard area for others to express their opinions about your website and the content there. The dedicated areas also allow you to look into other people’s websites because the system is that you need to drop in two comments or feedback to get one each about your own website. In short, give two comments to get one and likewise for feedback. You can leverage this privilege for benefits to your site’s SEO because comments on a site are good ranking factors for search engines.

You are Constantly Updated

When you’re in the Internet marketing business, getting updated with the latest developments and happenings in the Internet world and the business trends is crucial. You cannot afford to remain insulated in your own world and expect results to happen. Be it the changing preferences of people, business trends, new business opportunities or search engines’ algorithm updates, you need to be updated always.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a nearly million-strong community where every new development is shared. It’s an all-in-one community with members from a variety of backgrounds. As a member, you get informed of every new happening in the online business world. For a newcomer, it’s an amazing thing to go hand-in-hand with all the latest news on Internet marketing. Just being within the community is an experience in itself.

Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Investment for Getting Started

At its monthly Premium Membership fee of $ 49, there’s so much you get to embark on an exciting and highly rewarding affiliate marketing journey. And if you pay the one-time annual Membership of $ 398, it translates to a spending of $ 0.98 daily for your business. There’s no upselling involved after this point. Free domains, hosting, live websites for testing, training lessons on two separate courses, weekly webinars, video library of webinar recordings, keyword research tool, a million plus pre-optimised stock photos, a personal blog on WA for honing writing skills, 24×7 site support for website or hosting related issues, community support for all types of other issues, 24×7 live chat, content writing tool SiteContent with spelling and grammar checker for managing your posts, etc. are all included in your Premium membership fee. It’s the best deal you can get.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for more than 13 years with hundreds of new members joining daily. Every day its members achieve success, and this is a testimony to the effectiveness of the programme. Are you still having doubts? Never mind, you need not spend a single penny by signing up for its Free Starter Membership. It’s a zero-risk investment where you have got nothing to lose. Even with this Starter Membership, you will be getting 2 websites under the siterubix subdomain completely free. If you’re a newbie looking for a perfect platform for you to get started, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be.

4 comments On Why Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Bet for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing

  • Hey there! I agree with your points that you make about Wealthy Affiliate. I also agree that it is hard to learn marketing on your own. It took me 3 years to find the right way to make money online and everything I know, I learned through Wealthy Affiliate. Couldn’t be where I am today without it!

    Keep up the good work and hope you inspire many others to join,


  • I am a premium member of the WA community since 5 years and my journey till now was pretty awesome. I think the video tutorials they provide are very easy to understand and makes setting up a website a piece of cake for any beginner and after that it is your writing skills that makes it a success. I would say that many people who say that it is not a successful business, I would like to tell them that you need to be patient in this as well because it takes time and until then you should not rest at all but once it starts giving you money, it feels good. Apart from all this, the seo they provide “JAAXY” is also pretty informative. I would recommend WA to anyone who is new in this field to just give it a try, as it worked in my case.

    • Wealthy Affiliate provides you the perfect foundation to build up your online brand to make sense of all the information flying out there. For a newbie looking to start an online business with no Internet marketing background, things are not only confusing but a bit scary too. So many things to learn, so many strategies to follow. What WA does is show you the layout and steps that you need to take in a logical sequence so that they don’t overwhelm you. Like I said, it’s the solid foundation that WA gives that’s awesome. After that, you’re pretty much on your own. WA is guaranteed to turn a newbie into a semi-pro, if not a pro. There’s no perfect blueprint for online success, and WA will not help you make money unless you work hard.

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